DPF Regen Cycles and How to Reduce Them

Most three-quarter ton and larger diesel trucks were mandated to have a diesel particulate filter (DPF) by the Environmental Protection Agency in 2008. As early as 2007, DPFs were standard on medium and heavy-duty trucks […] More

Future of Mobile Power Solutions is Being Built on Its Past

You may be at a remote jobsite, working on an isolated utility line, in a quarry or out in a farm field when the unexpected happens. Maybe you need access to compressed air to address […] More

Fleet Operations In 2024

Businesses with heavy duty transportation fleets are no strangers to economic fluctuations. These companies have experienced the ripple effects of market downturns, supply chain disruptions, and shifting consumer demand. In such uncertain times, flexibility becomes […] More

Value Added Hydraulic Part Sourcing

For OEMs of agriculture, construction, mining, oil and gas, off-road, forestry, and heavy-duty trucking equipment, there can be thousands of parts to integrate into a single vehicle. These include the hydraulic components that provide the […] More

Solving Truck Ground Wire Issues

Every business experiences truck downtime, which can be challenging for businesses relying on trucking for transportation and logistics. Many downtime issues are usually the result of ground wire problems. While downtime can cost a business […] More

Corrosion: Public Enemy Number One for Trucks and Their Cabs

There is no way to avoid the damaging chemicals used to clear winter roads, and these compounds wreak havoc in many ways. The spray that comes off the road impacts the exterior of the truck […] More

Transformative Trends for 2024

Over the last four years, the commercial truck industry has experienced an unexpected evolution, leading to a significant transformation in how dealers and buyers engage. This shift, coupled with various challenges in the economy, sets […] More

Three Ways to Step Up Your Service Game

It is no secret that a mechanic truck can help to level up your fleet. Rather than needing to tow broken-down equipment to a specialty repair shop, which can not only be hard to come […] More

Planning for Fuel Efficiency: What are the Best Strategies?

Fuel is one of the highest regular expenses for any fleet. In turn, route planning can make a dramatic difference to fuel efficiency; however, sometimes it is hard to know how to approach it. Optimization […] More

The Artificial Intelligence Influence

In the heart of your neighborhood, town, and city, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, a quiet revolution is underway in the world of work truck fleets. It’s a transformation powered by artificial […] More

The Reality of Fleet Electrification

Emily Graham’s career achievements center on aligning business competencies while NAVIGATING the ever-evolving landscape of the AUTOMOTIVE industry. In her current role, she leads the development and execution of HOLMAN’S electrification and alternative fuel solutionS […] More

Back In Black

It’s no secret that blackout packages have been growing in popularity within the commercial vehicle market, particularly as they relate to truck beds on work trucks. Fueled by trends in the automotive sector and industrial […] More

Transforming Construction Fleet Management

Advanced technologies are playing a larger role in the construction industry, helping ready-mix producers make gains in product quality and operational efficiency. Technology solutions are changing construction fleet management by enhancing access to essential information […] More

Overcoming Labor Shortage Challenges

Photos courtesy of Fleetio With surges in consumer demand for home deliveries and onsite services in recent years, the fleet industry has found itself grappling with a critical challenge: workforce shortages. To fortify your fleet’s […] More

The Harsh Reality

Every construction company with a well-run transportation fleet today regularly reviews its operational and systematic data to identify key trends and opportunities to improve its overall efficiencies and bottom line. With so much change taking […] More

A Lot Riding on Them

From the earliest days of modern hauling trailers to their horse-drawn wagon forbearers, one component that has remained a constant is the highly functional and reliable leaf spring.    IF IT AIN’T BROKE . . […] More

A Continuum of Mobile Power Solutions

In an environment where mobile power solutions abound, innovations are not just appreciated—they’re expected. As industries evolve, the equipment and tools they rely upon must rise to meet new challenges, which is especially true for […] More

Work Truck Accessory Eases Movin’ Up the Sewer Line

In the work truck industry, heavy-duty work trucks like sewer cleaners are essential to getting the job done with high-pressure water jetting and a high-flow vacuum. For the municipalities and contractors that rely on these […] More

State of the Mobile Compressed Air Industry

Vehicle-mounted air compressor manufacturer, VMAC, is back once again with its fourth State of the Mobile Compressed Air Industry survey. For the 2023 report, VMAC surveyed 331 individuals between December 2022 and April 2023. These […] More

A Powerhouse Collaboration

In today’s competitive environment, the efficiency of fleet operations plays a pivotal role in achieving higher productivity and healthier bottom lines. The collaboration between Summit Truck Bodies and Miller Electric Mfg. LLC., demonstrates a collaborative […] More

Save Money and Reduce Emissions with Propane Autogas

Now, more than ever, fleet owners are considering a move to alternative energy sources like propane autogas. Clean energy sources not only help companies meet emission benchmarks, but also allows businesses to position themselves as […] More

No More Compromises

It comes as no to surprise to fleet managers that their organizations are focusing on how fleet departments can support sustainability and net zero goals. According to a 2023 power and utilities outlook produced by […] More

Ford Pro Expands Charging Solutions Revealing a New Lineup of Chargers

Ford Pro™, the commercial division within Ford Motor Company, reveals new charging hardware added to its suite of end-to-end solutions to help make it easier for commercial customers to transition their fleets to electric.  A […] More

Equipment Asset Awareness

Equipment asset awareness has never been more critical, especially in today’s rapidly changing economy. Reviewing contract renewals and equipment replacement cycles is difficult for many construction companies, as one study shared by CloudCover (2023) shows […] More

The Perfect Storm

Set the wipers on high. Companies are entering The Perfect Storm of new union leaders flexing their muscles, seasonal shortages, resignations, compliance issues, and more. Like following the path of a hurricane, this storm has […] More

Should Your Small Business Invest in Fuel-Efficient Trucks?

Commercial trucks are a large part of production for many business owners, and truckers need their vehicles to run smoothly. Many fleet owners and managers are considering fuel-efficient trucks for their small businesses. Read on […] More

Colorado Mail Delivery Fleet Makes a Commitment to Clean Energy

Hi Pro, Inc., a postal service contractor in the Denver metro area, is now providing cleaner mail delivery to the communities it serves with new propane vehicles. When Hi Pro received its first five Ford […] More

Get Maximum Recovery from Not-at-fault Collisions

I’m amazed how many fleet operators that we talk to don’t realize they have thousands or even millions owed to them. It is understandable that the insurance carriers don’t want fleets to know they are […] More

Types of Snowplow Blades Explained

Selecting a type of snowplow blade is a big decision to make—especially when there’s a couple of different kinds of blades to choose from. Whether removing snow and ice from driveways or clearing miles of […] More

Link Removes Weight and Adds Clearance on its Ramp Lineup

As we progress further into the 21st century, the need for efficient and versatile cargo handling solutions in work van applications becomes increasingly essential. It’s not necessarily about making work easier; it’s about making it […] More

A Guide to Sourcing Fleet Vehicles

Is water wet? Are hot dogs tacos? Is Dad ever coming back with those cigarettes? These questions have plagued mankind since the beginning. More recently, fleet managers and CFOs around the world are asking a […] More

Reasons to Consider a Retreaded Tire

Retreading has been around since the beginning of the 1900s, and during WWII, synthetic rubber was invented due to the import restrictions of natural rubber. Since the development of synthetic rubber was in its infancy, […] More

Reliable, Efficient Storage Solutions for Vans and Truck Bodies

Truck boxes are a mainstay for many industries and all sizes of corporations. From the single service truck units of the hardworking tradesman to the fleets of utility and energy vehicles and everything in between. […] More

A Toll Management Solution that Simplifies Operations

The frequency of a fleet vehicle traveling toll roads depends on the location of the business or how far the fleet vehicle needs to travel to get to a job or perform the job. Some […] More

How Tail Lifts Benefit Business

Tail lifts, also known as liftgates, have become indispensable tools for businesses across various industries. By providing a practical solution for handling heavy loads, tail lifts offer a range of benefits that can significantly impact […] More

Preparing Your Supply Chain Strategy for a Decidedly Different Ordering Cycle

In a typical year, most fleet operators would now be preparing for ordering season by determining their budget, assessing models, developing specs, and coordinating with their supply chain vendors. However, the outlook for this year’s […] More

The Complexities of a Heavy-duty Tow

Business depends on keeping work trucks, vans, and utility vehicles on the road—all day, every day. Unfortunately, all those extra miles mean those vehicles are four times more likely to have a disablement event than […] More

The Unexpected Hero of Refueling Efficiency

What makes your favorite movie stand out to you? Whether it’s plot twists or action scenes, it’s easy to forget that it’s often the work behind the scenes that sets this experience up for success. […] More

Navigating 2023’s Fleet Industry Challenges

Even though 2023 started a few months ago, the transportation fleet sector continues to face numerous industry, economic, and environmental challenges that are certain to create operational turbulence. Everything from fuel and equipment prices due […] More

Limiting SSOs with Superior Sewer Maintenance Tools and Techniques

Most municipalities are aware that preventing sewer overflows is a national enforcement priority for EPA, yet many struggle to stay compliant. Too often when municipalities are short-staffed and must maintain miles of sewer line, they […] More

Understanding Truck Fundamentals

The first workable commercial truck was built by Gottlieb Daimler in Germany in 1896. In North America, the first semi-truck was built by Alexander Winton in Cleveland, Ohio, in 1898. The first commercial vocational truck […] More

Achieve Regulatory Compliance with Vanair

Whether their objectives are to comply with state, county, and local idling laws, or to exhibit forward-thinking corporate citizenship, fleets increasingly have the topic of idle mitigation on their minds. Part of what concerns these […] More

An Untapped Source of Trucker Talent

Aaron Smith was always interested in business—enough to graduate college with a degree in business management. But growing up in inner-city Chicago among drug culture, Smith ultimately found himself involved in the illegitimate business of […] More

Fuel Tank Selection

Some things change constantly. Take cars, for example: Each year brings significant changes and advancements and someday, fully autonomous cars will likely rule the road. Fuel storage tanks on the other hand aren’t traditionally thought […] More

How Summit Bodies and Vanair Helped Resurrect a 1987 Peterbilt 362 Cabover

When one particular Peterbilt 362 Cabover rolled off the assembly line in 1987, it’s doubtful that any of the factory workers imagined that it would still be in service some 35 years later. Originally outfitted […] More

How to Conserve Valuable Fuel and Water Resources During Sewer Cleaning

Municipalities responsible to keep sewer lines free from debris and blockages face the challenge of maintaining these lines during a time of rising fuel prices and water scarcity throughout much of the United States.  To […] More

Innovations in Liftgate Technology, Courtesy of the Company that Invented Liftgates

The work truck industry is in a constant state of evolution. From the trucks we drive to the way we load equipment to how we sign paperwork, very few operations look the way they did […] More

Did You Think Push-to-Talk was Gone Forever?

Did you or someone you know own a Nextel device? A conversation could be heard by anyone near when using push-to-talk. They were also often used on jobsites and between employees and managers. They eventually […] More

Hiring and Retaining Work Truck Industry Employees

It seems no one can find employees these days, and those that can find a worker can’t hold onto them—and often at no fault of their own. The work truck fleet industry is no exception. […] More

Are You Using the Right CFM for the Job?

The culture of buying the right air compressor for the job is based on the legacy of the 185 CFM towable compressors. The 185 CFM towable market found roots in the Michigan City, Indiana area. […] More

Three Ways Your Fuels are Becoming More Sustainable Today

New internal combustion engine (ICE) cars and trucks continue to hit the roads. By 2030, millions more will be sold, many joining mixed fleets alongside zero emissions vehicles (ZEVs). Yet even by 2040, when ZEVs […] More

How Renewable Diesel Can Combine with On-site Fuel Storage to Reduce Carbon Emissions

North America is seeing a growing emphasis on sustainability and the role environmental initiatives play in making the world a cleaner, greener place to live. Both the United States and Canada have set targets to […] More

Four Reasons to Consider RNG

The transportation sector is one of the largest contributors of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the United States. As more companies focus on the goal of becoming net zero, trucking fleets have an opportunity to […] More

Defeating Downtime with IMT Service Trucks and Cranes

At a young age Alex Stursa remembers riding shotgun in an Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc. (IMT) truck alongside his dad on the winding roads of Nevada and thinking that when he grew up he […] More

6 Tips for Work Truck Upfitting With an All-in-One Compressor and Welder System

Fleets may make some common mistakes during work truck design that can cost money and affect equipment performance and technician efficiency.  Following some best practices during layout and installation can pay off in the long […] More

How to Be the Most Effective when Salting

There are three fundamental snow and ice control strategies in winter maintenance: anti-icing, deicing, and snow removal. Each method seeks to address the safety issues that result from the buildup of snow and ice on […] More

How the Rising CPI Impacts Fleet Operating and M&R Costs

Recent Consumer Price Index (CPI) increases continue making front-page headlines across the country, with impacts seen and felt in every industry, including transportation. Sure, rising CPI directly correlates to the cost of financing equipment, but […] More

How to Choose the Right Spreader or Sprayer

There are several considerations contractors have to think through when choosing a spreader or sprayer. Each option has advantages and disadvantages, meaning there’s no “right” answer for what spreader or sprayer to choose.  The snow […] More

How Field Service Management Software Can Slash Running Costs

A classic management phrase is “What gets measured gets done.” When it comes to variable costs like fuel, nothing could be more true. Without real information about how the trucks in a given fleet are consuming […] More

Under-floor Ramp Changes the Upfit Game

There are many aftermarket ramp accessories on the market today, and each style has its own advantages and disadvantages. Each style has also found favor among certain audiences. When it comes to ramps for van […] More

Supply Chain Issues and the Chip Shortage

By Ryan Matejka The global microchip shortage has had a serious impact on all aspects of the automotive industry, especially commercial fleets, over the last two years. The pandemic’s effect on supply chains have turned […] More

State of the Mobile Compressed Air Industry

Vehicle-mounted air compressor manufacturer, VMAC, is back once again with its third State of the Mobile Compressed Air Industry survey. For the 2022 report, VMAC surveyed 340 individuals between November 2021 and February 2022. These […] More

How to Spec’ and What to Look for and Look Out for When Considering Vocational Suspensions

In today’s vocational equipment environment, suspension geometry and spring type are the two biggest influences on driver comfort and equipment protection. Both factors should be considered along with service environment, duty cycles, and other critical […] More

Insurance Options

Fleet operations run on a strict timetable, and when there are disruptions—be they natural disaster, government resource allocation, supply chain delays, or downtime from equipment—economic havoc can erupt. Being prepared for any type of interruption […] More

The Questions to Ask when Researching Alternative Fuels

In the last decade, the discussion around alternative energy has ballooned into a national conversation that’s had nearly every fleet owner asking, “Should I transition to an alternative fuel?” or “Which alternative fuel is right […] More

New Automated Reefer Door Improves Operations

Curtain-style atmospheric barriers are ubiquitous within the cold chain arena. While better than nothing, their designs leave a lot to be desired, particularly by fleets and workers in the transportation segment of the business. Workers […] More

The Effects of Inflation

Lewis Black is the director, president, and CEO of Almonty Industries, a global tungsten mining company. Tungsten is used in a variety of industries including crude oil refinement, natural gas to hydrogen gas conversion, and […] More

Facts about Renewable Diesel

First things first, what exactly is renewable diesel fuel? Carrie Song, vice president of sales and renewable fuels at Neste, the world’s largest producer of renewable fuels refined from waste and residues, says renewable diesel […] More

A Guide to Autogas Infrastructure and Fuel Contracts

Propane autogas engine technology is at a high point, which is good news for work truck fleet operators seeking to dramatically reduce both emissions and cost and meet sustainability goals. But that’s just some of […] More

Take Complete Control of Cranes and Mechanic Trucks

Day-to-day, it’s virtually impossible to have control over everything—but on the jobsite, control is key for safety, efficiency, and overall uptime. This increase in demand for optimized productivity has driven a need for expanded work […] More

Commercial Vehicle Demand is Rising, and So are Prices

Those who were in the market for commercial vehicles (or any vehicle, for that matter) in 2021 saw the rise in price at the dealership. One might have heard about the shortage of new vehicles, […] More

The Ups and Downs of The Current Transportation Market

The last two years have aimed a spotlight on the trucking industry and made the general population more aware of just how important and essential truck drivers are—more than ever before. With that heightened awareness […] More

Yokohama Tire Executives Reflect on 2021 and Look Ahead to 2022

The tire industry rebounded in 2021 but faced an uphill battle due to continued pandemic-related issues and supply chain challenges. In this executive Q&A, Jeff Barna, president and CEO of Yokohama Tire, along with Stan […] More

Felling Trailers’ Custom FT-40-2 Triple Reel

A Felling Trailers customer needed to replace an older, antiquated trailer. The replacement trailer would be used to transport, payout, and install underground conductor without damaging the material. It’s important to note that when workers install […] More

Truck and Suspension Solutions for Landscapers

Whether you’re just getting started or looking to upgrade a vehicle for your business, choosing your next truck can be challenging. Here’s a simple guide to help you gain some clarity.  The trucks in this […] More

6 Ways to Save Money on Fuel

Google data indicates a 70% increase in the search for “vegetable oil fuel” in the past week at the time of this writing. This is double the search from the previous week. The increased search […] More

What’s Impacting Your Truck Financing?

By John Rickette Recent increases to the Consumer Price Index (CPI) are having a noticeable effect on costs of certain truck financing structures—but not all. Understanding these specific nuances can mean the difference of millions […] More

Are Hydrogen Combustion Engines a Really Bad Idea for Commercial Vehicles?

By Alastair Hayfield As the song goes, “Birds do it, bees do it; even educated fleas do it. Let’s do it, let’s fall in love.” And so engine manufacturers seem to be rushing to fall […] More

Cut Delivery Time in Half

Tattnall Printing is a commercial sheetfed printing facility in Reidsville, Georgia. The company can do it all from single page flyers to multi-page color brochures with die-cuts and varnishes to make the colors pop. Whether […] More

A Custom Trailer That’s Always in Use

A national heavy equipment rental company and longtime customer of Felling Trailers was faced with a dilemma. One of its national accounts, a renewable energy contractor, was working on a solar project that spanned several locations […] More

How Fleet Owners Can Prepare For the Imminent Infrastructure Sunset

Wireless network technology continues to evolve, and members of the transportation industry who have come to rely on 3G networks for telematics in their connected vehicles have to consider how they’re going to keep up, […] More

The Google Maps of Transportation Fleets

There’s traffic ahead. Brake lights illuminate. Vehicle speeds wind down from a cruising 55 to a sluggish 30 mph. In instances like this, commuters can simply tap the maps on their Apple CarPlay or Android […] More

Simplify Fleet Spending

Fleet managers and contractors have a lot on their mind at any given moment of the day. Aside from the job at hand—be it overseeing a construction project, receiving customer calls, training new employees, or […] More

5 Strategies to Reduce Last-mile Delivery Costs

We are living in times when lightning-speed delivery has become a new norm. The latest technology advancements have alleviated consumer expectations to an all-time high. If we only talk about eCommerce in the last two […] More

Retain Your Van’s Value With Floor, Wall Liners

Your work truck or van is your mobile office, workshop, toolbox, warehouse, and even where you might spend a night on the jobsite. Protecting, insulating, and enhancing the van’s interior (walls, ceilings, doors, and floor) […] More

Increase Van Storage Capacity and Accessibility, Improve Efficiency, and Reduce Injuries

An unorganized work van can lead to lost time searching for tools and supplies, running back and forth from the worksite because tools that were thought to be in the van are nowhere to be […] More

Determining the Future of Fuels

By Robert Quigley and David Spivey Climate change and urban air quality are two of the largest environmental issues facing the world today. Perhaps the most challenging of these is climate change, which is caused […] More

State of the Mobile Compressed Air Industry

VMAC, manufacturer of vehicle-mounted air compressors, is back with another State of the Mobile Compressed Air Industry survey. This year, VMAC surveyed 355 individuals between November 2020 and February 2021. These individuals came from a […] More

Increase Driver Retention with Newer Trucks

By Katerina Jones Heavy-duty fleet organizations continue to face major challenges in the retention and recruitment of drivers at a particularly perilous time, as drivers are needed more than ever to continue transferring the shipment […] More

3 Trucking Sustainability Trends

By Katreena Sarmiento Environmental sustainability has transitioned from option to necessity, even in sectors known for heavy carbon emissions. The United States is second to China on the list of countries with the highest carbon […] More

Choosing the Right Plow

By Jim Smith Weather, infrastructure, capacity, and labor needs change region to region, and as a result, the plows that contractors choose must adjust to meet their regional needs. With so many options available, better […] More

How to Prepare for a Trouble-free Snowplow Season

Trouble-free snowplowing begins with using the best snow equipment on the market. Choosing the best truck, the best tires, and the best snowplow equipment will make a huge difference for the newbie just entering the […] More

Creating a Sustainable Fleet, One Hybrid at a Time

Electrify, electrify, electrify. It’s a theme that’s surrounded the fleet industry for years, but when will it happen, and what will it take to get us to fully electrified vehicles being more broadly available? Thankfully […] More

The Nuts and Bolts of a Propane Fuel System

By Todd Mouw From the outside of a propane autogas truck, you won’t see much of a difference between it and a conventionally fueled truck—except for some well-placed graphics or stickers. It’s the inner workings […] More

Evaluating Emissions

By Steve Whaley When it comes to emissions, most fleet owners only consider what’s happening at the tailpipe since that’s what they’re directly responsible for. In fact, some fleets are even starting to transition to […] More


By Jack Johnson Over half of US states have anti-idling regulations in place, and many fleet directors need solutions that adhere to environmental laws without impacting vehicle and worker performance. Infrastructure improvements like nationwide electric […] More

Get More from Your Air Suspension Systems

Many vehicles including delivery and vocational trucks run unloaded or mostly unloaded for half of their working lives. Their suspension geometry and the types of springs they use are the two biggest influences on driver […] More

Training to Decrease the Growing Demand for CDL Drivers

A partnership between TexAmericas Center and Texarkana College has helped pump more than 300 new drivers into the trucking industry whose demand for employees continues to increase. TexAmericas Center is based in New Boston, Texas, […] More

Women and Jobs in Trucking

By Jackie Jacobs A year ago, when the Covid-19 pandemic first hit the US, millions of jobs were wiped out, particularly among women who found themselves back home and coordinating everything from elderly parent medical […] More

Truck Considerations for the HVAC Industry

By Scott Hanewall Contractors, especially those in the HVAC industry, need trucks with upfit options that help organize all their tools and equipment, offering easy access to anything they may need. HVAC professionals are responsible […] More

The Benefits of a Scrap Tire Program

By Jason C. Miller Tires are witness to everything that goes on in a truck and are filled with information that can tell you a great deal about your fleet. There are many reasons tires […] More

A Ramp for All Applications

Let’s face it, work trucks do just that—they work. The people who operate them work too, but some have to work harder than others. “Whether it’s a delivery truck or a service vehicle, having to […] More

Landscape Truck Body 101

Got some landscape body questions you’d like answered by the experts? Well, here’s your intro class for all things landscape truck bodies taught by none other than the experts at Reading Truck Body. Take a […] More

2020 OEM Chassis Report

It’s been right at one year since COVID-19 dramatically changed lives here in the United States. The pandemic affected every industry in one way or another—but just how much was the work truck industry affected, […] More

Light that Delivers

Any way you slice it, last-mile delivery is booming, and that’s good for workers, fleets, and customers alike. However, with longer schedules and many deliveries in dark and lowlight conditions, safety, efficiency, and worker satisfaction […] More

Fitness Instructor to Trucking Company Owner

From owning a fitness and yoga studio to owning and operating a successful trucking company that serves contractors in the greater Seattle-Tacoma area, Chelsy Looker is proving to be a talented entrepreneur. “When I was […] More

Reduce Last-mile Delivery Costs in a COVID Reality

By Vardan Markosyan Reducing transportation costs is a common challenge of last-mile delivery. Getting the package to the final destination can be one the most difficult stages in supply chain management. Due to the COVID-19 […] More

Unlocking the Full Potential of Physical Security Integration

By Del Williams For any operation with assets that require protection from theft or vandalism—such as car dealerships, truck fleets, equipment rental companies, or contractor lots—fully integrating the latest capabilities of physical security and access […] More

Maintenance-free Battery Solutions Make a Safe and Productive Fleet

By Vicki Hall and Bryce Gregory As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to require precautions to avoid infection, truck drivers have come to depend upon the use of mobile electronic devices, such as cell phones and […] More

Driver Retention, Work-life Balance, Maintenance, and Sanitary Guidelines

By Reza Hemmati In the first two installments of this series on immediate actions fleet managers can take to address the pandemic’s continued impact on transportation, we addressed adopting new strategies for fuel cards, preventive […] More

Accessories for the Modern Commercial Driver

Sam Hofstedt From smartphones and tablets to cameras and data logging devices, the technology used by commercial drivers has advanced and changed every year—while the vehicles themselves have stayed relatively unchanged. This disconnect between the […] More

DOT Compliance, Data Programs, and Audit Prep

By Reza Hemmati In the first part of this series about the steps commercial transportation fleets can take now to ensure post-COVID success, we discussed the vital role of fuel cards to control costs and understand […] More

Questions to Answer before Starting a Vehicle-driven Business

By Anthony Jones Shipping, logistics, and other vehicle-related services don’t tend to be the first things that come to mind when people consider emerging small businesses. We tend to think of these as services and […] More

On-demand Roadside Assistance at Your Fingertips

It’s the dreaded roadside breakdown. Having a fleet driver stuck on the side of the road with a fleet vehicle that’s loaded with equipment, tools, and supplies might be high on the list of a […] More

State of the Mobile Compressed Air Industry

From October 2019 to January 2020, VMAC, manufacturer of vehicle-mounted air compressors, surveyed 205 individuals. These individuals come from a variety of industries such as construction, equipment repair, oil and gas, mining, and agriculture. Although […] More

Power Take-offs 101

Cummins isn’t quite a household name all over the world, but we would bet that almost all truck enthusiasts know the name. It’s a respected brand of diesel engines, and many of the work truck […] More

Fuel Cards, Preventive Maintenance, and Safety Measures

By Reza Hemmati As the pandemic continues and the once “new normal” becomes just “normal,” businesses look for ways to prepare—and possibly adjust—for success post COVID, whenever that may be. In this three-part editorial series, […] More

Coping with COVID-19

It’s been roughly seven months since our nation has been severely affected by COVID-19. Perhaps none of us thought we’d still be wearing masks, still have restrictions on social gatherings, that none of our concerts […] More

How to Choose an Engine-driven Welder

By Jake Zwayer The need for emergency repairs can add up to major costs for mining, rail, and heavy equipment operations. This is because downtime means lost revenue and project delays. Therefore when contractors call […] More

Keep Workers Safe and Productive with Auto Landing Gear Deployment

The use of landing gear is ubiquitous throughout the commercial vehicle industry, and it’s no different when it comes to vocational trailers. Construction, DOT, refuse, logging, mining, telecom, and utility fleets use a variety of […] More

Silverado HD Snow Day with BOSS Snow Plow (continued)

By Jade Brasher If you didn’t read part one of this feature, you might want to check it out. You’ll learn more about the Silverado HD used to plow the snow in Marquette County, Michigan, […] More

5 Steps to a Better Health Care Plan

By Donnie Marcontell Crises remind us of the important purpose those in the trucking industry serve. During COVID-19, it’s delivering personal protective equipment, medical supplies, and hand sanitizer. After 9/11, it was mail when the […] More

Chain Reaction

Anyone who’s ever secured cargo with chains knows that simply getting the chains in position to begin securing the payload can be quite a task. Thirty-ft lengths of half-inch, 100-grade steel chain can weigh as […] More

Fuel System Conversion 101

If you’ve paid much attention to the way COVID-19 affects our world, you’d know it goes just beyond an illness of the body. It’s affected the way we worship and the way we work. It’s […] More

Have Your Truck Tires Been Proven?

For Phil Mosier, Cooper Tire’s manager of commercial tire development, it’s only when he hears the words, “When can I buy these tires?” does he know new tires in development are ready to go to […] More

Field Service Company Lifts Itself to Success

Like most great ideas, Boude’s Field Service Company started in a garage. “We couldn’t get our service trucks in the garage, so we’d poke our cranes right through the garage door to rebuild transmissions,” says […] More

A Telematics System for Equipment

It’s likely your fleet managers use a telematics system on their fleets. Telematics systems are revolutionary in their capabilities. They seem to become more and more advanced with every year that passes. We touch on […] More

It’s Possible to Go Green and Save Money—Here’s How

By Steve Whaley When it comes to alternative fuels, there’s a misconception that if companies want to lower emissions or meet fleet sustainability goals, they’re going to have to pay more to do it. It’s […] More

Choose the Engine that Drives Your Success

You already know that the right vehicle specifications can make a big impact on your business’ bottom line. Decisions you make about vehicle payload, tires, the right transmission for your duty cycle, and a number […] More

Accelerating Fleet Electrification

In 2018, the US Environmental Protection Agency and other independent climate researchers confirmed that transportation is now the leading contributor to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the country, and that trend shows no signs of […] More

Walking On Air

As the industry’s first, patented air-over-walking-beam suspension, the Air Link® Tandem Drive Chassis Suspension is 100% off-highway rated and can help keep vocational vehicles functioning on and off the road for more than a million […] More

Bringing It to Light

There are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for new lights for your truck—what type of light you need, where it will be positioned, its brightness, etc. There are hundreds of different lights […] More

Tire Compounds

Developing tire compounds is like baking bread. Mix together a few key ingredients and you’ve got the basic recipe. Flour, water, yeast, and sugar in the right amount and order will produce bread. Add in […] More

How Reading Truck Body Transformed its Customer Experience

Since joining Reading Truck Group less than one year ago, current president and COO, Alan Farash, has been on a mission to help revitalize the company’s approach to customer experience. In this article, Alan shares […] More

A Perfect Fit

In the world of electrical system and harness design for work trucks, variables are not only a challenge, they are the norm. There is little to no standardization for electrical connectivity among different chassis manufacturers, […] More

What to Consider for Maintenance When Adding a New Energy Source to a Fleet

In the past, gasoline and diesel have been a standard for fueling light-, medium-, and heavy-duty work truck fleets. More recently, however, new technology and greater demand for reduced emissions has helped alternative fuels such […] More

Why Choose Renting and Leasing over Buying a Truck?

If you find yourself on the search for a new work truck, one of the first questions you might ask yourself is whether to make a purchase or to lease. Sometimes buying a work truck […] More

Two Companies, One Air Compressor

Cloverdale Equipment Company is a full-service construction equipment sales, service, and rental company. Celebrating 56 years in business in 2019, the company has three locations, including Greater Cleveland, Ohio, Norton Shores, Michigan, and Oak Park, […] More

Do You Have an Integrated Strategy for Lighting?

For heavy-duty truck fleet managers aiming to maximize safety, productivity, and profitability while minimizing downtime and the cost of doing business, having an integrated strategy for trailer lighting is key. However, an effective fleet lighting […] More

How Do Those in the Field Really Feel about Telematics?

A telematics system allows work truck fleet professionals to capture and analyze meaningful data about a fleet’s operation—information they can use to improve productivity, reduce downtime, and save money. Or at least that’s how they […] More

From Cost Control to Improving Operational Efficiencies

How do fleet managers measure operational needs? Several approaches help quantify necessary functional requirements while filtering out end-user operator demands often communicated as needs. In the end, fleet managers are responsible for maintaining order between […] More

The IMT Solution to RB Welding’s Toughest Jobs

Every day brings something new at RB Welding. “You never know what you’re going to be working on, or who you’ll be working for, or even how far away you’ll be working,” Ronnie Bass, owner […] More

Are You Insurance Worthy?

For any business operating trucks, insurance is often a wild card. In some years, insurance agencies want your business and offer stellar rates. In other years, there seems to be a tighter market where rates […] More

Pour into Your People

My company operated about 75 service trucks at one time. Of course, that also meant we had more than 75 drivers operating said trucks. We were in the commercial tire business—a market where there was […] More

Does My Truck Count as an Expense?

Filing taxes can be an extremely challenging task to navigate, and even more so for independent contractors. Whether you work in construction, HVAC, landscaping, or another traditionally contracted position, you’re prone to fluctuation between big […] More

Out of the Fryer and into the Streets

Cleaner air for its current and future citizens was the goal of one city, and that goal brought forth a fresh perspective from a commonly discarded source of energy—cooking oil waste. Oakland’s circular economy model, […] More

Finding an Affordable Gas Rotary Screw Air Compressor

Ziegler Tire, an automotive repair and tire business, celebrates 100 years in business this year. Since it was founded in 1919, Ziegler Tire has grown to include 22 locations in three states: Ohio, Kentucky, and […] More

A Change for the Better

What is your favorite part of your job? The smile on your customer’s face when you take care of the problem that’s kept them up at night for weeks? The feeling of accomplishment after finishing […] More

Cover All the Bases with Driver Documentation

By Gillian Crowl Motor carriers incur numerous costs just to stay in business, and they often incur unnecessary costs due to out-of-service time, unexpected Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) fines, and increased insurance premiums […] More

Improve Productivity and Reduce Costs by Ramping Up

As a low-cost, low-maintenance alternative to hydraulic and pneumatic liftgates, Link’s Cargo Management Products Division makes swivel, spring-assist, bifold, trifold, and customized loading ramps for lightweight, heavyweight, and side-mount applications. A PROBLEM  Hydraulic and pneumatic […] More

What to Know Before Purchasing a Medium-duty Trailer

You officially made the switch from the heaviest duty pickup you could find to something even heavier duty. Your Ford F-350 King Ranch, built as tough as ever, wasn’t designed to handle the load you […] More

Want a Greener Fleet?

Have you ever considered renting part or all of your truck fleet in an effort to go green? If not, it’s worth the consideration. As you probably know, there are several ways to achieve a […] More

Revolutionizing the Market

Since the 1970s, the dump truck industry has been relegated to two sizes of dump pumps: a larger, higher flowing (up to 48 gpm at 1800 rpm) C Series pump, and a smaller, lower flowing […] More

Reaching Near-Zero Emissions

With tens of thousands of propane-powered commercial trucks in North America, chances are your fleet drivers pass a few on the road. What isn’t obvious is how those propane trucks produce much less harmful emissions […] More

The Smarter Suspension Revolution Begins

An aggregate-laden dump truck makes the transition from on-road to off-road, transporting cargo to a remote jobsite. Under load, the cab’s heavy-duty springs perform as designed on the uneven terrain, providing a relatively smooth ride […] More

Do You Get the Most from Your Trailer?

A trailer is often one of the most used assets in construction, landscape, and other business fleets. Using ramps and rolling equipment onto your trailer is a tedious, yet necessary and daily task. Load the […] More


As the commercial transportation industry evolves, efficiency, safety, and reliability have never been more important. Fleets of all sizes are looking for ways to maximize productivity and minimize downtime, all while getting the most out […] More

Maintenance Got You Down?

Maintaining a fleet isn’t an easy job. A down vehicle costs time, money, and might cause headaches. Some fleets still rely on tried and true pen and paper to track fleet maintenance—or tried and true […] More

The Benefits of Retreads

As a fleet owner, you know the cost of replacing tires is a major expense. But what if you could save on tire costs while still optimizing performance and safety? Retreading can help you do […] More

Link’s 105k Triton Tri-Drive Air Suspension Sets the Industry Standard

Steel spring suspensions have been around since horses pulled wagons. The leaf spring design incorporates flexible steel strips that are layered together and secured to form an inverted arch shape that acts as a single […] More

Do Your Emergency and Utility Fleets Use a Reliable Fuel?

It doesn’t matter if it’s January when a blizzard cripples the northeastern United States, August when a hurricane slams into the southeast, or November when a dry-season wildfire roars across southern California. Communities must be […] More

5 Work Truck Industry Trends that Affect Your Bottom Line

From evolving emissions standards to the demand for more data-driven decision making, several key trends affect productivity, technician satisfaction, and costs in your work truck fleet. Understanding these industry trends can help you stay ahead […] More

Timbren’s Aeon Rubber Springs are for the Tough Stuff

They were stunned when they saw what was left on the side of the road. There it was, lying on the pavement looking like roadkill, just outside the Timbren Industries manufacturing facility in Whitby, Ontario, […] More

Broadcast Service Company Provides Live Coverage Using Fleetio

PSSI Global began providing television broadcasting services with a single satellite production truck in 1979. Four decades later, the company has dramatically increased, serving various media outlets and operating more than a dozen varieties of […] More

Exploring Alternative Energy Solutions

In January and February, we discussed the factors to consider when integrating alternative energy/advanced technologies in your fleet. In our last installment of the Green Truck Association’s white paper, we discuss the different kinds of […] More

UFO Cloud Lock Uses App and IoT Technology to Protect Assets

Fleets are exposed to theft and loss at nearly every turn—or stop. A delivery vehicle left unlocked and unattended for even a moment while a delivery is made can be an easy target for enterprising […] More

Making the Case for Integrated Fuel and Maintenance Programs

Over the past several years, fleet managers have come under increasing pressure to cut costs and save money. While there are a number of tools available to fleets to control costs, these solutions are often […] More

Innovative Ford Partner Offers Flexibility for Commercial Trucks and RVs

The Guthrie brothers are excited as they walk the floor of their 220,000-sq-ft chassis assembly plant they established on the east side of Detroit in 1999. Their company, Detroit Chassis LLC, employs hundreds of workers […] More

Exploring Alternative Energy Solutions

Safe, sustainable, and efficient. These are some of the driving forces behind integrating alternative energy/advanced technology into today’s work truck fleets. Along with these driving forces are a multitude of other reasons to convert a […] More

What to Consider When Going Green

Safe, sustainable, and efficient. These are some of the driving forces behind integrating alternative energy/advanced technology into today’s work truck fleets. Along with these driving forces are a multitude of other reasons to convert a […] More

Engine Emissions Reach All-time Low

Propane autogas engines have hit an all-time low. But as opposed to the stock market, that’s a good thing. Recently, new technology has enabled propane engines to reach near-zero emissions. Here’s the latest in low-NOx […] More

How to Make Vehicles Outlast Rigors of the Work Environment

Fleet managers and procurement teams are charged with designing reliable, functional work trucks capable of undergoing the stresses of the vocational market and occupational work environment. No matter what your role on the design team […] More

Is it Time for a Business Name Change?

Names play an important role in business. Names are often the identity and/or description of services and products offered. But what happens when your business expands beyond its name? Does the current name of your […] More

Exploring Alternative Energy Fleet Solutions

EXPLORING ALTERNATIVE ENERGY SOLUTIONS: Part 1 of 3 Do you consider your company to be innovative and an early adopter that integrates advanced technology and alternative energy into its fleet? Or is your company less […] More

Webasto Systems are Available for Every Season to OEM and Aftermarket Applications

In the next months, cold winter weather will be an inescapable fact of life throughout most of North America. For those working in, on, and around work trucks, the cold can reduce vehicle reliability, human […] More

Branding Your Fleet to Create Success

BRANDING YOUR FLEET TO CREATE SUCCESS. Heavy-duty work trucks are a central part of many businesses and represent a significant capital investment. Whether large behemoths like refuse and concrete trucks or the box trucks that […] More

Learn about Fleet Insurance from Progressive

No matter the size of your business or fleet, it’s always a good idea to reevaluate your expenses, especially when it comes to your commercial auto insurance. You may not realize it, but your policy […] More

On Track

The United States has relied on railroads to transport passengers and goods since the mid-1820s. As a truly non-stop industry, American railroads demand the highest level of service and maintenance to ensure all cargo not […] More


Amid the myriad industries that rent light-duty trucks, many are the perfect fit. The industries where it makes the most sense to rent trucks are in construction of some form where business is done on […] More


Less than great cranes might leave your job unfinished or rushed. No manager or owner wants to be on the losing side of the crane battle. So what can you do to conquer heights and […] More


There are very few secrets to success for commercial truck fleets—with power, durability, and accessibility absolutely imperative when delivering on the job and ultimately delivering results to a company’s bottom line. However, one truck bed […] More


Technology is advancing, leading to the digitization of many processes including hiring. Online applications are common but don’t guarantee to bring in new workers. A recent study from recruitment technology company Jibe and research firm […] More

Use Vehicle Graphics to Get Your Brand on the Road

Branding is an all-important component for every business today. Savvy marketers must find effective ways to brand themselves without breaking the bank. When planning how and where to brand, everything a business owns becomes a […] More

5 Reasons Diesel Could be the Right Choice

We’ve all seen the headlines—internal combustion engines are all but on the way out, and electric vehicles, propane, natural gas, and hydrogen are ready to take over the fleet marketplace. But where does the truth […] More


It’s currently a hot topic, spanning several different industries and stretching across oceans. It has the potential to create an even stronger economy or cripple it. It’s the Trade War. Over the summer, the US […] More

Minimize Upfit Frustrations with Transfer Flow’s All-in-one Solution

The filler neck—a critical component of completing a work truck—has long been an element of vague frustration for upfitters. We spoke to both engineers and upfitters to understand the importance and benefits of using safe, […] More

Upgrade to LED Hazard/Warning Strobe Lights

To ensure the visibility and safety of everyone on the road, the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) mandates that vehicles such as construction, utility, tow, and snowplow trucks are equipped with hazard and warning lights. […] More


In the United States, nearly 7 billion metric tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) are emitted each year, and more than 28 percent come directly from the transportation industry. The implementation of Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) […] More

9 Reasons to Dump Your Tow-behind Air Compressor

Tow-behind air compressors took the world by storm a few decades ago when they met a simple need: available compressed air wherever you want it. It was a game-changer for a lot of industries. But […] More

A Rack Worth a Top Spot on Your Team

The 2018 Mercedes-Benz Metris Cargo Van embraces the motto of having “large van capabilities in a midsize van.” As consumers remain increasingly concerned with performance, safety, and the costs incurred when driving and working out […] More

It’s Easy to Say ‘Quality.’ It’s Harder to Deliver It.

Dolese Bros Co traces its roots to the days before statehood of its home in Oklahoma. Originally established to furnish quarried rock for railroad construction, Dolese has since developed into a full-service construction supply and […] More

Consider Multiple Factors when Selecting the Proper Service Truck Compressor

Selecting an air compressor for your service truck—how tough could it be? If you don’t use it much, just go with a cheap, off-the-shelf unit. Or, if you use it a lot, the bigger the […] More

Work Truck Organization Built to Last

Northwest Power Systems, an Idaho-based electric utility company, sells and services backup power systems. Northwest needed a company truck equipped with toolboxes/storage units that protect equipment from severe weather. Northwest needed a storage unit that […] More

Interact Analysis Reports on US Vocational Market

Vocational vehicles—those used for a specific application such as logging, heavy haul, or refuse collection—represent around 20 percent of sales of all Class 4 to 8 commercial vehicles in the US. However, given the complexity […] More

EBY, Element, Jorgensen Team Up for Success

In today’s competitive environment, two things separate successful fleets from the unsuccessful ones: creativity and collaboration. Fleets and fleet management companies have always expected a high level of fit, finish, and quality from their equipment […] More

Rent, Lease, or Buy

As a fleet manager, you’ve likely wrestled with the decision to lease or buy your fleet. There are definitely pros and cons to each. But what about renting? Have you ever considered renting some or […] More

How Driver Scorecards Work and What They Tell You

Previously in this Driver Scorecard Series, we looked at the cost of unsafe driving practices and how driver scorecards, using GPS fleet tracking and telematics data, can bring significant benefits to a fleet operator. As […] More

The Future of Autonomous Vehicles

The implementation of autonomous transportation over the past few years is a revolution that is completely changing the world we live in. As a truck accident lawyer, I have worked on every kind of auto […] More

How to be a Dynamic Leader

No two people are alike, so why would you try to manage everyone the same way? There’s a form of leadership called Dynamic Leadership (you might also hear it referred to as Adaptive Leadership). At […] More

Can Telematics Data Improve Safety?

From real-time audible alerts to actionable information empowered by detailed reporting, telematics offers a wide spectrum of safety performance tools for all types of fleets. The driver scorecard is a strong enforcement tool that uses […] More

Transition Your Fleet to Propane Autogas in 3 Easy Steps

The alternative fuels terrain is tough to navigate. With the various fuel and technology options available for commercial vehicles, how do you make the right choice for your organization? Know that you’re not alone, and […] More

How Unsafe Practices Can Lead to Higher Costs; Why Narrowing in on Driver Behavior Can Lower Them

High procurement and operating costs mean fleets are always on the lookout for savings and profit opportunities. We often think of achieving these by increasing productivity, reducing expenses, and mitigating vehicle downtime. However, one of […] More

Fuel Efficiency Technology Becomes Standard on More Truck Models

In recent years, fleets have had the opportunity to purchase a growing variety of technology options for their truck transmissions that maximize fuel economy and lower operating costs. Some of those advancements are now becoming […] More

Dual-axis Crane Puts Lifting Strength and Cable Length Where Needed

There are a variety of cranes and hoists that will simply lift and lower an object into or out of a van or box truck, but there are only a few that can do so […] More

Verizon Triples Telematics Coverage with Verizon Connect

Combine three industry-leading telematics systems: Telogis, Fleetmatics, and Verizon Telematics. Add $5 billion in investments. Offer a one-stop approach to vehicle software solutions. Get results that help improve safety, productivity, and efficiency. These goals were […] More

Cooperative Purchasing Stretches Buying Power and Saves Time

What do tires, auto parts, and hand tools have in common? They can all be purchased by your agency using cooperative procurement. Every time a tire is changed or parts installed, there’s likely a vehicle […] More

The Role of GVWR and GCWR in Specifying Work Trucks

GVWR and gross vehicle weight (GVW) are often thought to be the same, but they are not. A truck’s GVWR is the maximum weight rating established by the chassis manufacturer. GVW is the total weight […] More

Look Beyond Features to Meet Core Needs and Maximize a System’s Potential

In part one of this article, three modules that are often overlooked were discussed: Cost-of-Service Analysis, Parts Inventory Management, and Parts Cross-Referencing. In part two, the remaining modules that get overlooked are explained, along with […] More

Truck Body and Cap Suppliers Engineer Innovative, One-key Lock Technology

Time is money, the old saying goes, and in the commercial vehicle world any technology that keeps technicians on the job with as little downtime as possible is a sure winner. Such is the case […] More

Look Beyond Features to Meet Core Needs and Maximize a System’s Potential

Fleet management software is much like the human brain, and we only use a fraction of its potential. The most underused fleet systems tend to be those in which initial software setup, training, and use […] More

Select the Best Storage Solutions and Achieve Safety, Security, and Convenience

Equipping work trucks with the necessary tools for commercial use requires heavy-duty products designed to be both functional and safe while creating organization and security. Cargo organizers specially designed to fit in the truck bed […] More

Top Tips for a More Energy Efficient Fleet

According to the Diesel Technology Forum, diesel moves approximately 90% of the nation’s freight tonnage, and nearly all highway freight trucks are powered by diesel engines. However, it’s no secret that diesel fuel can harm […] More

Spray-on Polyurea Coatings Help Save Money with Enhanced Vehicle Durability

Work truck owners, fleet managers, rental equipment company owners, and others spend large amounts of resources and time keeping their equipment both looking great and functioning at the highest levels. But many are noticing that […] More

Fiberglass-based Composite Bodies Contribute to Lightweight, Tough, and Long-lasting Vehicles

BrandFXTM recently introduced its UltimateFXTM all-composite fiberglass-based service truck body and understructure combo which is manufactured to match the toughness of steel, while weighing about 60% less. The lightweight—yet tough—combo is designed for 56LS and […] More

LED Lamps Light the Way with Style and Substance

The lighting in a commercial vehicle can certainly be viewed from a utilitarian perspective, and it’s true that without lighting a work truck can’t really work. The advent of more robust, brighter, and longer-lasting LED […] More

Not Yet ELD Compliant? Don’t Wait to Act.

In an industry where time is money and watching the clock can help a driver or his bosses avoid costly fines, we’ve got a question for you: Instead of watching the clock, are you watching […] More

The Optima Series of Enhanced Aerial Devices Provides Improved Platforms with Extended Boom Reach

Terex Utilities recently launched its enhanced OptimaTM series of aerial devices—the company’s latest upgrades to its Hi-RangerTM product line. Primarily for utility line construction and maintenance applications, utility workers using the enhanced devices will appreciate […] More

Fuel Cards Provide Fleet Managers Control Over Costs

Data. It’s the watchword for succeeding in today’s business environment. More and more, we’re told to let data be the guide. Quality improvement initiatives stress the importance of making decisions based on verifiable data rather […] More

Loading Ramps Provide a Secure Path to and from Elevated Vehicle Doors

National Fleet Products, a leading North American supplier of loading ramps and other aftermarket accessories for commercial vehicles, introduces several versions of its WM System Loading Ramps. Designed as a low-cost, maintenance-free alternative to hydraulic […] More

Choose an Auxiliary Heater that’s the Right Size, Reliable, Uses Advanced Technology, Alerts if Components Fail, and Comes with a Warranty

It is not easy finding the right auxiliary heater for your work truck. There are almost as many considerations to keep in mind as there are options available on the market, and it isn’t always […] More

Greater Access to Cargo Improves Efficiency of Final-Mile Delivery

This second article in a two-part MWS series, is about increasing the efficiency of “last mile” deliveries by moving more cargo, making more urban-delivery stops, and speeding up cargo-access time. These solutions counter the costly, […] More

Crane Provides Fresh Method for Loading and Unloading Cargo

Many contractors and companies are electing to use Euro-style work vans, which typically are larger and have roomy rear-cargo areas that can be configured with a variety of shelving, storage, and hauling options. The Euro-style […] More


Staying on top of your inventory can be a challenge. Trying to keep track of all the inventory on individual trucks can be even more difficult. Trying to use a manual process to keep track […] More


When selecting a transmission for a new work truck, fleets often revisit the usual options: manuals, automated manuals, and fully automatics. While many owners think twice when it comes to the price of a fully […] More

Five Myths about Propane Autogas

It’s hard to turn down a vehicle that offers low total cost of ownership, more comfort for drivers, reliable operation, and no additional fluid or filter requirements to meet emissions regulations. And, for fleets using […] More


Individuals and companies along the supply chain continuum are beginning to make logistics decisions at the moment an online sale is made, and these decisions often travel all the way back to a product’s constituent […] More

Spec’ Writing

Vocational vehicle specifications serve as building blocks for a fleet and provide financial responsibility for the end product. As work trucks become more complex, mistakes are inevitable. A well-written specification can be valuable when determining […] More

Appearances Matter

A cluttered work truck can be a huge problem for companies. Extra equipment can easily make a truck overweight without the company even realizing it. When a truck is loaded past its rating, it is […] More

Three Ways to Make Company Priorities Clear to Employees

Managing a fleet doesn’t necessarily begin and end with the vehicles. It’s important that all the employees and fleet drivers are on the same page. Good communication is a key to success in any endeavor—including […] More

How Shocks Handle the Toughest Jobs

Heavy-duty trucks need ride control systems that can handle everything a driver can throw at it. A heavy-duty (HD) vehicle will travel many more miles in a year than the average car, and often over […] More


In 2010, the states of Washington and California enacted legislation addressing the presence of copper and other heavy metals used in brake friction materials. Environmental organizations maintain that remnants of these metals can find their […] More


Both the medium-duty and work truck markets continue to increase in priority while commercial vehicle manufacturers ramp up their launches of innovative commercial trucks, vans, and cutaway chassis. Therefore, identifying efficient operating strategies is now […] More


Air compressors are one of the most vital components in constant use among industrial enterprises. Including electricity, water, and natural gas, compressed air is widely considered the fourth vital source of energy. On an international […] More


Truck salespeople, fleet managers, and end users face challenges in determining the right work truck for a specific application. When replacing a commercial vehicle with something similar, the first inclination is often to copy the […] More


Oftentimes, numbers tell a story. For example, take the more than 14,000 propane autogas fleet vehicles added to roadways in 2016—an eight percent increase from 2015. The story behind that statistic is pretty clear: More […] More

Intuiting Customer Needs

In today’s competitive market, developing products for commercial fleets has never been more challenging. To maintain its position as a leading innovator of commercial truck caps, A.R.E. Accessories uses an approach that blends market interaction […] More

Decreasing Idle Time of Tier 4 Engines Reduces Operating Costs and Downtime for Work Truck Fleets

The work truck industry has undergone significant changes with the implementation of Tier 4 engine regulations. As a result, some companies have seen an impact on their bottom line—from increased downtime for engine regeneration to […] More


Wabash National is North America’s leading producer of semi-trailers. In fact, they’ve built more than one million of them. Leveraging decades of innovation leadership in the semi-trailer market, with more than 200 patents worldwide, Wabash […] More


Gabe Gallegos runs his own roadside response company, providing 24/7 roadside service in southern Colorado for truck dealers, RoadSquad, ARI Fleet Management, FleetNet America, and fleets like U-Haul and Penske. “I don’t have an actual […] More

Dispenser Data Shows Value of Propane Autogas Work Truck Fleets

Just a few years ago, it was challenging for a work truck fleet operator to capture data proving propane autogas vehicles made business sense. Sure, there were fleet management systems for autogas, but public and […] More

No Two Upfits are Alike

There is no standard template truck or van body upfit for any given industry. Fleet upfits, in fact, need to be engineered based on a deep understanding of how each driver is using the vehicle. […] More


On May 1, 2017, FMVSS 111 went into partial effect. FMVSS 111 aims to improve drivers’ rear-visibility fields of view. Arguably, the most effective way to guarantee that a vehicle will back up safely is […] More


Holman Parts Distribution, a leading provider of strategic powertrain sourcing solutions specifically developed for the fleet industry, understands that for most companies, the fleet is critical to supporting day-to-day business operations. For these vocational fleets, […] More


Lease financing is used by a majority of businesses in the US and accounts for about 1/3 of new equipment acquisitions. Seeking to acquire equipment for your business? Here are 10 questions to help determine […] More


How do fleet managers measure operational needs? Several approaches help quantify necessary functional requirements while filtering out end-user operator demands often communicated as needs. In the end, fleet managers are responsible for maintaining order between […] More

Need to Find the Right Truck the First Time? The Solution is at Hand.

In our previous articles, we revealed the fragmentation in the work truck industry supply chain that makes it difficult to track final configurations of work trucks and vans. We then learned how that missing data […] More


The development of technology and maintenance leaders within the work truck market is becoming critical to the value of the industry. As many prominent figures making an impact and holding significant roles within the technology […] More

Advantages of Service Body Organization

Picture this: You roll up to a jobsite, hop out of your truck, and slam your jug of coffee down on the roof of your service body just as the sun peeks over the horizon. […] More

Work Truck Technologies: Part 3

In our previous two articles, we covered the functional levels of the work truck industry supply chain; OEMs, body manufacturers, distributors, and dealers, revealing the fragmentation that makes it difficult to track final configurations of […] More

Spec Appropriately

A lot goes into spec’ing a work truck and not all of it is easy. Sometimes, it can get downright overwhelming. It’s important to make sure your truck has everything it needs without adding unwanted […] More

Using Data

Fleet managers in Massachusetts and Vermont upfit snowplow trucks with an automated electronic spreader control system that collects and records accurate data on the amount of salt and other deicing materials and liquids applied to […] More

The Man with the Golden Process: Part 2

Last month, the article on benchmarking reviewed its definition and importance to business operations. This article will highlight the metrics of the process as it compares actual numbers. Wikipedia defines benchmarking as “the process of […] More

Blurring the Lines Between OEM and Aftermarket Parts

Over the past 60 years, the acceptance of replacement parts suppliers for engines used in the heavy-duty truck industry has evolved significantly. Today, the quality, availability, coverage, and warranty of products from branded aftermarket suppliers […] More

LED Lighting Technology in the Work Truck Arena

Since its introduction to the commercial vehicle industry in 1989, LED lighting has been steadily gaining ground against far less reliable filament-based lamps. Once considered cost prohibitive by some service body manufacturers and work truck […] More


How do you know how well your fleet is doing relative to others? Are you spending too much … too little? Is your fleet completing a similar level of activity with others in the industry? […] More


Cooperative procurement makes better use of an organization’s time and resources by reducing the number of administrative processes and sharing the procurement and contract management process work-load. Efficiencies may be derived from conducting one procurement […] More


By properly maintaining your trucks, you know that you can keep them on the road more and prevent costly breakdowns. However, if you have not taken the time to overhaul your preventive maintenance lately, you […] More

Work Truck Technologies: Part 2

In our previous article, we spelled out the functional levels that make up the work truck industry supply chain; OEMs, body manufacturers, distributors, and dealers. We also described what role these major stakeholders have in […] More


Each year, fleet managers are pressured to reduce expenses while increasing profits. The City of Saint John in New Brunswick is no exception. The city purchases new trucks through a tendering process to get the […] More

Changing Technology Behind Work Truck Production

With so many vocational work applications resulting in such a wide range of body and equipment variations, the process of creating a work truck is very complicated. Work trucks are basically custom-ordered, rather than mass-produced, […] More


Making one solution work for multiple scenarios is typically not a good idea—forcing a square peg into a round hole just doesn’t work. This rings especially true in the work truck industry, where trucks are […] More

Beefing Up Your Concrete Pump Fleet?

Whether adding to your existing truck-mounted concrete boom pump fleet, replacing old rigs, remounting pumps on new trucks, or just getting started with a new business, there are some significant decisions to make. One of […] More


At Eaton, robust and healthy communities are seen as a vital component of the company’s culture. Eaton people care deeply about the communities in which they live and work, with employees investing their time, money, […] More

GM Named “Military Times” Best for Vets Employer

For the second consecutive year, General Motors (GM) is the only automaker recognized by Military Times in its Best for Vets: Employers 2016 rankings. The Best for Vets list evaluates company culture and policies that […] More

Eaton Offers Support, Career Opportunities for Military Veterans

Attracting and retaining top talent is key to Eaton’s growth and continued success, and this talent pool includes the men and women who have served our country. By tapping into the positive qualities of military […] More


Work trucks require functional storage systems that can withstand consistent, heavy-duty use, while keeping tools and other gear organized and secure. Truck bed cargo organizers are among the best solutions for helping contractors stay job-ready […] More


Peter Drucker, noted economist and author, once said, “Leaders grow; they are not made.” If this is truly the case, then the ability to lead is something we can all cultivate within ourselves and each […] More


Outfitting a van can be a complicated and, at times, confusing process when the needs are highly specific from one vehicle and contractor to the next. Depending on the application, the van size, and a […] More


Debates of the “he said, she said” variety are never fun to have. Yet, anyone that has rented or leased commercial trucks has dealt with this situation far too many times. Taking trucks on the […] More


The work truck industry is worth more than $121 billion, according to data from the US Bureau of the Census and NTEA sources. This staggering number shows just how important work trucks are, especially as […] More


Two Ohio companies worked together to come up with a safer, more efficient, and lighter weight solution to the large swing doors found on new cargo vans—a roll-up door. While this concept is not new […] More


Whether you’re an independent contractor or managing a national fleet, you likely consider a work truck as much a tool as a drill or jackhammer. And, like tools, a work truck should be outfitted specifically […] More

By Smart: Purchase Price vs RCO

Let’s face it: Selecting new vehicles for your fleet is a daunting task. You have a hundred factors to consider and each is a trade-off to another. While some decision-makers turn to simple purchase price—or […] More


Today’s low gas prices are not as great for your fleet as you might think they are. In fact, they can be more harmful to your bottom line than high prices. A brief search of […] More


Every work truck serves a specific role and function in its day-to-day use, whether as a tool truck for a public utility or a four-axle rock pump for a major design and build construction company. […] More


Derek Jensen, owner of Jensen Decorative Concrete Inc., works with concrete finishes, such as colored concrete and stamping for patio and driveway areas. Previously employed for 12 years with another concrete company, Jensen noticed a […] More


The most popular diesel engines in today’s work trucks are the Cummins ISB6.7 and ISL9, which power a wide range of applications from delivery vans and pickup and delivery trucks to vocational vehicles. These engines […] More


Until recently, purchasing an aluminum utility or service body for a work truck was often dismissed due to perceived price point, strength concerns, and repair costs. Aluminum has been used as a manufacturing material for […] More


A split shaft gearbox has many advantages, which can make it an excellent option for capitalizing on the full potential of your work truck. While very beneficial, there are some considerations to keep in mind […] More


Spec’ing lighter-weight forged aluminum wheels is a simple solution to increasing the overall fuel efficiency, maintenance economy, and freight-carrying capacity of a commercial vehicle. Medium-duty applications demand all the same benefits as heavy-duty vehicles and […] More


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Driving Incentives

I want to throw some statistics at you so we can start with a point of reference. On average, roughly 45,000 openings go unfilled every day for Class A truck drivers. The industry average age […] More


Stop; take a moment to consider your surroundings. We’re currently living in a country that is increasingly polarized by politics, race, religion, sexuality, etc. At every turn, through traditional media outlets and social media alike, […] More


A 1990’s advertising campaign declaring, “You have a lot riding on your tires,” demonstrated the importance the safe operation (specifically of tires) of a vehicle is to any family. Today, most fleet operations understand that […] More


Before any changes take place, before you install any new computer system, before you improve your new vehicle specification, you must measure your fleet’s current effectiveness and performance. These financial and other numeric measures should […] More


No matter how well maintained your fleet of work trucks, sooner or later, you will be repairing or replacing an engine, transmission, or other primary power component. Oftentimes, this involves shipping the broken part out […] More


No matter the size of your business or fleet, it’s always a good idea to reevaluate your expenses, especially when it comes to your commercial auto insurance. You may not realize it, but your policy […] More

Optimized Tire Pressure Management

When it comes to tires, improper inflation can lead to reduced fuel efficiency, increased costs, and safety risks. But, properly maintaining optimal tire pressure can be a grueling maintenance challenge for fleet managers. Tire pressure […] More


Part one of this article introduced the issue of clearing snow and ice from trucks in a safe, timely manner that would meet OSHA safety regulations. After being tasked by an airfreight company to find […] More

Fully Automatic

The initial purchase price of a truck is one way for a trucking company to save money. But, according to Chad Carmichael, president and owner, A&C Trucking Co., to truly get the lowest cost of […] More


Productivity is one of the many keys to your success and making the right decisions on the tools you use on a daily basis is vitally important. One of the most important tools that a […] More


Accumulated snow on the tops of tractor-trailers and trucks—or any vehicle in transit—is a significant safety concern and one that the trucking industry has been trying to address for years. In 2008, the American Transportation […] More


Truck manufacturers, like Kenworth, are working to make it simpler for customers who want heavy-duty characteristics in traditional medium-duty applications, including construction, refuse, liquid bulk, food and beverage distribution, snowplows and highway maintenance, and fire […] More


New federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration regulations [OSHA 1926.1400] mandate that operators of most large cranes (2,001-lb lifting capacity and up) will need to be certified by an accredited crane operator testing organization for […] More


When the engineers at Cooper Tire & Rubber Company set out to design a new Roadmaster brand tire—the RM272—for drop-deck trailers, they knew creating a product to withstand the demands of the application would be […] More


Today, buyers can make decisions at their own speed, moving across online and offline marketing channels to suit their specific product needs. Their smartphones and tablets have become go-to devices for purchases, helping with both […] More


Utilimarc released a survey of 40 clients regarding the cost and usage of ½-ton pickups. The sample for the survey included more than 5,500 Ford F-150s and Chevrolet 1500s. The data used represents the pattern […] More


Alternative fuel use is on the rise and, with it, alternative fuel vehicle upfits. When transitioning to compressed natural gas, or CNG, there are certain questions you should ask to be sure that you’re getting […] More


Alkane Truck Company has chosen Propane autogas (LPG) to fuel its first Class 7 cab-over 26,000 and 33,000 GVW truck. Production begins first quarter 2016 with the purchase price comparable to an equivalent diesel truck. […] More


It’s no secret that vocational drivers spend a significant amount of time on the road. It is for this reason some companies create products targeting driver comfort and/or driver convenience. One such company is Eaton, […] More


For nearly six decades, Butler Machinery Company has offered equipment sales, services, and product support for customers, the construction, agriculture, demolition and scrap handling, mining, landscaping, power generation, and on-highway trucking industries. With a fleet […] More


Chances are, your work truck doesn’t come with everything you need to get the job done. As a fleet manager, you need an upfitter you can rely on for more than just a source of […] More


While there are different materials available for the manufacturing of today’s work trucks, not all materials are cut out for the various applications that trucks endure on a daily basis. Consider the specifications of your […] More


In the past, some Department of Transportation (DOT) regulated fleets have not fulfilled the requirement of updating their information on the DOT website, yet they have flown under the radar of any real punishment. Because […] More


While work truck fleets scramble to save money by extending vehicle lifetimes, “right-sizing,” planning more efficient routes, and increasing fuel economy, they may be overlooking other opportunities that could save them hundreds of thousands to […] More


Senior managers at Goodfellow Brothers Inc. face a geographical challenge like few others in their profession. They must coordinate the activities of fleet operations and several maintenance shops separated by more than 2,500 miles of […] More