Ways to Get Techs Up and Wrenching

Fleet Services by Cox Automotive has a team of more than 1,500 technicians, the majority of whom are mobile. Fleet Services makes it a priority to set their new technicians up for success, starting with […] More

Optimizing Fleet Risk Management

The surge in auto claim costs is putting pressure on the trucking industry, leading to increased premiums for fleet owners. Rising inflation, escalating litigation, medical expenses, and the growing intricacy of modern vehicle technologies are […] More

Mastering Fleet Data Through Centralized Management

When an asset issue arises, making informed decisions quickly can mean avoiding costly setbacks. However, many fleet managers find themselves grappling with disparate data sources — whether from manually documenting data or using multiple disconnected […] More

How Your Trucking Fleet Can Win the Talent Race

At a time when finding qualified truck drivers is more difficult than ever, the people side of the business is even more paramount. Your ability to hire and retain safe and reliable drivers is one […] More

Surveillance Technologies

Surveillance technologies, both on-site and in work trucks, play a crucial role in enhancing driver and work truck safety in numerous ways. By integrating on-site surveillance with vehicle surveillance systems, drivers, work crew and companies […] More

Shifting Gears

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Joe George, president of Cox Automotive Mobility, and Grace Huang, president of Cox Automotive Inventory Solutions, chatted with four female technicians within Fleet Services by Cox Automotive and Manheim, […] More

Lowering Known Fleet Risk

Thousands of van drivers and technicians were feeling the heat this past summer. A record-breaking heatwave blanketed many countries, challenging industries’ productivity in many areas, and worker safety everywhere. When temperatures are so hot that […] More

Convenience Versus Congestion

Last mile delivery has emerged as the pivotal battleground where convenience collides with congestion. The global market for last mile delivery is poised for unprecedented growth expected to reach US$137.4 billion by 2030, as consumers […] More

Automotive Industry 2024

Clarity comes in different packages. While there will always be factors at play in the work truck industry, it’s best to understand and gain insight from a variety of sources. Here are five predictions. 1. […] More

Vocational Fleet Health is a Priority

As the frequency and severity of natural disasters increases, vocational fleets must modernize how they prioritize safety, uptime, and vehicle health for emergency deployment. Each year, thousands of hard-working crews take on a nonstop, complicated, […] More

Voyager AIO Leads the Way

Since the genesis of the commercial vehicle industry, operations have focused on durability and reliability, often prioritizing functionality over cutting-edge technology. In addition to these values, adapting new equipment or systems to an in-service fleet […] More

Fleet Industry Key Trends

Each November, Holman, a global automotive services organization, hosts Holman Drive, an annual conference that focuses on sharing proven fleet management solutions and exploring the future of mobility. Now in its fifth year, Holman Drive […] More

The Power of Cross-Industry Learning

Everyone has probably heard the saying that goes something like the following: “Technology is advancing faster than ever before, and it will never be this slow again.” It’s kind of a crazy statement, especially if […] More

Holman Drive 23

In November, Holman, a global automotive services organization and premier fleet management provider, hosted Holman Drive in Boca Raton, Florida. More than 150 fleet, finance, and procurement professionals as well as several automotive and equipment […] More

Tools to Elevate Your Operation

No matter what industry you’re in, if you don’t have the right equipment for the job, two things will happen. First, the work becomes harder than it needs to be. Second, downtime and unnecessary expenses […] More

Tackling Skepticism and Ensuring Quality

Engine oil and fuel additives can make most feel wary and uneasy. While situations are typically case-by-case experiences, where some see the benefits of an increase in fuel economy or decrease in wear and friction […] More

How to Start Your Fleet’s Sustainability Journey

Whether it’s local, state, or federal government mandates or strategic business goals, sustainability is quickly becoming a priority in the transportation sector. While every decarbonization journey shares the same goal, there are different roads to […] More

The Operator Balancing Act

Work truck operators today are under a fair amount of pressure to adhere to heavy demands and tight schedules, all while staying within legal operating guidelines. Completing a wide range of tasks on repair jobs […] More

Unveiling the Future

Sustainability initiatives, new regulations, and technological innovation have opened a world of possibilities for the utility industry. With intense global initiatives to reduce carbon emissions, equipment manufacturers are exploring ways to lessen the carbon impact […] More