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    Product Showcase March 2024

    DORAN MANUFACTURING YARDCHECK 360 MONITORS TIRES EVEN WHEN VEHICLES ARE SHUT DOWN  Doran YardCheck 360 helps fleets with continuous monitoring of tire pressure and temperatures, even when equipment is off. YardCheck 360 Gate reader creates […] More

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    Lowering Known Fleet Risk

    Thousands of van drivers and technicians were feeling the heat this past summer. A record-breaking heatwave blanketed many countries, challenging industries’ productivity in many areas, and worker safety everywhere. When temperatures are so hot that […] More

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    Scooping Up Savings

    Various designs, including ones which are aerodynamic, are greener by saving an average of 15 percent on fuel, while significantly decreasing CO2 emissions. WHAT A DRAG In the bustling world of medium-duty box trucks, the […] More

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    Alternative Fuels for Fleets

    Today, many organizations are exploring a variety of strategies to meet various ESG goals and mandates. From a fleet perspective, this often means finding new, innovative ways to reduce a fleet’s carbon footprint to align […] More

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    Solving Truck Ground Wire Issues

    Every business experiences truck downtime, which can be challenging for businesses relying on trucking for transportation and logistics. Many downtime issues are usually the result of ground wire problems. While downtime can cost a business […] More

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    Transformative Trends for 2024

    Over the last four years, the commercial truck industry has experienced an unexpected evolution, leading to a significant transformation in how dealers and buyers engage. This shift, coupled with various challenges in the economy, sets […] More

  • Ford F-150 Lightning
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    Ford F-150 Lightning

    As more fleets are reducing their emissions, and setting short- and long-term targets, alternative fuel vehicles, including electric vehicles are attaining more attention. As a result, Ford Motor Company, which has been the best-selling pickup […] More

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