Reduce the Risk of Equipment Theft

Webfleet Solutions, a global telematics solution provider, helps fleets reduce the risk of equipment theft and improper usage with a new capability for asset tracking within WEBFLEET. Webfleet recently released the solution to United States […] More

Fighting Traffic and Congestion

By Robert Ramirez A simple principle generally causes bottlenecks and congestion: The roads and interchanges located in the worst spots are either poorly designed given traffic volumes or simply need more lanes. Unfortunately, the solution […] More

Fueling Business Transformation

By Daniel Shardt and Venkatachalam Narayanan Fleet management is a complex business. As the largest pure-play fleet manager in the world, Element Fleet Management handles almost everything for its clients: vehicle purchasing and acquisition, maintenance, […] More

Heavy-duty Work Truck Batteries

The ODYSSEY® battery journey began more than 25 years ago, when EnerSys® recognized the enormous potential of flat lead plate technology to create increased starting power, reliability, and longevity in batteries. In 1996, the company […] More

Idle Mitigation Systems and Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

By Mitul Chandrani Feeling powerless takes many forms, but we have all experienced it at some point in our lives. Nothing seems to be in your control, and you feel that you are a victim […] More

Work Truck Tier 3 Nozzles Optimize Sewer Crew Efficiency and Profitability

By Del Williams Work truck dealers provide nearly limitless truck chassis, body, equipment, trailer, and accessory variations tailored to the specific job, which requires a close working relationship with manufacturers. Plumbers, municipalities, and big-line sewer […] More

Driven By Data

By Drew Coen When it comes to fleet maintenance, there are a lot of moving parts—literally. It’s not just about making sure you get to and from destinations and deliver the right products to the […] More

Efficient Distribution of the COVID-19 Vaccine

by Carlos Caponera One thing authorities are learning with the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine is that data matters. Since the first vials of this medical breakthrough left their factories on highly specialized refrigerated trucks […] More

Hours of Service Rules Can Affect Day-use Trucking

By Ryan Camacho For vocational fleets, the types of vehicles driven, the cargo hauled, and the distance traveled oftentimes translate to an exemption to complying with Hours of Service (HOS) rules. But there are many […] More

How Telematics Helps Protect Against Nuclear Verdicts

By Marco Encinas Given the high costs associated with fatal accidents for all parties involved, the transportation industry and its stakeholders must prioritize the elimination of these tragic occurrences. With the use of telematics, the […] More

Seamless, Quick, and Hassle-free Fleet Safety Solutions and Telematics Systems

Fleet and safety managers are aware of the importance of telematics and fleet safety solutions. They also know how stressful implementation can be. It can be a long and challenging process with high costs rippling […] More

Why the Future of Fleets is Electric

By Michael Hughes The future of fleets is electric. Whether it’s fleets deployed every day to make deliveries, municipal vehicles used by government employees, or public transit transporting people every hour. The verdict is that […] More

Cultivate Your Safety Culture

What does it take to ensure your fleet is eligible for a great insurance rate? It all comes down to your fleet’s safety culture. But how do you get there? The professionals weigh in. Any […] More

An Investment in Knowledge Can Pay the Best Interest

By Jeff Hunter Construction schedule setbacks can appear to be an intractable problem, increasing each project’s uncertainty, risk, and waste. According to McKinsey and Company’s “Imagining Construction’s Digital Future,” large capital projects are typically 20 […] More

Video Technology Improves Fleet Safety

By Barbara Hernandez-Taylor Driver safety is integral to the operation of a successful fleet as drivers spend countless hours on the road. Fleet managers promote driver safety, but they cannot control unforeseeable risks like distracted […] More

7 Ways Technology has Changed Inspections and Maintenance

By Tim Boyle Paper forms have dominated fleet vehicle inspections and maintenance for years. While tasks such as daily or annual inspections are a compliance requirement for vehicles operating under a DOT number, technology is […] More

Game-changing Telematics Technology

Picture it: You’re working away at your desk checking telematics data for the umpteenth time this week. There have been losses to your company’s bottom line that you know stem from fleet vehicles, but you’re […] More

Store Solar Energy in Your Tonneau Cover

Sometimes fleet vehicles need to provide power for more than just the engine, lights, and automatic door locks. Many fleet owners employ generators to power their tools on the jobsite, which is a great option […] More

GPS Tracking Enables Social Distancing, Optimal Fleet Productivity During Pandemic

By Del Williams In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, owners and fleet managers of service businesses such as landscaping, plumbing, electrical, and HVAC still need to manage their fleets, but may not want to […] More

6 Tips for Socially Distant Vehicle Shopping

Even as the nation has reopened following the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, public health and government officials urgently ask Americans to maintain precautions in order to slow the spread of the virus. Wearing a […] More

Anti-Idling Regulations for Utility Work Trucks Expected to Intensify After COVID-19

By Jack Johnson As countries around the world continue moving toward stricter environmental regulations, the pressure to double-down on vehicle anti-idling laws may intensify soon. People living in densely-populated areas experienced a stark improvement in […] More

Rising Fatalities in Truck-related Collisions

During the period from 2009 to 2018 (the latest figures available), fatalities in collisions involving large trucks have been on an upward trajectory, rising from 3,147 to 4,136 according to the Insurance Institute for Highway […] More

Why 2020 Will Still Be the Year of Electric Fleets

By Michael Hughes Conventional wisdom says low oil prices will slow the transition to electric mobility (e-mobility), but the facts on the ground suggest otherwise. The Washington Examiner reported that analysts don’t see the long-term […] More

Managing a Fleet Remotely

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, fleets across industries are facing the dilemma of how to manage operations remotely. The pandemic affects all businesses on a macro level, causing many fleets to develop remote management strategies […] More

How Can You Ensure the Safety of Your Drivers During this Time?

As the world fights against COVID-19, we acknowledge the pivotal role played by industries providing essential products and services. They were important before, but these industries now work harder than ever and in challenging circumstances. […] More

Tools to Improve Ready Mix Productivity

By Steve Young Ready mix drivers use technology to enhance productivity from the time they clock in until they clock out. At every stage of the concrete production and delivery lifecycle, there is room for […] More

Mobile Charging for Electric Vehicles

Depending on your line of work, an electric-powered vehicle might work well for you. Constant stop and go in delivery applications generate power through braking. Running short distances from the shop to the jobsite in […] More

Keeping Your Digital Storefront Open

The current situation with the COVID-19 pandemic is unlike anything that the industry has ever faced. Most companies have a game plan for an economic downturn, but this situation is unlike any other in recent […] More

Generate Revenue, Even on Slow Days

Technology is evolving the trucking industry. Dynamic routing software optimizes dispatching. Collision mitigation technology makes roads safer. Dash cams provide protection in the case of collisions and phony insurance claims. GPS tracking of trailers and […] More

Electronic Window Tinting for Trucks

Driving with the sun in your eyes is something that truckers and drivers of all kinds have dealt with since the beginning. There are already a couple of items on the market to offer some […] More

The Future of Fleet Management

Vehicle Maintenance is without any doubt a critical focus for every fleet manager. In most cases vehicle maintenance is right behind fuel in being the highest cost for a service operation. In years past, ensuring […] More

Tailor-made Fleet Tracking

Last month you read a piece on common issues fleet managers face and a list of a few telematics/GPS tracking systems that help alleviate a few management headaches. We listed companies that are great for […] More

Common Issues Fleet Managers Face

Managing a fleet isn’t the easiest job, no matter the size of your fleet. After all, our whole magazine is dedicated to solving common issues faced by fleet owners and managers on a daily basis. […] More

How Fuel Management Systems Save Money

Aside from the cost of buying your fleet vehicles, fuel and maintenance are the highest expenses of any fleet program. Ever-fluctuating gas prices make it hard to predict what you’ll pay at the pump each […] More

The Future of Battery Technology is Here

As the second decade of the 21st century dawns, the commercial vehicle market is flush with enthusiasm as numerous players promise “the next big thing” in electric-powered commercial vehicles. Most of the industry’s largest truck […] More

The Search for a Work Truck Just Got Easy

For almost a decade, Work Truck Solutions has worked to digitize and modernize the massive, yet unseen work truck industry. The work truck industry is extensive; according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the businesses […] More

Is Telematics a Cost or Investment?

BlueArrow Telematics, provider of mobile workforce technologies, recently employed a research assistant to analyze dozens of telematics reports, surveys, and statistics to gain greater insight into how and why fleets use telematics systems. After analyzing […] More

Plan, Save, and Increase Productivity

Route optimization software makes sound business sense for any organization responsible for sending fleets of 18-wheelers all over the country. But fleets of smaller work trucks can benefit from routing software just as much. At […] More

Family Business Booms with Service Trucks

Wade Homuth set out to start his own field service company at the age of 43. A daunting task for even the youngest of workers, Homuth leveraged his 20 years of experience in the construction […] More

Still Using AOBRDs?

The ELD mandate is perhaps the single greatest regulatory compliance issue to impact the way drivers and motor carriers do business in the United States. Now after nearly two years of confusion and anxiety, the […] More

5 Tips to Enhance Your Driver Improvement Program

Last time, we focused on analytics and its impact on coaching and a fleet’s overall safety culture. In this final installment of the Coaching series, we’ll provide tips fleets can use today to take to […] More

Pay for What You Use

By Ryan Driscoll Traditionally, paying predictive measures on an enterprise-level means commercial fleet companies and their drivers are in a one-size-fits-all insurance plan no matter their background, qualification, or accident record. In Q1 2019, commercial […] More

The Senzar Blind Spot Detection System

One of the most helpful technologies implemented into our automobiles within the past few years is blind spot detection (BSD) systems. This technology uses sensors along the vehicle to detect other vehicles in the driver’s […] More

ELD Mandate Ranks in the Top 10 Issues in the Trucking Industry

Since 2012, the ELD mandate has ranked in the top 10 issues in the trucking industry, according to the American Transportation Research Institute. The regulation took the industry by storm in 2017, but it wasn’t […] More

How Emissions Legislation Could Backfire

The 2020 election race is heating up—and so is our planet.  Amid the fourth-hottest year in recorded history, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change released a landmark 2018 report outlining alarming consequences unless we can […] More

Benefits of Coaching with Advanced Analytics

In the second part of our series, we focused on the value of expert analysis and measurement in the coaching process. Continuing on the coaching path, we’ll now zero in on analytics, its role in […] More

The Future of Road Travel

Our roads are in poor condition, overcrowded, chronically underfunded, and increasingly dangerous. In fact, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) gives the US grades of C+ for bridges, D for roads, and D- for […] More

GPS Tracking Increases Safety

Within the GPS telematics industry, service providers have spoken to the material benefits of GPS tracking solutions for years. Whether it be improved fuel efficiency as a result of reduced idling, more efficient routing, or […] More

The Value of Expert Analysis in Coaching

In the first part of this series, we discussed the importance of coaching and ensuring everyone in the organization is on the same page before starting the coaching process as part of a fleet’s overall […] More

How Much Does an Electric Medium-duty Fleet Really Save

To some, fleet electrification could never be a reality. Perhaps the infrastructure of your area wouldn’t allow for a beneficial conversion, the money it would take to convert wouldn’t justify the money you may or […] More

Why Coach Your Drivers?

From the early stages of learning how to walk, kids learning new games at recess, or adults mastering a new task at work—everyone is constantly coached. It’s just a way of life. Yet at some […] More

Targeting Younger Drivers

  Millennials account for more than one-third of the US employee population and more enter the workforce every day, making this generation the biggest opportunity for growth in fleets. Despite their strength in numbers, millennials […] More

Go Power! Offers Solar Solutions for Entire Work Fleet

Solar-based, renewable, zero fuel power solutions are revolutionizing the battery equation in work trucks, delivery trucks, and service vehicles. ASSAULT AND BATTERY  Every day, the batteries serving the essential power needs of commercial vehicles of […] More

Receive ‘Hyper-Accurate’ Safety Analytics with a SmartDrive Integration

Dispatch, maintenance, safety, and driver monitoring are major aspects of a company’s fleet management system. If a management system experiences technical difficulties, operations are slowed to a bare minimum, costing companies time, money, and sometimes, […] More

Solar-powered Solutions for Liftgates and Pallet Jacks

Minimizing costs and downtime are critical to the success of any fleet. Managers know all too well that failed liftgate and pallet jack batteries often mean sidelined drivers, missed deliveries, and expensive service calls. Go […] More

NFT Keeps Concrete Pumping Business at Peak Efficiency

Jim Demczak and his wife, Sharon, started their pumping business from scratch seven years ago. RME Concrete Pumpers, Inc currently employs a diversified fleet of eight small pickup trucks and 16 big rigs with three […] More

Optronics’ Purilite Light-shield LED Lamps Reduce Exposure to Allergens and Pathogens

According to a 2018 report from the World Health Organization (WHO), toxic levels of pollution lead to the early deaths of an estimated 7 million people, and indoor air pollution was responsible for an estimated […] More


HOW TO CHOOSE THE BEST VEHICLE TRACKING SYSTEM You’re the owner of a growing business. What started out as a one-man, one-truck job has quickly multiplied into dozens. Managing dozens of workers in dozens of […] More


INTERACT ANALYSIS REPORTS ON BATTERY ELECTRIC MARKET TRENDS There is a lot of hype circling the globe when it comes to alternative fuel and alternative energy solutions. From hybrid to propane to electric and so […] More


MiX TELEMATICS PROVIDES ELD SOLUTION Telematics systems: There are more than we can count, and it seems more spring up on a daily basis. Millions of fleet owners and businesses use telematics systems, reaping benefits […] More

Diesel Trend Report

As more Americans choose to drive bigger SUVs and pickups, the demand for diesel engines strengthens due to the technology’s reliability, fuel efficiency, and lower cost of ownership. In 2018, even as overall automobile sales […] More


SERVICEMASTER RESTORE ADOPTS FLEETIO’S NEW SOLUTION FOR OUTSOURCED FLEET MAINTENANCE.  When a disaster strikes, everyday life can be anything but normal. For those moments, ServiceMaster Restore provides restoration services for both commercial and residential buildings […] More

Manage Your Fleet the Smarter Way

Whether dealing with a half dozen trucks traveling around town or a fleet in the hundreds across the country, GPS-based vehicle tracking software helps uncover the vehicle-usage details impacting a fleet’s productivity. GPS Tracking is […] More

How to Use Fleet Data to Predict and Prevent Unsafe Events: Part 3 of 3

Last month Teletrac Navman shared its 10-step checklist for building a comprehensive safety program and minimizing risk. This month, Teletrac Navman is back for the final part of its Fleet Safety Advisor to share how […] More


Last month you learned the steps to creating a comprehensive fleet safety program. Those steps included defining a “safe” fleet, monitoring performance, training drivers, and measuring and rewarding safety. Teletrac Navman is back this month […] More


With 14 trucks, a working range of 50 miles from its base—for now, at least—and more than 2,000 toilets, it makes sense why this company is the No 1 in the No 2 business. The […] More


Today’s vocational fleets contend with a variety of challenges. From maintaining compliance and avoiding violations to making driver routing more dynamic and efficient and meeting customer needs (and everything else in between), businesses often seek […] More

Fleetio Inspections Save Time, Money, and Increase Uptime

When a company’s top priorities with fleet inspections include a reduction in time spent filling out paperwork, saving money on labor and maintenance costs, and increasing overall company vehicle uptime, there’s really only one direction […] More

Be at the Forefront of Fleet Tracking Technology

It’s often said that growth in business is a good problem to have. But without a plan, growth can be fatal for the unprepared. The trick is to manage growth in a way that nurtures […] More

Technology Strategies for Successful Fleet Management

Digitization is taking hold in every industry as more companies transition from paper-driven processes toward digital solutions. Fleet management is no exception. With more than 3.5 million truck drivers logging more miles than ever before, […] More

Building Your Brand

Work truck companies that have adopted social media already know the competitive advantages that an online presence brings. If your company isn’t yet using social media or hasn’t given the differing aspects of each social […] More

Solar Power Keeps Trucks Rolling and Water Flowing

When your business depends on keeping your trucks on the move, you can’t afford to continually jump-start dead batteries. That was the challenge faced by resource management leader, SUEZ North America. Paramus, New Jersey-based SUEZ, […] More

GPS Tracking Helps Fleets with Dynamic Routing

Imagine you’re a short-haul fleet manager working in a metropolitan area with drivers dispatched throughout the region. One driver is in a residential area with tight, winding roads, and another is stuck in traffic with […] More

FleetLocate Alerts Boost Safety, Efficiencies at Fast-moving, 34-vehicle Fleet

“You call. We haul,” says Candace Self, safety director at H&H Concrete on Demand. With the help of FleetLocate by Spireon, H&H does it safely, efficiently, and accountably. Every day. THE BUSINESS H&H Concrete on […] More

IoT Invades Work Trucks

What is IoT and how does it relate to the work truck industry? IoT stands for the Internet of Things: the computer revolution occurring due to the increasing inexpensiveness of putting low-powered computers into things […] More

Faurecia’s Active Wellness Seat Covers Bring the Future to the Present

In the future, vehicles will be voice activated, automatically take you directly to work or home merely by sensing the time of day, read the morning news, and even brew your coffee. Well, who knows […] More

Can Electric Work for Truck-based Deliveries?

Within the current fleet marketplace, trucks are the go-to platform for deliveries. From long-haul to last mile, trucks have been the easiest option for decades. For years, trucks have evolved into niche categories to address […] More

Creating the Safest Way to Move Backward

By May 2018, all new vehicles with a GVWR of less than 10,000 lbs—including buses and on-road trucks—must be equipped with rear visibility technology to comply with the upcoming FMVSS 111 mandate. This final rule […] More

A Cost-effective and Reliable Solution for Vocational Vehicles Begins with Ultracapacitors

Voltage drops and low-voltage conditions are bad news when it comes to system component life on a vehicle. It’s a familiar scenario in many vocational fleet operations—the vehicle is off, but power is necessary to […] More

The Smart Way to Choose an Idle Reduction System

Why use an idle reduction system? To save your fleet money—it’s that simple, because over time a good system will pay for itself. Of course, how much you pay for the system and how much […] More

Find Your Voice in Fleet Management

Whether asking for driving directions to a new restaurant, checking the weather for weekend plans, or ordering a bag of dog food online, voice-based technology has become a staple of modern life. Although most people […] More

First-ever Hybrid Electric Upfit for Ford F-250 Pickups and Chassis for Commercial Fleets

XL Hybrids, Inc., the leader in connected fleet electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, will begin production on the XL3® Hybrid Electric Drive System for Model Year 2018 Ford Super Duty® F-250 pickups in […] More

Chevin’s Fleet Management Software Upgraded to Provide Modern Interface

Fans of Chevin Fleet Solutions might be excited to read that the fleet-management software provider has launched the first phase of user interface upgrades to its flagship software product. FleetWave software—used in more than 180 […] More

Software Provides On-the-spot Visuals of Potentials Vehicle Upfits

In the custom-design world, visuals are everything. Hearing how an upfitted truck will look is a far cry from seeing one with added shelving, partitions, storage bins, cabinets, drawers, and/or ladder racks. But if the […] More

ContiConnect Digital Tire Monitoring Checks Air Pressure and Temperature via Sensors Inside Tires

Gone are the days when a worker has to stoop down and use a gauge to check every tire in a fleet yard. Once again, technology is transforming the way we accomplish manual tasks. With […] More


Telematics has proven to be a game changer for fleet-based businesses, enabling the ready exchange of information between vehicles and a central manager. But while awareness of its benefits has significantly increased recently, telematics is […] More

Boosting Asset Tracking Technology By Incorporating Everyday Structures

As the list of new or upgraded fleet management technology continues to grow, it’s imperative you get the most from your original investment. Within that list, asset tracking capabilities are booming, but the question remains: […] More


Interstate Batteries, a leading supplier of batteries to thousands of garages, retail outlets, repair facilities, and vehicle dealerships across North America, has earned a reputation for reliable, timely service. Its company slogan of “Outrageously Dependable® […] More


BY CHRIS VILLELLA Analytics has spread into every element of business and our daily lives, and the fleet industry now has tools that provide insight into your fleet’s risk exposure like never before. ANALYTICS OVERVIEW […] More

Engine Calibration Technology Produces Guaranteed Savings

Few things are more appealing to fleet managers than guaranteed savings. With uncertainty around costs, maintenance, and other budget considerations, it’s nice to be able to present future savings in bold, black ink. Derive Efficiency […] More


Big data is one of the topics on many people’s minds these days. In case that immediately makes you uncomfortable, I’d like to demystify it for you. In an industry that’s rapidly streamlining efficiency around […] More


In the eyes of his company’s executive team, Blair Schober is a fleet management genius. The US fleet manager for Red Hawk Fire & Security, which offers a full range of fire and security services […] More


There’s no doubt that the number one challenge most fleet manager’s face is the constant, never-ending struggle to reduce cost. Fleet managers are having to get creative to find ways to cut costs, without having […] More


In mid-January, diesel prices stood 47 cents higher per gallon than a year ago, according to the US Energy Information Administration. Regular unleaded increased almost as much. That puts pressure on fleet budgets, but for […] More

The Challenge

Black & Veatch is a global engineering and construction company, specializing in critical utilities, including energy, water, and telecommunications, with more than 11,000 employees in more than 100 countries. Many people rely on the company’s […] More


When a leading global automotive parts manufacturer was faced with a failing internet protocol (IP) video surveillance system, the company reached out to Oklahoma-based Digi Security Systems to supply a new one. Beginning with high-quality […] More


Most companies invest in SkyBitz Local Fleets tracking technology because a real-time view of their most basic assets helps them maximize routing efficiency, track employee vehicle usage, stay on top of maintenance schedules, and even […] More


Across the nation, in both commercial and government fleets, accountability is the primary concern of managers and directors. And, it is more than, “Where is my vehicle?” Today’s telematics is far more than a dot […] More


The work truck business will inevitably evolve as new devices and systems exert their impact on it. It’s equally certain that the pace of this change will accelerate—technological progress works that way—and we’ll be witnessing […] More


In the news, autonomous and “self-driving” vehicles continue to receive our attention—with commercial truck fleets joining passenger cars in speculation on how transportation will change in the near future. But, the vehicles themselves are only […] More


SkyBitz Local Fleets tracking solution helps Sam Wexler Plumbing move from outdated paper maps to state-of-the-art GPS technology. SITUATION Ross Wexler, IT manager for Sam Wexler Plumbing, can remember a time when his drivers would […] More


Fleet managers dedicated to minimizing accidents among their drivers have several options for assessing and managing risk. Until now, that has primarily involved tracking and responding to recent driver history. An ongoing study of a […] More


Mobile data traffic has increased exponentially over the last nine years—150,000 percent, according to AT&T. Along with making calls or sending text messages, the rise of the smartphone has increased mobile data usage because of […] More

Paperless Programs Boost Your Bottom Line

Many fleets start out with a truck or two and high hopes, but rarely anticipate the need for a system designed specifically to manage their business as it grows, adding assets and personnel as they […] More


In recent years, the rising number of daily obstacles facing commercial vehicle operators has also resulted in the demand for commercial vehicle cameras to skyrocket. Commercial vehicle drivers are facing increased pressure regarding safety and […] More

A Comprehensive View of Your Fleet

Based in central New Jersey, Meadow Services offers a wide array of services, including lawn maintenance and landscape design. They serve commercial clients, as well as residential properties. “We are a small landscaping company and […] More


In tough economic environments, the natural inclination of most companies is to cut costs, including strategic long-term investments. The bottom line is that profitability must be preserved at all costs and tactical considerations become more […] More


Why are we doing fewer jobs and why is each job taking longer?   Years ago, I owned multiple carpet and upholstery cleaning franchises and oversaw 50 employees and a fleet of 15 trucks. In […] More


There is an old saying that rings true for all types of fleets, every day: “Time is money.” As fleet executives also know, when a vehicle is out of service there are significant costs beyond […] More

Measuring Fuel Use

It can be a challenge to uncover the actual fuel efficiency value of a new technology, a change in operating practices, or even the impact of driver training. To make informed decisions, fleets need accurate […] More

What You Need to Know about ELDs

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published the final rule mandating fleets to install an electronic logging device (ELD) in all vehicles that are currently required to keep record of duty status (RODS). THE […] More


PIT Group director, Yves Provencher, says, “With the continual need to improve competitiveness and the increase in environmental compliance restrictions, the demand for green technologies has never been stronger. Large and small operations that field […] More

An Easy-to-use Telematics Solution

How much more productive would your drivers be if you were sitting with them in the front seat of the vehicle? Do you know how much employee downtime costs you annually? These are questions quickly […] More


Since its inception in 1991, Canadian Utility Construction (CUC) has provided a complete range of underground construction services, specializing in construction and maintenance services for utility companies throughout Western Canada, including natural gas, electricity, and […] More


Fleet managers have multiple priorities: make sure the job gets done, keep drivers safe, and reduce cost. Top on that priority list isn’t exactly “save the planet.” Integrating electric vehicles (EVs) into an established fleet […] More


Today’s fleet managers know that to be successful on any project, they need to have access to tools that will help them work safer, smarter, and more profitably. The secret to being successful is to […] More


Imagine that you are driving a company vehicle and start to exit the highway on a crowded New York City off-ramp when suddenly the passenger car next to you swerves into your lane and collides […] More