7 Reasons to Use Fleet Data

By Emily Newton “Data is the world’s most valuable resource” is a popular saying among businesses and industry think tanks today. These conversations often revolve around tech companies and information professions, but the importance also […] More

Do We Have the Infrastructure Required to Support Increased EV Fleets?

By Emily Newton Electric vehicles (EVs) are undoubtedly the biggest technology trend in the automotive space today. As more automakers release electric models and environmental issues grow more prominent, the prospect of EV fleets is […] More

6 Ways IoT Makes Fleet Management Smarter

The Internet of Things (IoT) is actively changing the transportation and logistics industry. These connected devices are more common and accessible, spotlighting their advantages. IoT fleet management is becoming the industry standard as more businesses […] More

One Way to Stay Safe in Low-visibility Environments

Nationwide, municipal leaders, engineers, and equipment manufacturers work to create solutions that keep drivers and pedestrians safe on the road. With road safety in mind, Monroe Truck Equipment added Air Blade Warning Lights to its […] More

How to Make the Case for Your Fleet Budget to Key Stakeholders

It may take some work to convince your organization that investing in a premium product is the best solution. Here’s how. FLEET BUDGET BUY-IN It can be stressful figuring out how to balance competing metrics […] More

Why are Truck Driver Numbers Still Low?

By Emily Newton The US faces an unprecedented labor shortage in the trucking industry, which impacts the entire nation’s economy. Without truck drivers to move goods from state to state, supply chain operations can slow […] More

Think Beyond Acquisition to Track Work Truck Total Cost of Ownership

When deciding on the specifications of a new work truck, it can be tempting to make decisions based only on the sticker price. As the costs of maintaining a work truck fleet continue to rise, […] More

How to Ensure Your Fleet Has the Proper Computerized Maintenance Management System

By Matthew Wiedmeyer Operators of corporate and for-hire transportation fleets certainly understand the importance of maintenance and repair (M&R). It’s a vital aspect of keeping trucks operating and on the road throughout all times of […] More

Use Traffic Technology to Navigate Winter Road Conditions

By Emily Newton Winter is one of the most dangerous times of the year for a commercial fleet. While there are typically fewer people on the roads, drivers face far more natural hazards such as […] More

Samsara Introduces Proactive Driver Coaching

By Ingo Wiegand Driver safety is always a top priority—but in a tight labor market, a strong safety program is more important than ever for organizations seeking to attract and retain talent. The commercial driver […] More

Common Problems with Ford EcoBoost Engines and Tips to Prevent Them

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7 Tips to Increase the Life Span of Ram Transmissions

The transmission is one of the most critical parts of your Ram truck. It is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the wheels. A properly functioning transmission is essential to the performance of […] More

ELD Mandate Q&A

The ELD Mandate deadline has passed! Brian McCoy, vice president of MiX Telematics North America, is here to help you with that transition.   MWS: YOU’VE HELPED DOZENS OF FLEETS THROUGH THE ELD TRANSITION. WHAT […] More

Celebrating Energy Independence

The US is making more homegrown fuels that are putting us on the path to energy independence and a more sustainable future. More

Most Dangerous Jobs in the United States [Infographic]

Comparing the most dangerous jobs to compensation in the United States More

Top Tire Tips During National Tire Safety Week

For commercial fleets, a proactive and routine tire maintenance program is one of the most important and best practices they can implement, both for the efficiency and the safety of their operations. More

A Work Truck Driver’s Strategies for Overcoming Stress

Dealing with stress at some point is inevitable for drivers of work trucks, and the cause of stress is different for everyone. It’s important that drivers make not of their typical stressors before they begin their workday. More

Work Truck Solutions Releases 2018 Search Data

If you’re unfamiliar with Work Truck Solutions, get yourself familiar. The company simplifies access to commercial vehicles for dealerships, upfitters, and business buyers. It alleviates some of the tedious pain of searching the entire internet […] More


Nissan and Habitat for Humanity partner up in Atlanta with Heisman Trophy winner Herschel Walker and Food Network’s Chef David Rose in an effort to give back to the community. More

Four Major Benefits of Dash Cams

It’s not surprising the industry is turning to dash camera use in their truck fleets. Dash cameras offer many benefits to both the work truck driver and passenger vehicle driver to maximize driving safety and lower insurance rates. More

Finder’s Safe Driving Report 2019

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and Finder.com released its second annual Safe Driving Report for 2019. See the results. More

The Work Truck Show 2019 Review

The Work Truck Show is the favorite work truck event for the MWS team. But if you weren’t able to attend WTS 2019, don’t worry. Here’s a great roundup for you. More