Focusing on Trade Packages

Nacim Mesbah is the director of commercial programs at Ranger Design. Mesbah leads execution strategy, project management, and support for Ranger Design’s fleet and OEM programs. With over 15 years in aerospace and automotive industries, […] More

Innovations in Work Truck Surveillance Technology

Jason Chiu is the professional services group manager with Axis Canada. He has a background in IT and networking and has spent over 15 years in the security industry, from being an integrator, consultant and […] More

Making Fleets Safer

Peter Goldwasser, Esq., is the executive director at Together for Safer Roads. Goldwasser has two decades of experience working across the public and private sectors, advising companies, non-profits, and individuals on how to make a […] More

The Push for Safer Roads

Uri Tamir leads Mobileye’s Intelligent Mobility Solutions division in North America with responsibilities for growth, strategy, and operations. As general manager, he brings more than 20 years of experience in growing revenue, leading teams, and driving […] More

Future-proof Your Fleet With Technology

EROAD offers a complete solution engineered for construction projects that empowers fleet managers with the knowledge and communication tools to be more efficient and productive with the unique needs of their fleets. A connected compact […] More

A Door to New Opportunities

As 2023 winds down and everyone prepares for 2024, some industry trends will keep on going and excel to higher heights. Technology, whether you hate it or love it, is a tool that can be […] More

Mitigating Labor Shortage Concerns

No industry is safe when it comes to labor shortage concerns, especially the work truck industry. As times change and negotiations are made, it’s imperative to seek other avenues to attract and retain talented employees, […] More

Ford F-150 Lightning Pro’s Winter Reliability

Skepticisms surrounding electric vehicles largely has to do with the reliability and safety performances in extreme conditions, from freezing Alaskan winters to the desert heat of Southwest US. Ford’s Mark Poll explains how the F-150 […] More

Need a New Winter-Ready Truck Now? You Have Options.

With the supply chain woes and low dealer inventories the industry has come acquainted with since the pandemic, vehicle acquisition has become a challenge. And in the work truck industry where not just any old […] More

Now Introducing, Mullen Automotive!

Just in time for summer, one electric vehicle manufacturer is making waves in the commercial vehicle segment. The company, Mullen Automotive, launched its new electric vehicles, the Mullen ONE, Mullen Campus, and Mullen THREE, at […] More

Helping Work Trucks Look Good in Some of the Harshest Working Environments

Work trucks and vehicles within the heavy hauler class are some of the hardest working vehicles on the road. Getting the job done often means exposure to harsh elements that can damage a vehicle’s finish. […] More

How to Keep an Efficient Shop Using a Shop Management Platform

This issue is all about maintenance and safety—after all, a well-maintained vehicle is a safe vehicle. An efficient shop gets fleet vehicles in and out quickly and keeps vehicles on the road earning money. So […] More

Ensure a Safer Fleet with Truck Lighting

Efficient work truck lighting is essential for vocational fleets in virtually all applications. Yet, each application has different lighting requirements. SoundOff Signal’s Brent Walker explains why lighting is important, offers insight on what fleets risk […] More

A Simpler Way to Charge Electric Vehicles

This month’s issue is all about electric fleets and alternative fuels, and before fleets switch to electric vehicles, it’s important managers and owners decide how to charge them. The charging infrastructure process can be costly, […] More

2022’s Most Popular Commercial Trucks and Truck Brand

Commercial Truck Trader crunched its user search data and revealed the most popular commercial trucks and truck brands for the year 2022. Rounding out the top five commercial trucks were: 1) Freightliner M2 106, 2) […] More

Employing EVs in Extreme Climates

This issue features a double focus: Trucks in Landscaping and Future Forward—after all, it is a new year! Vehicles traveling from jobsite to jobsite in cold months, landscape or otherwise, makes us wonder how electric […] More

How this Year’s Challenges can Inspire Next Year’s Successes

If 2022 felt like another challenging year, 2023 likely will too. Now is an ideal time to learn from the past year and use those insights to prepare for the next. We asked Travis Lachinski, […] More

A Truck for the Construction Industry

With an issue focus on trucks in construction this month, we chatted with AUTOCAR’S vice president, Tim Thornton. Debuted in 2020, the DC-64 is Autocar’s answer to severe-duty construction and concrete jobs, and Tim shares […] More

Discussing the Fleet Industry’s Hottest Topics for 2022 and Beyond

Read Part 2 Here No matter the fleet, be it all-electric, gas-powered, diesel-powered, government fleet or private fleet, the October Industry Insight tackles it all. Belinda Rueffer, vice president of marketing at GPS Insight, shares […] More

Protecting Fleet Trucks with Aftermarket Accessories

Many work truck owners and operators require aftermarket truck accessories to store their tools and improve jobsite efficiency. When those accessories improve the look and aid in protecting trucks—well, that’s a major plus! Eric Rivera […] More

How Fleets Should Prepare for Winter

Although it might still be hot outside, winter weather will be here faster than you may realize. No matter your location, being prepared for a snow or ice event is imperative to the safe operations […] More

Tire Monitoring for the Whole Fleet

This month’s issue is all about vans, but it’s likely vans aren’t the only vehicles in your fleet. That’s why we chatted with Craig Smith of Pressure Systems International (P.S.I.) to discuss the company’s tire […] More

Trailer Insight from Trailer Experts

Hauling heavy equipment is a serious business. It’s important to factor in weight and safety when considering a new trailer. It’s also important to pick a trailer that is the perfect fit for your job, […] More

Prioritize Fleet Safety with Driver Training

When a student graduates college, their first employer doesn’t throw them out into the field with no in-house training or guidance. Yes, a degree or certification ensures an education, but employers must train employees on […] More

EPEQ Lineup Enables the Company to Offer Solutions for Every Need

Many have witnessed Vanair’s new EPEQTM Electrified Power Equipment lineup at recent trade shows. But if you’ve yet to SEE IT, you’re in luck. WE chatted with Chip Jones, Vanair’s strategic accounts manager, to learn […] More

Commercially Focused EVs from Bollinger Motors

Last November MODERN WORKTRUCK SOLUTIONS showcased the up-and-coming, all-electric Bollinger Motors B1 and B2. Bollinger Motors was designing the future-forward vehicle to serve both the consumer and commercial market. Since then, Bollinger Motors shifted to […] More

Mobility Solutions from Enterprise Fleet Management

With the plethora of fleet management systems on the market, it could be difficult to decide which one is right for your company. Some systems and platforms are great for one fleet, but lack certain […] More

It’s Never Too Early to Plan for the Spring

For those in the landscaping business, it might be tempting to take it easy in the winter months when business is slow. But Chris Brininstool, a LawnStarter professional, says the slower winter months are the […] More

Let 3M Improve the Face of your Business

It’s been said that fleet vehicles are moving billboards and often the face of the business. If that’s so, fleet managers should pay attention to how the vehicle represents the company, and graphics and wraps […] More

Rebranding Reading Truck

Reading Truck Group is no stranger to the work truck industry. The iconic READING-etched tailgate on Reading service bodies can be seen on just about any worksite or utility fleet and on any interstate or […] More

Power Solutions for Work Vans

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes. Since the pandemic, some of those businesses have turned mobile. We’ve seen the evolution of bringing services and goods to customers, and those businesses need mobile power. For […] More

Aesthetic and Functional Solutions from A.R.E. Accessories

Often your fleet vehicles are the first point of contact your business has with the general public. With that said, when someone sees your fleet vehicles, what do you think they see? Do they see […] More

Is Your Fleet Ready for Winter?

Winterization. It’s the process that ensures fleets are ready for the frigid temperatures ahead. The process includes routine maintenance, but there are other considerations to note as well. What kind of engine oil should you […] More

Fueling with Ethanol

This month is all about alternative fuels, and here to start us off is Mike Lefever of the Colorado Corn Administrative Committee (CCAC). CCAC invests in ethanol, a cleaner-burning fuel made from grain corn. Mike […] More

HVAC Industry Fleet Tracking

When John Berardino bought OHA Heating and Air, he saw potential to grow the company. John knew that growing the team and adding technology would be key to its success, which led to a 10x […] More

Increase Your Tire Knowledge with Michelin

These days, tires are more than the rubber that meets the road. Tire technology is constantly changing and innovating. And if there’s one RULE TO ALWAYS FOLLOW, IT’S TO MAKE SURE YOUR VEHICLE HAS GOOD […] More

Fullbay Software Brings Repair Shops to the 21st Century

Do you own a diesel repair shop? Are you struggling to keep all your operations, technicians, and jobs organized? Maybe it’s time you employ a maintenance repair software solution to help keep track of things. […] More

All About Trucks in Landscaping

Are you looking to get into the LANDSCAPING business? Have you recently started your business and gearing up for growth? Or are you a seasoned landscaper, ready to expand even more or simply looking for […] More

Improve Driver Safety

Driver safety is one of the most important responsibilities of a fleet manager or fleet owner. With that in mind, if there were simple steps you could take as a fleet manager/owner that would prevent […] More

Camera and Radar Technology for Fleet Vehicles

When it comes to the safety of fleet vehicles and especially fleet drivers, a fleet owner can never have too many safety measures in place. One company, PRECO Electronics, combines camera technology as well as […] More

2020’s Effect on the Supply Chain

A lot has happened in 2020. First a pandemic, then a record-breaking hurricane season. Now with the hustle and bustle of the holidays as well as a vaccine to ship across the nation, what kind […] More

Monitor Your Assets

A 2016 Equipment Theft Report from the National Equipment Register (NER) and the National Insurance Crime Bureau states more than 121,000 equipment thefts were reported in the NER database alone for a single year. Don’t […] More

Streamline Last-mile Delivery Operations

Last month we discussed telematics systems. This time let’s focus on technology for last-mile delivery logistics. We’re bringing insights from Brian Larwig of Trimble MAPS. If Trimble sounds familiar, it should. You read about the […] More

From Data to Business Insights

“What’s new in telematics?” is a question you could ask at least once a week and receive a different answer. This month we’re bringing updates from Teletrac Navman. The company recently released its AI-driven platform, […] More

Get Your Fleet Ready for Winter with these Tips

Are you one who waits until the last minute to prepare your vehicles for the winter? Do you find yourself pouring in antifreeze and new oils the night before or the morning of the first […] More

Dakota Bodies are as Custom as Custom Can Get

After you picked the perfect pickup for your job, were you ever overwhelmed at the possibilities of the kinds of service body upfits you could get? On the flipside of that, have you ever found […] More

Run Smoothly with High-quality DEF

As restrictions are lifted across most states and with warm weather upon us, it is important for truck drivers to consider proper management of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) used in most diesel-powered trucks. Jeffrey Harmening […] More

A Pandemic and the Trucking Industry

There are many unanswered questions surrounding our current global situation. Our civilization relies on the trucking industry now more than ever to ensure hospitals get necessary supplies, civilians have plenty to choose from on the […] More

Mobile-ize Your Fleet

Whether we’d like to admit it, mobile phones are an important part of our personal and professional lives. From communication with loved ones, customers, and employees to reading news and performing transactions, we would be […] More

Need Wallet Flexibility During Downtime?

Owners of construction companies and other cyclical businesses know the struggles of downtime. There are few projects going on and little money coming in, yet all your bills must be paid and trucks should be […] More

Charging Ahead

Last year we gave you an overview and a first look at AMPLY, a company that simplifies the charging process for electric-powered fleet vehicles. A lot has happened with this company since we last chatted […] More

Maximize Your Fleet’s Potential

If your fleet is required to document a driver’s hours of service, you should already have each fleet vehicle equipped with an electronic logging device (ELD). With the rise of telematics and fleet tracking in […] More

A Fleet Driver’s Coach, a Fleet Manager’s Helper

Last month’s issue contained the fourth and final installment of the Driver Coaching series from SmartDrive. SmartDrive’s program features many ways to improve your drivers’ skills, has the ability to save your fleet thousands if […] More

Work Truck Outlook

What does the future hold for our industry? Is it all electric? Is it automated? Will trucks fly, or will drones take over the industry? No one knows the answer, but Wally Stegall, technical fellow […] More

Winter is Coming. Is Your Snow Plow Fleet Up for the Challenge?

THE CHEVY SILVERADO HD IS PLOW READY One of the most important aspects of everyday life during winter in the North is snow plow service. Without snow plow drivers, commuters would have difficulty getting to […] More

Is Electric an Option for Utility Fleets?

This month we’re talking about green fleets and alternative fuels. Money saved on fuel and gas mileage are often the focus of green fleets, but let’s talk about something broader. What happens when you need […] More

Tired of the Same Old Towing Technology?

It’s likely that a major part of your daily operations is towing. Whether it’s a trailer or equipment, work vehicles are often hitched to something. If you’re constantly hooking and unhooking your vehicles to trailers […] More

Hot Topic, Cool Solution

How are the heat and air systems working in your cargo vans and equipment? Are your engines idling to keep up with the demand for more heat in the dead of winter? Are your employees […] More

Peterbilt Listened and Added More Technology to its Work Horses

A trusted name in the industry, Peterbilt trucks pull cargo, equipment, deliveries, etc. Peterbilt owners trust the brand for reliability and capability. But what is it exactly that keeps Peterbilt customers coming back for more? […] More

Enhancing the End-to-end Customer Experience

In a connected world, technology companies are joining forces to deliver end-to-end connected customer experiences—especially in areas of fleet ownership and management. These partnerships allow fleet owners to better manage the servicing and repair of […] More

Air-tow Trailers Makes Loading and Unloading Safe and Simple

Loading and unloading work equipment can be a major headache, especially when the load is heavy. When trailers tip downward forcing a load to travel uphill, you can bet on a difficult and dangerous loading. […] More


AMPLY POWER SIMPLIFIES ELECTRIC VEHICLE INTEGRATION Electrical vehicles are popping up all over the roads, even in fleet vehicles. If you’ve considered converting your fleet, chances are you’ve wondered how you’d keep your vehicles charged […] More

Limit Dead Batteries, Battery Service Calls, and Downtime with Go Power!

Battery power is often essential for work truck operators to get their work done, but the load a truck battery takes on a daily basis can be quite extensive. One company, Go Power!, found the […] More


ARE YOU USING YOUR TELEMATICS SYSTEM TO ITS FULL POTENTIAL? Teletrac Navman, a global software-as-a-service provider leveraging location-based technology for GPS tracking solutions, announced findings from its “Telematics Benchmark Report: US Edition.” The survey features […] More

More than Fuel Delivery

In the work truck industry, businesses depend on trucks and vans to keep operations running. A truck or van with no fuel is useless in most businesses. But when it comes to fueling a fleet, […] More

Building Relationships Build Your Business

For a company that provides dealerships with insights to customer connections, inventory management, and ways to increase profits, Work Truck Solutions understands that relationships and knowing your customers goes a long way. Tony Solano, vice […] More

Maximize Productivity with Vector’s Mobile Solution

It’s easy for important information to get lost from truck to office, 1s to look like 7s, names misspelled, and directions inaccurate when using a paper-based system. Is your company one of the many still […] More

Improvements, Helpful Solutions in Power and Maintenance

From strictly workhorses to luxurious personal vehicles, many drivers choose diesel. Diesel engines have changed significantly over the years, and with changes to the engine come changes to maintenance and application. Technical director, Roger Dale […] More

What’s Next for Telematics Systems? Part 2 of 2

With so many different telematics systems to choose from, it’s difficult to know which one is the best for your fleet. Each has its own benefits, and some are specific to certain applications. So, which […] More

Telematics Systems Aren’t All the Same

Every issue we print discusses a different telematics system—each with its own line of benefits and ease of use. It wouldn’t make sense to try them all to decide which is best, so we’re here […] More

Freightliner and Detroit Make Strides in the Market; Interactions with Customers Make it Possible


HUBB is in the Business of Making Filters that Lower Costs and Environmental Impacts while Increasing Longevity

BARRY STEEL The work truck industry as a whole is constantly on the prowl for efficiency. What saves a fleet time, money, or both is worth looking into, and HUBB Filters understands. HUBB’s executive vice […] More

Work Trucks have a Big Impact on Infrastructure; Make it Positive

JEFF ROBINSON There is no denying the serious changes needed to improve the country’s infrastructure. Jeff Robinson, senior director of the 21st Century Transportation Campaign at US PIRG, shares his insight on a few solutions […] More

The Business of Retreading

LATRES JARRETT When it comes to work trucks, tires are top of mind. As a fleet owner, you know the price of replacing tires is a major expense. What are the alternatives? How can a […] More

PacLease Truck Rental on Upswing

PACCAR Leasing Company (PacLease) is one of the fastest-growing commercial truck leasing companies in the transportation industry. Founded in 1980, PacLease has both company-owned and independent leasing centers across the US and Canada. The company […] More


The 2018 Isuzu FTR is a medium-duty, low-cab-forward, four-cylinder diesel truck geared for easy and efficient urban pickups, last mile deliveries, and much more. The Class 6 vehicle is suited for various applications, including dry […] More

Spartan Motors Tailors Vehicles to Meet Customers’ Specific Needs

No template truck or van body exists for any given business category. In fact, success for the manufacturer and the customer is found when the design is guided by market research, and a thorough needs […] More

Get to Know an Underused Telematics Feature

We discuss telematics a lot, which should be indicative of how integral it is to the fleet industry. Telematics has moved on from the standard GPS tracking—which is generally still a part of the overall […] More

Engine of Choice

In the work truck fleet industry, downtime means losing money. But, it takes a lot to power a reliable work truck—specifically, a capable engine. Well, good news. There are two new engines on the block. […] More


Technology really is pretty brilliant, right? With the click of a button—or tap of a finger—we can find out impossible amounts of information pretty much anywhere, any when. Technology is to the fleet industry what […] More


There’s nothing quite as satisfactory as saving money—especially when you have a whole fleet to worry about. Switching to propane autogas can save you money in multiple ways, including downtime and maintenance costs. This alternative […] More


Keeping track of fleet vehicles is only part of the battle for fleet managers. We’ve all heard near-endless talk of telematics. It’s just a part of everyday business, assisting with tracking, maintenance, driver safety, etc. […] More


We often discuss the benefits of having GPS tracking solutions or maintenance and uptime solutions, but are there downsides to employing the latest solutions that need to be taken into account? By implementing multiple solutions, […] More


In the South, winter transport paraphernalia—specifically tire chains—just isn’t something we think about (or stock in our auto parts stores). But, in some of the rest of the country, icy roads can cause quite a […] More


November’s Industry Insight is taking another look at what’s going on in the world of transmission manufacturing. This portion of the industry is essential when it comes to meeting the varying demands of fleet owners, […] More

Discussing the role of Transmission Innovation in the Ever-evolving Work Truck Industry

DISCUSSING THE ROLE OF TRANSMISSION INNOVATION IN THE EVER-EVOLVING WORK TRUCK INDUSTRY From CGI engine blocks to the new CK-4 and FA-4 oils, the work truck industry is executing changes for increased safety, productivity, and […] More


TURNING BIG DATA INTO ACTIONABLE INFORMATION Big Data has become a buzzword in business management, but it’s much more than a vague concept or idea. Big Data can be of big help to fleet managers […] More

Telematics and the Rise of Enterprise MVNOs

The industry is booming for telematics services, from single-focus companies to OEM inclusion of telematics systems from the line to the lot. Telematics software is great for everything from mandate compliance to safety, maintenance to […] More


The big buzzword right now is “emissions:” emissions regulations, meeting emissions standards, lowering emissions, emissions reducing technology. I could go on, but I won’t. It seems as though ever year, emissions standards become stricter. But, […] More


Some rules are meant to be followed, some bent, and some broken. There are times, however, when adding or changing rules and regulations lead a company to push the boundaries of innovation to make not […] More

Producing Robots: Autonomous Machines

A majority of us probably have specific assumptions or images in our head of “the future”—perhaps as depicted in Star Trek or the Terminator franchise—but if concepts such as 3D organ printing and genetic splicing […] More

Open Technology and Owning the Space for Uptime: Part 2 of2

There’s something to be said about a manufacturer that provides vehicles for our deployed troops. During a time when the military quickly needed a durable, safer alternative to the Humvee, International’s WorkStar spawned the MRAP, […] More


Fleet managers know the importance of uptime and proper upfitting. Your truck needs to be able to perform how you need it to, when you need it to. At International, those attributes are at the […] More


Liz Eller, Lytx senior manager, product marketing, discusses driving accidents in the industry and Lytx’s solution: The ActiveVision Service One of the best ways to hemorrhage money in the industry is through vehicle accidents. While […] More


Fuel prices have been spiraling downward—with the exception of a short-lived spring spike—for months now. Oil overproduction and other factors have played into the cheapest prices in years for the end-user. Of course, there are […] More