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Keeping track of fleet vehicles is only part of the battle for fleet managers. We’ve all heard near-endless talk of telematics. It’s just a part of everyday business, assisting with tracking, maintenance, driver safety, etc. One thing we don’t always see much of is cargo tracking—a handy asset for pickup and delivery, beverage, last-mile (or parcel) delivery, etc. For businesses only covering short distances, cargo tracking—from pallets to packages to bulk supplies—may be an overlooked area of technology that’s worth investing in. Find out more, visit
MWS: There’s no shortage of technology on the market to assist fleet managers in the day-to-day grind. What kind of telematics/fleet tracking trends seemed most prominent in 2016?
MULDOON: Currently, Micron Electronics is in the process of setting up fleet tracking. In 2016, the most prominent tracking trends were wi-fi and high-end packaging cargo tracking. Wi-Fi allows the user to track their high-end cargo, even in situations when buildings or other obstructions might interfere with traditional GPS reception.
MWS: What kind of predictions do you have for 2017 regarding fleet tracking, asset tracking, even driver tracking, due to wireless technology evolution or technology evolution in general?  
MULDOON: 2017 is an exciting year. At the end of 2017, fleet vehicles are coming with LTE/CATM networks. This will make trackers smaller, more cost effective, and have lower power consumption, which means longer battery life. Trackers will be lower cost, which will expand the market in 2017. An example of a new industry area is pallet tracking, which will be especially useful for pickup and delivery.
MWS: What new products can we expect from Micron Wireless this year?
MULDOON: Micron Electronics, in 2017, is expecting to have new CATM tracking devices for cargo containers, trailers, Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) with two-way voice, new long-term tracking devices for package tracking, pallet tracking, and police surveillance. What this means is it allows our technology to be faster, more cost efficient, and put into verticals that weren’t available previously, for example, pallet tracking.


Peter Muldoon is Micron’s vice president of Sales. He has over 25 years’ experience in sales and management with hi-tech companies. Throughout his career, he established Sales Distribution Networks in Consumer Electronics, PERS dealer channels, OEM, and B2B markets. Prior to joining Micron, Muldoon was vice president of sales for Securus, a mobile PERS vendor, where he successfully established a network of independent PERS dealers and large OEM accounts. Muldoon holds a B.S. in Marketing from San Diego University.

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