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  • Jeff Harmening

    Run Smoothly with High-quality DEF

    As restrictions are lifted across most states and with warm weather upon us, it is important for truck drivers to consider proper management of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) used in most diesel-powered trucks. Jeffrey Harmening […] More

  • in

    A Pandemic and the Trucking Industry

    There are many unanswered questions surrounding our current global situation. Our civilization relies on the trucking industry now more than ever to ensure hospitals get necessary supplies, civilians have plenty to choose from on the […] More

  • in

    Mobile-ize Your Fleet

    Whether we’d like to admit it, mobile phones are an important part of our personal and professional lives. From communication with loved ones, customers, and employees to reading news and performing transactions, we would be […] More

  • in

    Need Wallet Flexibility During Downtime?

    Owners of construction companies and other cyclical businesses know the struggles of downtime. There are few projects going on and little money coming in, yet all your bills must be paid and trucks should be […] More

  • amply

    Charging Ahead

    Last year we gave you an overview and a first look at AMPLY, a company that simplifies the charging process for electric-powered fleet vehicles. A lot has happened with this company since we last chatted […] More

  • Sid Nair

    Maximize Your Fleet’s Potential

    If your fleet is required to document a driver’s hours of service, you should already have each fleet vehicle equipped with an electronic logging device (ELD). With the rise of telematics and fleet tracking in […] More

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