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  • Nacim Mesbah

    Focusing on Trade Packages

    Nacim Mesbah is the director of commercial programs at Ranger Design. Mesbah leads execution strategy, project management, and support for Ranger Design’s fleet and OEM programs. With over 15 years in aerospace and automotive industries, […] More

  • Peter Goldwasser

    Making Fleets Safer

    Peter Goldwasser, Esq., is the executive director at Together for Safer Roads. Goldwasser has two decades of experience working across the public and private sectors, advising companies, non-profits, and individuals on how to make a […] More

  • Uri Tamir

    The Push for Safer Roads

    Uri Tamir leads Mobileye’s Intelligent Mobility Solutions division in North America with responsibilities for growth, strategy, and operations. As general manager, he brings more than 20 years of experience in growing revenue, leading teams, and driving […] More

  • in

    Future-proof Your Fleet With Technology

    EROAD offers a complete solution engineered for construction projects that empowers fleet managers with the knowledge and communication tools to be more efficient and productive with the unique needs of their fleets. A connected compact […] More

  • Jacob Farmer

    A Door to New Opportunities

    As 2023 winds down and everyone prepares for 2024, some industry trends will keep on going and excel to higher heights. Technology, whether you hate it or love it, is a tool that can be […] More

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