Established in the 1940s and making its debut in the United States in 1984, Hino Trucks is currently celebrating their 40th anniversary in the U.S. As a Toyota Group Company, Hino has been making quality […] More

2025 Isuzu F-Series

Isuzu came to the United States in 1984 and now Isuzu Commercial Truck of America has sold more than half million trucks, from the original KS22 with 87 horsepower to the current lineup of class […] More

The Mullen THREE

After first debuting in March 2023, Mullen Automotive launches its Mullen THREE, Class 3 all-electric urban utility low cab forward, to market. With fleet electrification making waves and strict regulations tightening up, this Class 3 […] More

Mack MD Series Review

The Mack MD6 and MD7 were first introduced in March 2020 at NTEA Work Truck Show. The next week, the world shut down. It was launched into a different market, one nobody could have predicted, […] More

The 2024 Ford F-650 and F-750

Often, for those that employ a work truck in their fleet, especially those in the light- and medium-duty segment, driving isn’t the main job. Many times, the work truck is simply the vehicle that takes […] More

Blue Arc Class 5 Crew Cab EV

The goal was to create a “solution that provides customers with flexibility and innovation in a commercial-grade, ready-for-work product,” according to The Shyft Group president and CEO, Daryl Adams. First revealed at Work Truck Week […] More

The New Bollinger Motors B4 Chassis Cab

Last year, Modern WorkTruck Solutions introduced its readers to the Bollinger Motors B1, B2, and Chass-E. At the time, Bollinger Motors, a brand that’s relatively new to the electric vehicle (EV) manufacturing space, designed and […] More

The 2023 Gas-powered Isuzu N-Series

Anyone who’s driven one before knows a low cab forward (LCF) definitely has its advantages. The gas-powered Isuzu N-Series is a testament to that fact, beginning with its increase in visibility and maneuverability compared to […] More

The FCCC MT50e

It seems there’s no shortage of electric work vehicles in the media and on the industry radar. But of those vehicles, few are in use by fleets today. Will those concepts ever be in production? […] More

The Chevrolet Silverado Chassis Cab

Medium-duty power comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. No matter the make or model, these work horses marry non-CDL drivers to tough jobs. Because medium-duty vehicles are often driven by non-CDL holders, it’s […] More

Isuzu F-Series Review

By Jade Brasher Watch the video here! Indianapolis in May. The Motor Speedway is busy, the sun shines bright during the day with a cool breeze at night, the town is gearing up for summer, […] More

International MV Series

Through a quick scroll of International’s website, one could infer that the manufacturer’s MV Series can handle any medium-duty job thrown at it. With multiple configurations, spec sheets for various applications, and unlimited options, it […] More

The Peterbilt 220EV

The Peterbilt 220EV is designed for pickup and delivery, food and beverage, and regional haul applications. The goal in its design was to maximize driver comfort and productivity. And with it being an all-electric vehicle […] More

2022 Ram Chassis Cab

Whether it’s work in the city, the construction zone, the farm, or the quarry, Ram Trucks’ 2022 Chassis Cab is ready for a challenge. It’s equipped with enough power and technology to get the job […] More

The Bollinger Motors B1, B2, and Chass-E

The idea for Bollinger Motors started on a farm in Harpersfield, New York, on October 5, 2015. After getting stuck in the snow in his current pickup, the man behind the mission, Robert Bollinger, decided […] More

The Peterbilt Model 535 & 536 Review

  By Jade Brasher Let’s face it. Our nation runs on the backs of vocational truck drivers. When the shutdowns happened last year, the truckers were deemed essential. Without those working in the utility segments, […] More

Kenworth T180/T280 Review

By Jade Brasher A complete overhaul of an entire medium-duty series of trucks requires time (about five years’ worth), a hard-working team of designers and engineers, a whole lot of customer feedback, and the backbone […] More

Kenworth T370

Medium-duty trucks are perhaps the most versatile trucks on the market. They’re large enough for big jobs and small enough for handling your lightweight duties. Why buy a light-duty truck that can’t get the job […] More

The Peterbilt 220EV

If 2020 has taught us one thing, it’s that delivery is essential. Since the pandemic hit, the US saw an uptick in online shopping, receiving medical supplies via mail, and even grocery shopping through delivery […] More

Thinking about an Isuzu FTR?

If you’re curious to try one of America’s number-one selling low cab forward (LCF) trucks, now is as great a time as ever. Perhaps consider a truck that’s a fan favorite among fleet managers just […] More

The Ford F-550

In the market for a medium-duty work machine? Perhaps consider the Ford F-550. It’s capable and customizable—two elements that when combined make a mean work truck. With the F-550, owners can choose between two engines, […] More

Bringing It to Light

There are a lot of factors to consider when shopping for new lights for your truck—what type of light you need, where it will be positioned, its brightness, etc. There are hundreds of different lights […] More

The Mack MD Preview

Journalists from local stations and newspapers as well as truck journalists across North America gathered in a recently renovated manufacturing facility for an announcement that had been kept a tight secret. Cameras pointed at a […] More

International CV Review

We showcased the International CV in the 2019 Buyers Guide a year ago. That was before we did driver reviews and took you behind the wheel of the trucks we showcase. Those showcases were helpful: […] More

What to Know Before Purchasing a Medium-duty Trailer

You officially made the switch from the heaviest duty pickup you could find to something even heavier duty. Your Ford F-350 King Ranch, built as tough as ever, wasn’t designed to handle the load you […] More

Upfit Your Isuzu NPR with the Best in the Business

You could have seen it delivering your favorite snack. You might have seen it filling your favorite beverage from the tap incorporated in its delivery box. And you might have seen it parked outside a […] More

Isuzu NPR Review

First we did a walk-around of the truck. This being my first one-on-one interaction with a low-cab forward, and an Isuzu NPR at that, I needed to see all the features: the retractable side view […] More

How Much Does an Electric Medium-duty Fleet Really Save

To some, fleet electrification could never be a reality. Perhaps the infrastructure of your area wouldn’t allow for a beneficial conversion, the money it would take to convert wouldn’t justify the money you may or […] More

The Hino 258ALP

If your application calls for a conventional truck, Hino has a few to choose from. More specifically, if your application calls for hauling, the Hino 258ALP could be the right choice for you. The 258ALP […] More

The Peterbilt Model 337 Answers Your Work Truck Questions

There are many factors to consider when buying a new work truck. First of all, is it capable of handling any work you can throw at it? Is it reliable? What’s its cost of maintenance, […] More

The Kenworth K270 is Powerful and Brings Ease to Your Operations

Looking for something lightweight, maneuverable, and also powerful? Kenworth has several trucks in its lineup that fit the bill. We’ve showcased a few Kenworths that are worthy of a second look—the W990 and the T880. […] More

Fuso Introduces an Industry-first, Gas-powered Class 5 LCF

Just as other manufacturers are racing to keep up, it seems one brand is a step ahead of the rest.  If it were a race, FUSO would have won the blue ribbon for its Class […] More

The Ram 5500 Chassis Cab is the Perfect Fit for a Fleet Owner

Many manufacturers offer options for fleet owners, but when you choose a fleet vehicle from Ram, you have access to a full-service commercial vehicle lineup, a support system of in-field technicians, member incentives and discounts, […] More

Peterbilt Doesn’t Compromise its Values in the Model 220

It’s loaded with the latest technology, is fuel efficient, safe, and designed with quality in mind. The truck truly embodies the four core values—purposeful innovation, individualized solutions, enduring craftsmanship, and pride and class—that define its […] More

Ford’s F-650/F-750 is about as Tough as It Gets

“This vehicle was tested in harsh conditions.” You’ve heard that before, and it’s usually true. Truck manufacturers test their vehicles during the hottest desert summer days to the coldest Alaskan winter nights. Trucks go through […] More

International’s CV is More than You’d Think

“We’ve designed, built, and tested the CV Series to deliver the commercial-grade power, reliability, and practicality that growing businesses require, along with the comfort, safety features, and easy drivability that drivers appreciate. And, we are […] More

The Hino 155 Rising Tide

Hino is the fastest-growing truck manufacturer in the United States and for plenty of reason. The trucks that are a staple overseas are making a splash on America’s side of the pond. See why the […] More

Isuzu’s Low Cab Forwards Have Reigned for Decades. Here’s Why

Isuzu has long been an innovator in low cab forwards (LCF), starting with the first two-ton LCF in 1959. And, there’s a reason Isuzu Commercial Trucks have been the No. 1 selling LCF in the […] More

Mitsubishi’s FE Gas Takes Performance Up a Notch

Mitsubishi rolled out the red carpet for its medium-duty FUSO FE GAS models at The Work Truck Show this past March. With four models to choose from, each business owner can have their exact needs […] More

Get It Done in a Ram

Extreme-duty applications call for an extreme machine. The Ram 4500/5500 was designed just for that. The upfit-friendly chassis was built with direct input from customers just like you and keeps commercial buyers coming back for […] More

The Ford E-Series is Built for More

Ford led the industry when it built the Model T … but it wouldn’t stop there. Ford vehicles aided American farmers in their prosperous heyday during WWI; the first Ford truck, Model TT, debuted in […] More

The Chevrolet 6500XD LCF Demands Attention

Chevrolet has a comprehensive lineup of vehicles to tackle every inch of your business. From construction to delivery to hauling a crew, Chevrolet’s commercial vehicles are perfect for any fleet owner. Chevrolet’s Low Cab Forward […] More

Hino’s 268A Defines Performance, Reliability, and Economy

The Hino 268A has a wheel cut of 55 degrees, perfect for maneuvering in urban areas. When it comes to buying a medium-duty truck, some fleet owners settle for a truck that has them compromising, […] More

You’re in Charge in the GMC Savana Cutaway 3500/4500

Be the commander in chief in the 2018 GMC Savana. Avehicle should be dependable enough to carry you home from a tough day’s work and ready to pick up where you left off the next […] More

The Chevrolet Silverado Chassis Cab Can Handle It

Chevrolet debuted the most customer-focused trucks of its designs at The Work Truck Show earlier this month with the first-ever Silverado Class 4, 5, and 6 chassis cabs. “Chevy’s designers and engineers were obsessed with […] More

Ford’s Biggest Work Trucks Receive Performance and Service Improvements

The redesign of Ford’s F-650 and F-750 trucks in 2016 was successful. With a spike in sales since the redesign, numbers don’t lie, and more customers are moving from other brands to Ford F-650 and […] More

Isuzu FTR: The Ultimate Class 6 Success Story

There are quite a few reasons why the Isuzu FTR is one of the top Class 6 trucks on the road today. It delivers a mix of a 25,950-lb GVWR with a low-cab-forward design that […] More

Mitsubishi Fuso’s eCanter All-electric Truck

In September 2017, Mitsubishi Fuso Truck and Bus Corporation (MFTBC), part of Daimler Trucks and the parent company of Mitsubishi Fuso Truck of America (MFTA) conducted the global launch of the new FUSO eCanter—the world’s […] More

The International DuraStar

If you’re looking for a medium-duty truck that brings everything it needs—and then some—to a wide range of work applications, you might not have to look further. The International DuraStar comes in three medium-duty configurations […] More

Ford’s 2018 E-450 DRW is a Powerful Descendant of the E-Series from Long Ago

It’s been more than half a century since the first of Ford’s E-Series vans rolled off the assembly line in Lorain, Ohio. The year was 1961, Americans were tuning in regularly to The Red Skelton […] More

The All-electric Chanje V8070 will Change the Face of Last-mile Delivery

Urbanites are familiar with the sound and sight of last-mile delivery vans idling loudly in front of businesses while drivers hustle in and out making deliveries. And, last-mile drivers are accustomed to fueling up on […] More

The Hino 238

At 23,000 lbs GVW, the Hino 238 combines exceptional fuel economy with Hino’s competitive advantages, including warranty coverage and unsurpassed B50 engine life. “When you need cubic capacity, but not maximum weight capacity in a […] More

The Isuzu NQR

There’s no question that Isuzu has dominated the LCF market for years. It’s not just because the company puts out an amazing truck, but also because it follows sales up with outstanding customer service. Isuzu […] More

The Mitsubishi FUSO FE160

The FUSO FE160 is a Class 4, medium-duty work truck rated at 15,995 lbs GVWR, with a maximum body/payload capacity of 10,490 lbs. Powered by a 4-cylinder, twin-turbocharged, dual-overhead-cam diesel engine coupled to a 6-speed, […] More

The 2017 Ford Super Duty Chassis Cab Features Major Upgrades for Your Benefit

Ford’s 2017 Super Duty® Chassis Cab may be light on its toes, but it offers serious strength. The high-strength, military-grade, aluminum alloy body is lighter than the steel previously used. yet it’s more dent- and […] More


General Motors is expanding its range of LCF trucks with a new dock-height Class 6 model: the Chevrolet 6500XD. As with its Class 3 through 5 stablemates, the 2018 Chevrolet LCF 6500XD is a highly […] More

The 2018 Hino 195 COE

The 2018 Hino model 195 COE is a natural urban navigator, perfect for pickup and delivery, landscaping, and waste and refuse, among other applications. The 195 COE’s cab provides a Toyota-inspired interior design offering features […] More

The Savana Cutaway is a Cut Above the Rest

GMC’s Savana Cutaway is designed to be modified for various commercial applications. Its fuel efficient engine gives you the power you need to haul the equipment and materials for your job. You can choose between […] More


It’s a brisk late-autumn morning in New York City, and the traffic is stifling. We’re less than a mile from Manhattan Beer Distributors’ buzzing, five-acre South Bronx facility—where the 10 service bays on our bright-green […] More


Tough enough to handle rugged construction jobs and nimble enough to navigate urban streets and alleys with ease, the DuraStar is made to deliver results, so you can deliver your goods. DuraStar also has a […] More


Earlier this year at the 2016 NTEA Work Truck Show, Isuzu revealed its 2018 FTR, an all-new entry in the Class 6 medium-duty truck segment. While there is still a bit of time before the […] More


Imagine you are in a tiny compact car, your nose a couple of feet from the glass. Visualize chopping away the dashboard, engine compartment, and the front half of the floor, and extend the glass […] More


With its online configuration tool and plethora of options, Ford helps you get the right truck for your job. You can select from a list of 13 vocations, two vehicle types, three cab styles, and […] More


Robert Bolts, owner and operator of Bernville, Pennsylvania-based Around the Ground Landscaping, utilizes his late model Ram 3500 and 5500 to do his heavy lifting. After founding the company in 2004, Bolts started out with […] More


The Ram 3500 may be built to work, but there’s no shortage of pleasing features. With multiple engine, transmission, and suspension options, it’s no wonder the 3500 impresses. TALK ABOUT BIG-BONED Designed with a 50-ksi […] More

WorkStar and DuraStar: On the Line

It’s mid-August in northern Arizona, and lineman Austin Beckman can feel the electricity in the air. His beard is tingling and his steel-woven safety suit feels like it’s full of hundreds of swarming bees. It’s […] More


Isuzu’s N-Series gas-powered LCFs span a wide range of GVWRs to cover a whole spectrum of applications. The N-Series gas trucks live up to Isuzu’s heritage of safety and efficiency, delivering outstanding performance with a […] More

The Hino Insight Connected Vehicle is Standard for 2017

Welcome to the future of vehicle ownership and management. Hino INSIGHT has one objective: increase uptime and efficiency. It achieves that goal by integrating Telematics with remote diagnostics and case management that works with you […] More


July 27 proved to be a big day for Chevrolet as the company announced the shipment of its new Low Cab Forward (LCF) series. “Chevrolet’s new LCF trucks are now shipping to Chevrolet dealers across […] More


As a truck dealership with 13 locations spanning four states, Roberts Truck Center has plenty of trucks to keep in service and customers to assist roadside. George Deffenbaugh, a general manager at Roberts since 2010, […] More

The International TerraStar

When you have a job with high demands, you need a commercial-duty truck that’s up to the task. Built on the three pillars of commercial-duty performance—ease of operation, efficient power, and commercial-grade components—International® TerraStar® is […] More


The Hino 268 offers drivers and fleet owners the best real-world advantages in the industry. It has earned a reputation for providing the lowest cost of ownership in its class. “Outstanding fuel economy, proven reliability, […] More


Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. A tornado in Joplin, Missouri. A flood in Minot, North Dakota. Following all of these natural disasters was Tim Pope and his fleet of Ford trucks to help pick up […] More


Chevrolet’s 2016 Express 4500 Cutaway, known for its versatility, flexibility, and durability, offers two wheelbase options. The 4500, available in dual rear-wheel, has a GVWR of 14,200 lbs. Its wheelbase options include 159- and 177-inch […] More


The new 2017 Ford F-Series Super Duty trucks have brought a lot to the table in terms of overall capability and productivity. Not only has the company beefed up the frame, it has reinvested focus […] More


While it’s helpful to know a truck’s specs and features, sometimes you just need input from a company that uses the truck day in and day out. Last month, Modern WorkTruck Solutions showcased the Ram […] More


With the driver shortage, a significant issue across all segments of trucking—including medium-duty applications—Class 5 vehicles are more attractive than ever. Class 5 trucks are more than capable of handling the requirements of local delivery […] More


Have you ever smelled something cooking or baking and thought about how your life would be if you were, say, actually consuming the thing from which such a delicious smell was originating? That’s what the […] More


Ram trucks are not usually known for being dainty and petite. There’s a reason for that. When you have a job to do, you want reliable uptime and enough power to complete the task at […] More


For more than 80 years, Salt Lake City, Utah-based RC Willey Home Furnishings has been recognized for excellence. Owned by Berkshire/Hathaway, the company consistently strives to be the number one home furnishing company where customers […] More


The all-new Hino COE 155 brings a lot to the table, but with quality, durability, and reliability as the DNA of Hino Trucks’ legendary owner loyalty, it’s no surprise. Specifically designed for the North American […] More


There’s a cold, hard fact of work truck life: the right truck not only gets the job done, it saves the owner/operator time and money. That’s because the ideal work truck is strong enough to […] More


Peterbilt introduced the all-new Model 220 to its medium-duty cab-over-engine lineup last year at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Kentucky. Since then, the Peterbilt Model 220 has become known for its adaptability—making it a […] More

Pipe Dreams

In the race to replace America’s aging infrastructure, every second counts. Below our feet, thousands of miles of aging pipeline—some dating as far back as the early 1900s—carry natural gas and water to and from […] More