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2022 Ram Chassis Cab


2022 Ram Cab

Whether it’s work in the city, the construction zone, the farm, or the quarry, Ram Trucks’ 2022 Chassis Cab is ready for a challenge. It’s equipped with enough power and technology to get the job done efficiently and safely.


Depending on the needs of the job—be it occasional or frequent towing or service upfits—Ram made sure the chassis cab could handle it.

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The Ram Chassis Cab is available with two engines: the 6.7-L Cummins Turbo diesel I6 engine and the 6.4-L Hemi V8 engine. The 6.7-L Cummins engine—available across the lineup—is lightweight and offers 800 lb-ft of torque with 360 hp in the 4500 and 5500 models. It gives owners a maximum trailering weight of 35,220 lbs and a maximum GCWR of 43,000 lbs in the 5500 models. The 6.4-L Hemi V8, the standard engine for the 2022 Ram Chassis Cab, uses Fuel Saver Technology and variable-cam timing. It offers a maximum torque of 429 lb-ft, a maximum of 410 hp (3500 models), 21,540-lb maximum trailering (4500 models), and a maximum GCWR of 28,500 lbs (4500/5500 models).

Both engines pair with either an electronically controlled Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission, optimized for towing capability with software control for seamless shifting and Power Take-off (PTO) capability, or a standard Aisin 6-speed automatic transmission. Speaking of PTOs, the transmission offers access to the PTO from either the right or left side of the engine. Further, the Cummins engine offers two PTO speeds with its Split-Shaft mode.

Additionally, for those who intend to haul with their Ram Chassis Cab, Ram has worked to make the job easier. The 2022 Chassis Cab features a Trailer 360-degree Surround View Camera to improve visibility. The truck also features Trailer Reverse Guidance that displays both sides of the truck and trailer to ensure accurate hitching position. And upfitted cabs aren’t excluded in this offering. Ram offers a loose-shipped rearview camera for installation. If that wasn’t enough to ensure a supreme tow experience, the folks at Ram also integrated a Trailer Tire Pressure Monitoring system that offers operators a look into their trailer’s status with live pressure readings for up to four different trailers with up to 12 tires per trailer.

2022 Ram Cab


Capability is important, but saving money and time has become increasingly important to fleets. To make work more efficient, Ram equipped its Chassis Cab with an available engine shutdown. The shutdown timer automatically turns off the engine or Power Take-off after 5 minutes of idling. The truck also features Active Air Grille Shutters that adapt to load, speed, and engine temperature. This adaptability reduces aerodynamic drag and provides optimum engine cooling. Both of these features help create a more economical vehicle.

Ram also has an integrated telematics system dropping this spring. The system will allow business owners to access data about their vehicles, drivers, productivity, efficiency, and more, which will help improve fleet operations overall.


We’ve covered the Ram Chassis Cab’s power and PTO capabilities, but sometimes work requires more than raw power and the ability to install a PTO. The 2022 Ram Chassis Cab features an available dual alternator system. The system has a maximum output of 440 amps for auxiliary equipment. But what’s the point of the power if there isn’t an efficient way to access it? The Ram Chassis Cab features an integrated switch bank with six auxiliary switches. 

Then, to ensure the truck is fueled for the job, owners have options for a 74-gallon dual fuel tank, which consists of a 52-gallon rear-mounted tank and a 22-gallon fuel tank. There’s also the option of using the 52-gallon tank or the 22-gallon tank alone. These options are great when customizing for a fleet’s range as well as the upfit it will receive.

And when it comes to upfits, the Chassis Cab is ready. Ram designed the Chassis Cab to make upfits simple. The upfit-ready frame features straight, flat rails. It’s available in standard frame cab axle lengths. Frame mounting holes are also pre-drilled, which simplifies upfits while maintaining the integrity of the frame.

2022 Ram Cab Interior


The 2022 Ram Chassis Cab is capable and efficient. But is it something a fleet driver will enjoy?  Will the fleet owner be proud to use it to carry their clients out to lunch? We think so. The inside of the truck is loaded with technology, and depending on the trim, it’s also loaded with luxurious features.

When traveling the road with a trailer in Tow Mode, the Ram Chassis Cab has visibility covered. With an available camera mounted to the trailer or upfit, the Chassis Cab’s rearview mirror can digitally display unobstructed views beyond the trailer, giving the driver assurance of what’s behind them.

Further, the Chassis Cab displays pages for different driving modes in its digital cluster. For example, the Off-Road page displays pitch and roll as well as traction control, gear shifting, and more.

Aside from optimized digital cluster features, the 2022 Chassis Cab also receives some new connectivity and entertainment features. The Chassis Cab gets updated navigation and a 270-degree Surround View Camera for full views of the truck when trailering. The Chassis Cab also features a wireless charging pad in the center console. It also includes nine USB ports with Type A and Type C compatibility and a Type A port in the armrest—this is sure to keep any work crew charged up and ready to go!

For equipment and personal storage, the 2022 Ram Chassis Cab delivers. There are two glove compartments, an upper and lower, to store items for easy access. The lower glove compartment locks for additional security on the jobsite. Speaking of security, the center console is large enough to hold a 15-inch laptop or standard-sized folders. The console also houses a cell phone or tablet docking area, a three-position sliding cup holder tray, and the aforementioned wireless charging pad. And rounding up the interior storage space is the rear under seat storage in the Crew Cab.

2022 Ram Cab


But even with all of these features and power, driver safety is of the utmost importance. The Chassis Cab’s suite of safety technology includes a forward collision warning that is available with automatic emergency braking for both the truck and trailer, LaneSense lane departure warning with Lane Keep Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control with Stop, and ParkSense front and rear park assist. Although safety systems should not replace the undivided attention of the driver, they are great for bringing a driver’s attention back to the road in case their mind drifts.

Additionally, the 2022 Ram Chassis Cab features adaptive LED headlights that light up the road and can also turn up to 15 degrees to help illuminate the path ahead. This feature is great for rural driving with the absence of street lights and other vehicles to help light the road.

The 2022 Ram Chassis Cab has the goods: from technology to power to storage to optional work truck features, the Chassis Cab goes beyond just capable.


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