Leveraging Sensor Data Snapshots for Proactive Maintenance

Downtime due to shop delays can snowball into significant and costly productivity losses, and the time it takes to diagnose asset issues often contributes to a good chunk of that downtime. Additionally, unaddressed, or incorrectly […] More

Turn Heads & Win Customers with Exterior Maintenance and Branding

First impressions are vital for every company. A great one can pull in new clients, help with recruitment efforts, and keep the company’s reputation in good standing. But many companies don’t realize that their work […] More

The Importance of Routine Inspections

When it comes to best practices for routine wheel end inspections, the same rules apply across vehicle classes and truck sizes. However, while these pre-trip and post-trip inspections may seem simple and straightforward, they are […] More

The 185 cfm Myth

The culture of buying the right air compressor for the job is based on the legacy of the 185 cfm towable compressors. The 185 cfm towable market found roots in the Michigan City, Indiana area. […] More

DPF Regeneration: A Case Study

Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) play an important role in diesel engines. They’re designed to trap and store particulate matter (soot) that is produced by the diesel engine during driving. The DPF allows exhaust gases with […] More

How a Webasto Air Top Evo 40 Beat the Odds

When he was installing the Webasto Air Top Evo 40 Air Heater in the service bay of the new 2014 Peterbilt 337, the maintenance technician had no idea that it wouldn’t be removed again until […] More

Batteries are Crucial to the Dependability of Snowplow Trucks

Cost increases and shortages of labor are burdening snow removal services in big cities and small towns alike, all while climate change has increased snowfall levels around the country. For example, according to an article […] More

Use API’s Motor Oil Standards to Protect Fleet Vehicles

Using high-quality parts to repair a truck is essential to keeping it running safely and to prevent future breakdowns. Working with a trusted supplier as well as having the ability to examine the packaging and […] More

Selecting a Diesel Exhaust Fluid Storage Solution to Improve Jobsite Efficiency

Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) is surging through the construction industry as more operations convert their fleets to equipment powered by Tier 4 Final engines. While DEF offers plenty of benefits, such as safer emissions, optimized […] More

A Tire Pressure Management System Designed for Fleets

Thirty years ago, a private company was founded based upon a new and innovative concept of automatically filling underinflated trailer tires—even while the trailer is moving. This company is Pressure Systems International (PSI), and it […] More

How to Properly Maintain Bucket Trucks and Digger Derricks

Owners and users of bucket trucks and digger derricks are responsible for ensuring their equipment is inspected both a daily pre-shift and annually. While safety is the foremost concern, annual inspections can also reveal small […] More

8 Electrical Supply Tips

Work truck electrical systems have grown more complex in recent years, providing not just ignition and lighting but a growing array of accessories inside and outside the cab. Along with this complexity comes greater risk […] More

The Importance of Preventive Maintenance

Unexpected repairs can be costly, especially when a budget is already tightly delineated. Whether owning one work truck or a fleet of thousands, implementing a preventive maintenance strategy will help save money, increase safety, and […] More

How One Predictive Alert Saved $40,000

Replacing just one critical truck component can be pricey. Parts and labor prices are on the rise—not to mention hard to come by—and vehicle downtime can add up quickly. As interest rates rise, it’s important […] More

Protect Your Fleet From Showers this Spring

No matter the type of fleet, be it electric, alternative fuel, gas powered, or diesel powered, taking care of a work truck is crucial, especially in the rainy spring months. With spring quickly approaching, it’s […] More

Purchasing a Used EV? Check its Battery Health First.

As technology advances, our world changes, and it seems as though those changes take place on a daily basis. The automotive and trucking industry is also undergoing change at a rapid pace. With the introduction […] More

New Submerged HPUs Increase Reliability of Work Trucks

Specialized work trucks like snowplows, street cleaners, garbage trucks, dump trucks, and truck-mounted cranes are often custom ordered with diverse equipment variations and body styles. Many rely on Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) to provide the […] More

Unlock Reliability, Performance, and Durability in Commercial EVs

For nearly two centuries, humans have designed and built motorized vehicles. The choice of propulsion method was initially driven by practical considerations such as technical feasibility and availability of fuel rather than environmental impact. Although […] More

How a Check Valve can Reduce Emissions

All truck manufacturers are fighting to meet emissions targets, whether those targets are set by the manufacturer themselves or, especially, targets set by the government. Because internal combustion engines have been around for well over […] More

Say Hello to Supercapacitors

It can get pretty frigid in the wilds of Western Canada, the Northwest Territories, and the Yukon during the winter months. However, for the folks at Cascade Carriers out of Sherwood Park, Alberta, cold weather […] More

Fuel Economy and Maintenance and Repair Strategies

Today’s fuel prices have re-introduced a bevy of asset management challenges for fleets that significantly impact the bottom line of every fleet organization. This is especially a concern since fuel is the largest component of […] More

Fleet Tips for the Cold Times Ahead

A new year has started, and for many, that means the coldest months of the winter are still ahead. Even though many fleet owners have likely already experienced frosts and snow, the time is now […] More

The Importance of Skilled Technicians

Cox Automotive Mobility Fleet Services combines industry-leading technology and the industry’s top technicians to deliver fleet maintenance services nationwide. It’s important to the company to ensure its technicians are knowledgeable problem solvers, that’s why it […] More

Tips on Buying and Maintaining Your Next Ratchet

Ratchets are one of the most demanded tools in a fleet maintenance toolbox. In today’s market, ratchets come in a variety of lengths and designs all created to help complete repairs quickly and efficiently. For […] More

Aftermarket Accessories that Prove Beneficial for Fleets

Whether your fleet is an electric fleet, an alternative fuel fleet, a gas-powered fleet, or a diesel-powered fleet, every truck or van must be maintained. Truck and van maintenance encompasses maintenance under the hood, interior […] More

It’s Time to Winterize Your Fleet—Unless You Use Propane Autogas

Winter is just around the corner here in the United States, and the time to prepare fleets for winter is now—at least depending upon the fuel used in the fleet. Winterizing and fuel preparation for […] More

Low VOC Paint System Hits High Mark for Color Capability, Durability

When you take into consideration all the different types of commercial trucks on the road today, you’ll be hard pressed to find a harder working group of vehicles than those belonging to the work truck […] More

How to Decide Between a Steel or Aluminum Roof Rack

As you pull up to any home improvement retail store, you can pan the parking lot and see multiple commercial work vehicles upfitted with roof racks. All through that parking lot are different types of […] More

Harsh Winter Weather Conditions are No Match for Paint Systems with Zinc-rich Primer

The winter months can be pretty tough on commercial vehicles, but especially brutal when the job involves snow removal. Because trucks and equipment are primarily comprised of metallic components, they’re extremely vulnerable to corrosion damage […] More

How to Prevent Corrosion on Trucks

The time for salting and plowing roads is just around the corner. Unfortunately there is no way to avoid the damaging chemicals used to clear roads during the winter, and these compounds wreak havoc in […] More

How to Ensure Proper Tire Maintenance for Increased Fuel Economy

According to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) study, the use of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) or automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS) can improve fuel economy by approximately 1.4%.  Fuel savings is not […] More

Appropriate Coupling Equipment Improves Heavy Hauling

Heavy haulers know the story all too well—when hauling the heaviest loads on the road, finding the right coupling equipment can be challenging. A big issue is weight capacity. Many manufacturers that produce pintle hitches […] More

3 Ways Predictive Maintenance Helps Fleets with Personnel Management

As work truck fleets look to ward off a downturn in consumer demand, challenges with driver and technician retention are even more important to business continuity.   Luckily, fleets have vehicle performance data in their […] More

Territory vs Location-based Towing and Roadside Networks

When a work truck driver faces an emergency event on the road, it’s important to be a part of a network that meets the driver and performs any roadside maintenance or provides a tow to […] More

With Hardox Wear Plate, Waste Industry Products Gain Added Durability and Longevity

As those in the waste industry are well aware, the collection, storage, and transport of waste materials can be rough on equipment, presenting significant challenges when it comes to product durability and longevity. Sometimes even […] More

Use Technology to get Ahead of Maintenance Events

Telematics, the use of telecommunications technology to collect, store, share, and analyze vehicle data, has automated the management of fleet fuel consumption, maintenance, repair, and safety. The technology’s efficacy led the State of California to […] More

Lubricants for Electric Vehicles

The rapid electrification of the light-duty vehicle market is being driven globally by governments that are working overtime to address climate change. Whether it’s the result of direct regulation of the vans and trucks in […] More

Cold Weather Diesel Tips

Winter weather can be tough on diesel fleets, resulting in costly downtime and lost profits. Common cold weather culprits include battery issues, poor cold starts, loss of fuel economy, diesel fuel gelling, and clogged fuel […] More

Improved Assembly of Universal Joints

The basic principles behind the universal joint have been around for centuries, but the methods behind their manufacture are changing. Here Nick Jordan, head of engineering and quality at steering system specialist, Pailton Engineering, explains […] More

4 Tips to Avoid the High Cost of Loss

By John Kuder You need simple solutions to reduce your fleet’s cost of loss. One way to do so is to focus on fleet vehicle maintenance and repairs. After all, once you buy a shiny […] More

Why Fleets Should Have Confidence in FA-4

By Gabe Rhoads Industries around the world are tasked to dramatically curb emissions to mitigate climate change and to contribute to a more sustainable environment. The heavy-duty trucking space represents one of the greatest opportunities […] More

How to Get the Most Out of Your Half-ton Pickup Truck

Many workers are injured or killed at the workplace every day in the US and Canada. It’s becoming more and more common to see news scenes of a large crane at a construction site in […] More

Environmentally Progressive Paint System Doesn’t Compromise on Beauty and Toughness

By John McQuillan Ecologically-minded coatings have become an increasingly popular choice for work truck manufacturers and refinish operations within the commercial vehicle industry over recent years. Increased focus on climate change, health concerns, and environmental […] More

Understanding the Components of a Wheel End System with SKF

By David Massanga As e-commerce continues to soar amid the aftermath of the global health pandemic, more and more commercial fleets are transporting goods across North America with truck drivers logging billions of miles annually. […] More

FixMyCar Brings Auto Repair to Your Door

We’ve all been there. On a busy morning with several stops on the day’s schedule, you go to crank your truck and immediately realize something is wrong. Whether the fix is as simple as a […] More

Operating and Maintaining Work Trucks in Subzero Weather

By Fred Fakkema Most regions of the country are more than familiar and prepared for severe weather conditions at some point throughout the winter months. However, even if a region can predict its winter storm […] More

How to Encourage Drivers to Keep Tires Inflated

By Mike Skoropad A recent study by Continental Tires found that 34% of fleet drivers regularly ride on underinflated tires. Aside from reducing traction and increasing braking distances, driving on underinflated tires can decrease your […] More

Testing for Fuel Contamination

By David Armitage Diesel is an organic compound, and like a slice of bread, it can go moldy. Mold, a form of fungus, yeasts, and bacteria can grow in fuel over time. Termed “microbiological contamination,” this […] More

Van HVAC Simplified

Until now, if you were in the market for an auxiliary, tie-in heating/cooling, or stand-alone HVAC kit for a Ford Transit, RAM ProMaster, or Mercedes Sprinter van, you’d have to first obtain a model-specific kit […] More

Ultra-low VOC Paint Makes A Difference

By John McQuillan With climate change and related environmental concerns mounting, there is growing unease about whether certain products or industrial processes are “green.” And if, in fact, a product or process is green, there […] More

Efficient, Cost-effective Oil Removal from Wastewater Part 2

By Del Williams Last month you read about how an oil skimmer using a Free-Floating Connector Tube™ removes floating oil from the surface of wastewater at tank wash facilities. These skimmers work great for customers […] More

Don’t Let DPFs Bring You to a Halt

By Spencer Martineau and Kevin Griffith Tightening emissions standards around the world have driven diesel engine manufacturers to develop technology that can enhance fuel economy while dramatically reducing emissions. To those ends, many truck makers […] More

Efficient, Cost-effective Oil Removal from Wastewater Part 1

By Del Williams In the transportation industry, regulations require tank trucks that haul food-grade oils to be thoroughly washed out between loads before any new product is introduced. Facilities that clean these tank trucks produce […] More

Hydraulics 101

By Roger Wareham In many service and utility truck applications, hydraulic systems are used to run a crane, fluid pumps, and hydraulically driven tools. When properly maintained, hydraulic systems offer great performance and reliability. If […] More

Proper Lift Maintenance

How often is lift maintenance needed? Even the most rugged, low-maintenance lifts need attention from time-to-time. It’s important to give your lift a onceover every day before you use it, check the safety devices, operating […] More

Changing Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Vehicles That Have Been Idle for a Prolonged Period

By Jeffrey Harmening With 2020 dominated by challenges caused by COVID-19, some diesel-powered vehicles have likely been out of service for a long period of time. This includes buses, motor coaches, trucks, and other fleet […] More

Prep Trucks for the Spring

One of the greatest tools of a landscaper is a hardworking, versatile vehicle that accommodates an incredible number of tasks throughout every season. A reliable truck can take you from snow removal and salt spreading […] More

Expediting the Truck Repair and Claims Process

By Eli Greenbaum When a working truck goes down because of an accident, a claim-and-repair process swings into action. That means filing insurance claims, getting estimates, watching the dollars, and managing the repair cycle. The […] More

Achieve EPA Compliance with Automated Wastewater Treatment

Truck repair and service shops with motor vehicle waste disposal wells—floor drains or sinks in service bays that connect to a septic system or dry well—are regulated by the EPA. During normal truck repair and […] More

What Tools Are Service Truck Must-haves for Technicians?

A day in the life of a service technician can be unpredictable, presenting a variety of challenges throughout the workday. These in-demand workers often don’t know what tools or equipment they need until they get […] More

Wheel Refurbishing

By Eli Greenbaum Whether you own or manage a single working truck or a fleet, making sure that a truck is maintained and operating properly can have a noticeable impact on the bottom line. If […] More

How to Optimize Cooling System Performance

By Colin Dilley For some automobile drivers, a vehicle is just a means to an end, nothing more than a convenient way to get from Point A to Point B. On the other hand, heavy-duty […] More

Prepping for Snow Season

Preparing your equipment for the challenges of the season ahead keeps you safe and helps preserve the resilience of your truck equipment. Monroe Truck Equipment’s versatile work-ready trucks, commercial snowplows, and service parts help all […] More

6 Ways to Keep Cargo Straps in Good Condition

When it comes to cargo securement, having the proper type and quantity of tie-downs is only half the battle. In order to safely secure a load, tie-downs must be in good working condition without cuts, […] More

Debunking Common Retread Tire Myths

By Callie Vanek The COVID-19 pandemic has most companies searching for savings and operating efficiencies. When it comes to a work truck fleet, leadership may be able to find those opportunities where the rubber meets […] More

Alt-fuel Truck Maintenance

By Todd Mouw For fleets looking to adopt alternative fueled vehicles, training on the maintenance plays a key role. It’s one thing to choose an alternative to gasoline or diesel, but a crucial component is […] More

Where the Rubber Meets the Load

His name is Tom Loudermilk. He’s a single dad from Indiana. He owns a fleet of ten trucks and four trailers located in Indianapolis. He proudly runs a family owned business; it’s just Tom and […] More

How to Choose a Heavy-duty Truck Battery

For a novice Class 8 truck driver getting accustomed to the industry, life on the open road can be intimidating. Drivers learn that part of their responsibility is knowing how to properly service and maintain […] More

First-class Training Yields a First-class Finish

If your truck is damaged and needs repairs, you want the work done right. You want everything brought back to pre-damage condition. This includes making sure your truck looks right with a top-quality paint job. […] More

Your DPF is Clogged with Engine Oil

If you own a truck with a diesel engine that’s traveled a couple of hundred thousand miles, you might notice a loss in fuel efficiency or an illuminated warning light on the truck’s dash. A […] More

Two Critical Considerations for Proper Wheel Bearing Maintenance

Wheel seals for commercial trucks can be two-piece or single-piece and are important for keeping wheel bearings well lubricated and free of corrosion and also for preventing damage to axle spindles. Proper wheel seal maintenance […] More

How to Maintain Your Trailer Wheel Bearings for Long Life

For proper truck maintenance, there is a checklist of equipment-maintenance items to review before hitting the road. In most cases, the standard list includes oil levels and tire pressure, while trailer wheel maintenance is often […] More

Is Your Diesel Fuel Gelling?

Diesel fuel gelling is a common problem that often impacts engine performance and results in downtime. Although it can occur year-round, it is most prevalent in winter with the effects of cold temperatures on #2 […] More

Improve Work Truck Fleet Ergonomics

A service tech’s safety, job satisfaction, and productivity are among the top priorities for most fleet managers. In order to achieve these objectives, you need to start by specifying a truck with the right accessories […] More

6 Reasons to Switch to a Timbren Spring Suspension

When October rolls around and fall weather approaches—particularly in the northern US—the days grow shorter as the sun dips lower into the autumn sky. Birds organize as they anticipate their annual departure to the sunny […] More

3 Easy Ways to Maximize Uptime and Increase ROI

As autumn leaves fall and the temperature drops, most of us get our fall and winter wardrobes out of the back of the closet. Those in the maintenance business start thinking much further ahead to […] More

Going Green: Go Greener

Chances are environmental concerns are a factor in the decisions made about your trucks and your business. Now consider going even greener.  Going green is a cultural phenomenon that’s gained a solid foothold in our […] More

Extend the Life of Your Investment

Time after time you test a work truck’s limits, and as long as it gets from point A to point B, everything is fine. You make sure scheduled service maintenance is fulfilled and the tires […] More

Maintaining Your Trailer

Trailers tend to receive the short end of the stick when it comes to truck maintenance, but ensuring all vehicle components work properly is essential to the safety, performance, and bottom line of any fleet.  […] More

Tire Evaluations

In last month’s issue, we learned you don’t always get what you pay for, especially with tires. You could be getting more than you’re paying for and could significantly cut operational costs. The best way […] More

Hot Take: Battery Maintenance

The dog days of summer are in full swing. It’s a common misconception that battery problems happen primarily in winter, but the sizzling summer heat can also have a detrimental impact on the vehicle’s battery […] More

Tire Evaluations

We’ve all heard the adage: “You get what you pay for.”  In many cases that’s true. Yet, when it comes to the tires in your fleet, it may not be the case. With tires, you […] More

How to Properly Store and Handle Multiple Engine Oils

With the creation of two diesel engine oil categories a few years ago and a growing number of engine oil viscosities for gas and diesel engines, shops need to properly accommodate numerous oils. Training technicians […] More

4 Pointers to Maintain Propane Autogas Vehicles

Automotive technicians don’t need to worry when they hear “propane.” Aside from a few differences, propane autogas vehicles are much like conventionally fueled models when it comes to keeping them running. And in some cases […] More

Tire and Wheel Balancing Adds Longevity, Improves Fuel Economy

Fleets leave millions of dollars on the table every year by not balancing their tires and wheels. Poor tire and wheel balance results in uneven tire wear that prematurely consigns thousands of tires to the […] More

Maintaining Steering and Suspension Systems

Steering and suspension are two of the most important systems on any commercial vehicle. Power steering systems help increase steering stability and handling, while suspension systems help maintain proper contact with the road’s surface. Both […] More

10 Fleet Maintenance Mistakes to Avoid

Typically, fleet vehicles are the most expensive asset an organization owns. Because of this, the goal for many organizations is to extend each vehicle’s life for as long as possible. However, if that is truly […] More

Problem-free Fuel

5 TIPS FROM A BIODIESEL SPECIALIST With frigid temperatures approaching, now is the time to check your fuel system to prevent common issues and keep equipment running smoothly through cold winter months. Five simple steps […] More

Proactive Tire Maintenance

When it comes to maximizing uptime, there’s one key area that fleets often overlook: proactive tire maintenance. Fleets that implement a comprehensive tire maintenance program can maximize their tire assets through proactive management rather than […] More

Protective Coatings can Extend a Truck’s Life

Work trucks routinely take on tough jobs day in and day out. That’s what they’re supposed to do and why they’re built. But the jobs those trucks perform and the harsh conditions they’re often subjected […] More

Fleet Winter Preparation

In the last few years, winter weather has hit harder than ever before, meaning that it’s not too soon to start preparing for inclement weather. The first step is to prepare your fleets and everyday […] More

Expedite Service Calls with Customizable Lube Systems

Service after the sale is a top priority for most contractors when investing in a piece of construction equipment and can be what separates a quality equipment dealer from its competition. How quickly a service […] More

Slowing Galvanic Corrosion

Trucks on the road—from light pickups to Class 8 monsters—require maintenance, including everything from oil changes to replacing worn parts. Smart truck owners also make corrosion prevention a high priority in their routine. It’s a […] More

How to Maintain a Roller Door

A company in operation for almost two decades knows the way to keep things running smoothly and efficiently is through proper care and attention to necessary elements of business. Those necessary elements look different for every […] More


The best way to ensure your service truck fleet remains in top shape is to invest in a proactive service truck fleet maintenance plan. Though without a good implementation strategy in place, trying to get […] More


Many common technical problems are quickly and simply solved with the help of additives. These smart chemical tools should always be found in a fleet operator’s tool box because they help save money day by […] More


At Muncie Power Products, troubleshooting plays a pivotal role in setting the company apart from its competitors. And, it’s a service applicable to all of the company’s product lines and available to all Muncie Power […] More


The advanced technology in modern trucks rolling off the assembly line represents a new horizon for the work truck industry. This generation of heavy-duty engines is designed to produce fewer emissions and achieve increased fuel […] More


The service work truck fleet is in some ways the heart and soul of many businesses. Ensuring your service truck fleet is in top condition goes a long way toward a smoothly run business. This […] More

A Breakthrough Oil Change Solution in 3 Easy Steps

A trip to the doctor’s office for a regularly scheduled health exam is a proactive way to know and correct any minor medical issues before they become big problems. The same holds true for preventive maintenance […] More

Great Tipping Systems Start with a Great Product

How often should the seals in your telescopic cylinder be replaced? How often should you change the hydraulic oil in your wet-line kit? How often should you apply grease? These are questions we hear often […] More

Where There’s a Winch, There’s a Way

Dr. Seuss famously tells us, “Kid, you can move mountains!” So we think we can! Though even someone as large as Paul Bunyan might need a little help, and that help can come in the […] More

How Asset Tracking Can Help with Regularly Scheduled Maintenance

No matter your industry, you rely on your work trucks to get the job done. With a busy schedule and a tight budget, it’s easy to overlook the crucial maintenance and technological advantages that keep […] More

GPS Monitoring Keeps Track of Your Fleet

Managing a work truck fleet can be a daunting task. Simply knowing a truck’s location and its operator can be difficult. One way to better manage a fleet of work trucks is to install GPS […] More

Thin-build Polyurea Coatings Provide Protection 15 Times Stronger than Paint and Powder Coatings

Palfleet Truck Equipment uses LINE-X coatings on several aspects of its fleet bodies. line-x is featured as the yellow coating on the top of the bumper and inside tool box compartments. With more than 30 […] More

Driveline Vibrations can be a Concern—Even Causing Downtime

One of the best parts of my job is getting out into the field. I am always amazed at the ingenuity and ways people solve their work truck application issues. Work trucks are designed to […] More

Proper Lifts and Shop Equipment Lead to a More Productive Maintenance Garage

As a fleet manager, you acknowledge you’ll never have 100 percent of your fleet on the road given PMs and normal repairs. Although 100 percent of your fleet’s usage is impossible, it is possible to […] More

Understand TBN in Modern HD Engine Oils

By Tony Negri Historically, Total Base Number (TBN) has been a key indicator of remaining useful oil life in heavy-duty engine oils. While acid neutralization is still an important function of engine oil, changes in […] More

Hot Shot’s Secret Products were Put to the Test

Some products work wonders. You buy a product thinking, “Eh, I’ll just try it,” and the next thing you know, you swear by it! Some products aren’t worth anything. You buy a product hoping it’ll […] More

The Role Proactive Maintenance Plays in Performance

GCR Tires and Service (GCR) has stood for quality and service in the commercial tire business since 1945. Putting safety at the core of everything it touches, GCR’s focus is on timely solutions and long-lasting […] More

DIY Paint Repair

A fleet vehicle’s appearance is a reflection of the business it promotes. The state of the vehicle also says a lot about the business, and that’s why it is so important to keep trucks and vans […] More

The Proper Way to Use a Shipping Container

Here are some interesting facts about a product that is a great solution for one industry but has become a challenge for another; namely the work truck industry. Over 12 million of them arrive on […] More

An Oil Analysis Program Takes the Guesswork Out of Oil Change Intervals

The rule of changing a vehicle’s oil every three months or 3,000 miles has been blown out of the water by advances in oil and oil filter technology. That’s good news for a fleet owner’s […] More

Rotary R544 Pro Truck 2D Wheel Balancer Provides a Quick Route to Balanced Tires

Professional drivers typically recognize the telltale signs of out-of-balance truck tires. A vibrating steering wheel and/or seat, uneven tread wear, and decreased fuel economy can all point to the need to bring wheels back in […] More


Customers often ask, “What type of battery works best with the Maxwell Engine Start Module (ESM)?” Since the Maxwell ESM handles the engine cranking, the number and type of batteries you need can be determined […] More

5 Tips to Avoid Serious Issues when Servicing Cummins ISX15 Engines

There have been a number of important updates and changes that could significantly impact parts selection and service procedures when servicing Cummins® ISX15 engines. This engine series has become a very popular power source for […] More


In a recent conversation about extending time between oil changes, a representative from a large truck manufacturer mentioned that one of their biggest concerns was that extended service intervals for engine oil could negatively affect […] More

Finished Products are More Durable than Ever

  When engineers are designing the latest and greatest vehicles, trucks, and other types of industrial equipment—or when fleet managers are charged with maintaining them—there’s a constant need to explore innovation in materials for both […] More


Did you ever think about what kind of people you want doing preventive maintenance (PM) on your equipment? Most maintenance managers don’t give PM a second thought—except to find the time to complete the work. […] More


Oil change is probably the most important component in a fleet owner’s list of preventive maintenance items. And, depending on its frequency, it is likely to be among the most expensive. Advancements in oil and […] More

Monitor Your Brakes: Part 2

The recent trend in the industry is to specify and build newer commercial vehicles with air disc brakes. Commercial air disc brakes are quite different from the more well-known s-cam (or drum brakes) that have […] More


Fleets have a different set of challenges to navigate as temperatures fluctuate and road conditions become a factor throughout the different seasons. Maintaining critical vehicle systems before seasonality sets in can help maximize vehicle investment […] More

Monitor Your Brakes: Part 1

Most of today’s large, over-the-road vocational vehicles use air brake systems to provide vehicle braking, as opposed to passenger cars, which use hydraulic braking. Air brake systems have proven to be quite reliable and capable […] More


The quick-lube industry has made it easier than ever for people to regularly maintain their personal vehicles. Simply pull in to the service bay, let the crew do the work based on the manufacturer’s basic […] More


Trends over the past few decades reveal the steady increase in demand for aluminum wheels vs steel, with penetration increasing in all categories and fleets of all sizes recognizing the advantages.  Government regulations are adding […] More


Everyone wants to get the most out of their work trucks. In maintenance functions and service applications, efficiency and cost are always battling against the day-to-day needs and malfunctions that plague your equipment. Whether you […] More


Fleets and drivers should always have a good written maintenance policy in place. This policy should be specific to their vehicles, equipment, geography, distance they travel, loads they carry, time on the road, and other […] More


The Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) used in Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) emissions systems might seem like a simple thing to manage, much like putting fuel in your vehicle. However, there are some important considerations to […] More


Work applications like delivery trucks and warehouse forklifts serve different purposes, but they both have one critical function in common: Reliability to their operators. If a truck doesn’t start or a forklift loses battery power […] More

Keeping Your A/C System in Prime Condition

A variety of units and refrigerants makes servicing heavy-duty air conditioning systems complicated and challenging. To help troubleshoot the manual recognition of each operating system, shops rely on A/C machines to get a unit running […] More


When choosing brake technology, there are a few key factors to consider before making a decision: Find the right balance between top-quality pedal feel and affordable price, determine whether vehicle-use patterns demand any special brake […] More


The type of lift chosen for a shop can dramatically impact the facility’s productivity level. For example, of the different types of mobile lifts, the faster raising and lowering hydraulic lifts—as opposed to the slower […] More


If you’re a fleet owner, you know that time is money. Having vehicles out of service for repairs is a costly expense and fleet owners want to maximize the life of their assets. Most often, […] More


In order to meet federal diesel emissions standards established in 2007, all diesel trucks are required to be equipped with a Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF), which cuts down on emissions of particulate matter that come […] More


Understanding and choosing tires with outstanding technology and fitting them to the fleet’s needs won’t amount to much if the tires aren’t also properly maintained. Every fleet should have a formal tire maintenance program and […] More


If there is something I can easily admit to, it’s the fact that I don’t wash my car enough. Not only that, I never tend to tire and wheel cleanliness. And yet, I know I […] More


It’s always difficult to give up something that’s worked so well for you, but it becomes crucial as a fleet manager to know when to make the call of retiring versus retooling your vehicles. While […] More


Driving a commercial vehicle doesn’t have to mean fatigue, discomfort, or general unpleasantness. It also doesn’t have to mean low efficiency and high CO2 output. More truck manufacturers are adding passenger vehicle-like touches to cabs […] More


Just the other day, in the shop, we were running a new truck and setting it up. The mechanics were asking why the transmission and gears make so much noise. Matter of fact, the whole […] More


In an article from last December, Shell Rotella provided information about how engine evolution lead to the engineering of a new oil category: PC-11. Now, with the deadline looming, Chevron senior staff engineer and head […] More


When the pressure is on to lower vehicle and equipment maintenance costs while you’re also being asked to accomplish that by doing more with less, maintenance excellence is now more important than ever. That scenario […] More


Equipment maintenance helps keep your truck’s mobile power equipment up and running. It can help owners, end-users, and operators with building our world and making a living. Both proper maintenance and scheduled maintenance are needed […] More


The service supply chain you rely on to efficiently manage maintenance and repairs at internal shops and with dealer and third-party service providers can be complex. Access to real-time information during service events improves decision […] More

Uptime in No Time

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