With Hardox Wear Plate, Waste Industry Products Gain Added Durability and Longevity


As those in the waste industry are well aware, the collection, storage, and transport of waste materials can be rough on equipment, presenting significant challenges when it comes to product durability and longevity. Sometimes even regular steel can’t take the beating these trucks endure daily. But one of today’s solutions to the quandary—incorporating genuine Hardox® wear plate steel into waste industry equipment—can help overcome these challenges. 

Hardox is a hard, tough steel that resists wear, extends the life of the equipment, and can help save money through durability. Here’s a look at why Hardox beats regular steel every time. 

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Especially in the waste industry, where daily work challenges can place high demands on equipment, better materials make better, longer-lasting trucks. To stand the test of time, products employed in this business must be built to hold up in the most abusive environments and resist the damage caused by construction debris, heavy metal, and any type of piercing material.

So when brands choose materials for the equipment they build, they must do so with durability and serviceability in mind. Regular steel provides excellent serviceability, but the durability simply can’t compare with Hardox wear plate steel in terms of resistance to abrasion, denting, and cracking.


Hardox wear plate is a steel that combines toughness with high hardness, and it’s the world’s leading abrasion-resistant (AR) steel. Hardox is hard through and through, from the surface to deep down in its core, offering extended service life and high productivity in the most challenging environments. The superior toughness of Hardox comes from its high purity, which gives it extreme resistance to cracking and makes Hardox capable of withstanding abusive conditions. 


Hardox wear plate extends the useful life of truck bodies, roll-off containers, and other waste-industry equipment by increasing their resistance to blows and dents—which is especially critical for vehicles like garbage trucks and other waste-industry tools like roll-off containers, all of which must regularly operate in harsh conditions. Extreme wear resistance is another strategic advantage that Hardox can deliver—and of course, when you extend the service life of your equipment, both your productivity and your savings can grow. 

Hardox wear plate also allows for innovative truck designs, as it can increase load-carrying capacity without raising gross vehicle weight. By eliminating the need for some reinforcement, trucks built with this revolutionary material may be lighter in weight.


A leading example of a waste industry manufacturer that regularly employs Hardox in its offerings, Wastequip and its entire family of brands are committed to producing high-quality, tough, long-lasting equipment with a high return on investment. Part of that commitment includes using premium materials like Hardox wear plate in a range of its equipment, including Wastequip’s RockBoxTM roll-off containers and Amrep’s side loaders, front-end loaders, rear loaders and roll-offs. 

All of the trucks in the Amrep lineup use Hardox in their entire body shell—a first among garbage truck body manufacturers in North America. And the RockBox roll-off containers manufactured by Wastequip are built with Hardox as opposed to mild steel, giving them superior strength characteristics.


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