Why You Should Never Install Shelving on a Factory Mat

Many dealerships tend to sell, what they call, a standard work van mat with all their new vans. While these mats look good when you first take ownership of your van, over time it’s possible […] More

One Woman’s Intuition Saved Her Husband’s Life

Jared Pridmore and his wife Amanda are the owners of Precision Auto Glass in Conway, Arkansas. Their story begins when they bought a new van for their growing company. Amanda, always vigilant about safety, researched […] More

Mitigation Strategies to Protect Workers

In the span of five years, 255 roadway workers were struck and killed by vehicles, according to an ongoing annual report compiled by the Emergency Responder Safety Institute (ERSI). The report shows an uptick in […] More

Your DIY Guide to Trailer Wiring Harness Inspection

Ensure the safety and reliability of your trailer by following this step-by-step DIY inspection guide. VISUAL INSPECTION At least once a month, closely examine the entire length of your trailer’s wiring harness, paying special attention […] More

Choosing the appropriate coupling equipment makes heavy hauling safer and easier

Heavy haulers know the story all too well – when hauling heavy loads, a big challenge is finding the right coupling equipment. PINTLE HITCHES A big issue is weight capacity. Many manufacturers that produce pintle […] More

Ready to Roll

It’s a great time for carriers to harness the power of telematics and fleet management technology to support fleet safety and efficiency throughout the winter months. Keep reading to learn how telematics can help you […] More

Empowered to Make Safer Driving Decisions

When it comes to managing a fleet of any kind, there is no higher priority than safety. While the needs and policies of fleets in various industries may differ, safety should be paramount for all. […] More

Resolve the Outsized Impact of Stress on Safety

Drivers working in construction, utility, and pits and quarries are grappling with environmental stressors, unpredictable hours, and variable safety protocols that, when combined, are having an outsized impact on their well-being and their safety outcomes.  […] More

Locking It Up

Magnolia Plumbing has been serving the Washington D.C. area for more than 70 years, consisting of hardworking, dedicated people who love their profession and the customers they serve. Since 2022, crime in this community has […] More

A Reliable, Functional, and Versatile Hoist Comes from Commitment to Innovation

If necessity is the mother of invention, the human drive to innovate may be its father—or so some might say about the inception of the Scott Level Lift Hoist. In 1978, when the founder of […] More

An AI-enabled Safety System that Keeps Driver Safety and Privacy a Top Priority: Part 2

Last month’s issue included part 1 of this article. Part 1 introduced the Nauto safety system, which includes a device that installs on a work vehicle windshield that uses computer vision to detect what’s happening […] More

Improve Your Fleet’s Safety Culture and Increase the Chances of a Lower Insurance Rate

It’s no secret that the insurance market for work truck fleets has been tough over the past several years. As a provider of online training for fleets, we work closely with insurance companies, so we […] More

How to Prevent Accidents

In trucking, moving, storage, and warehousing, personnel often rely on ramps to load and unload a wide variety of heavy or bulky items such as pallets, large boxes, furniture, and appliances from ground level. Ensuring […] More

An AI-enabled Safety System that Keeps Driver Safety and Privacy a Top Priority

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, car accidents are the number one or number two cause of work-related deaths in every major industry. In 2020, work-related crashes made up 22% of all work-related deaths. […] More

How AI Video Telematics Transforms Road Safety and Saves Lives

Increasing safety on US roads is high on the agenda right now—from policymakers and campaign groups to everyday road users and commercial fleet operators. But rather than waiting for legislative change, fleet operators and managers […] More

Protect Against Catalytic Converter Theft

For the past several years, catalytic converter theft has dramatically increased. If you haven’t already had yours stolen, there’s a great chance you know someone who has. This is a growing concern for vehicle owners […] More

Safety Shoes for Landscapers with a Stylish Makeover

Working in laborious industries like trucking, construction, landscaping, farming, and more tends to require workers to wear safety or steel toe shoes while on the job. Workers are often stuck with basic colors and styles […] More

Making Safety Lighting Safer with a Distinct Design

Even today, many work trucks are fitted with separate 6-inch oval or 4-inch round stop, tail, turn, backup, and warning lamps. Each lamp requires a wiring and mounting hole in the vehicle body panels, frame […] More

How to Stay Visible and Stay Safe

According to recently released information from The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the traffic fatality rate for the first quarter of 2022 increased to 1.27 fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles traveled. That is up […] More

Increase Visibility by Adding Work Truck Lights

Truck lighting is an important way to ensure the safety of your truck, other drivers, and of course, your own personal safety. In addition to basic headlights, taillights, and interior lighting, your upfitter can add […] More

Plow Lighting ABCs

According to the federal government, snow and ice are causal factors for over 500,000 motor vehicle crashes each year. This adds up to millions of dollars in property damage, vehicle downtime, personnel downtime, and worst […] More

What to Consider with Cargo Securement

Securing cargo, particularly heavy cargo on open-deck, hydraulic, spread axle, tank hauler, lowbed, flat bed, gooseneck, and ultra-heavy capacity trailers can tax the knowledge of even seasoned professionals. With the never-ending variety of circumstances and […] More

Improving Worksite Lighting with Optronics

The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was signed into law in November of 2021. Regardless of how the government bureaucrats ultimately decide to spend the $1 trillion in funding, one thing is certain: There will […] More

5 Steps to Improve Fleet Safety

Does your driver program provide a positive return on investment? In other words, do you save money by investing in driver training? That should be your goal. If you’re not at that point yet, you […] More

Top 3 Safe Driving Behaviors for Landscaping Crews

Landscaping crews face the most risk for accident, injury, and even death when they are driving to the jobsite. Driving is the leading cause of death for workers in the US regardless of industry, and […] More

2021 Road Safety Report from Zonar

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there was a 34% decrease in fatal crashes involving large trucks and buses from 2005 to 2009. But within the years that followed (2009 to 2018) […] More

The New World of Fleet Management

By Chris Luckenbill The importance of commercial fleets cannot be underestimated as work trucks across industries help deliver the services that keep people, organizations, and the economy moving forward. Thus, ensuring the mobile workforce make […] More

4 Safety Concerns Van Drivers Often Overlook

By John Kuder Regardless of their other job duties, driving is the most dangerous thing your van drivers do. Driving is more dangerous than spraying for pests, fixing electrical issues, or lifting heavy crates for […] More

Seeing is Safety

According to the federal government, motor vehicle crashes claimed nearly 37,000 lives in 2018. Crashes are also responsible for millions of injuries and impose a comprehensive cost to society of $836 billion in property loss, […] More

Safety Training for Light-duty Drivers

By John Kudor If your employees drive in order to complete vital job duties, they’re professional drivers. And without the proper training, they’re putting themselves, others, and your company at risk. According to the CDC, […] More

Shift into Better Liver Health

By Jon Slaughter and Jon Gingrich Professional truck drivers, fleet owners, and fleet safety officers are seeking strategies to help keep drivers at peak health so they can remain productive and stay safe behind the […] More

10 Safety Tips to Lift Work Trucks for PM and Repair

The stakes are high. Vehicle maintenance shops are typically extremely demanding locations that require careful planning, a highly trained workforce, and a total commitment to safety and performance. What’s more, whether the location services anything […] More

Steering Toward Better Sleep Health

By Jon Slaughter and Terry Bayliss Disrupted sleep can impair a professional truck driver’s cognitive function and cause increased daytime sleepiness, leading to more truck driving accidents and unsafe roads. Estimates show that drowsy driving […] More

How to Create Safer Construction Worksites Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

By Fred Fakkema Equipment and safety managers leverage technology to streamline operations and improve safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result of public health guidelines established by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention […] More

Add Stability to Top-heavy Vehicles

When you focus on safety concerns for a fleet of delivery vans, don’t you mostly think of driver concerns? Perhaps you think of things like driver training and safety policies that reward safe driving. Well, […] More

The Consequences of an Overweight Truck

By Steve Myers For any business, maximizing efficiency is key to reducing operating costs and improving profit margins. When transporting goods, the temptation to overload a vehicle in a bid to maximize payload and reduce […] More

Safety Lighting for all Areas of the Work Truck Industry

Work truck fleet owners, operators, and managers carry a lot of weight on their shoulders. With an owner’s responsibility to ensure a fully equipped and functional fleet, the operator ensuring the truck and themselves stay […] More

Hiring and Rewarding Truck Driving Heroes

Throughout this five-part series, we’ve highlighted how the commercial transportation industry continues to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. So far, we’ve covered the importance of clear, consistent, and effective communication between fleet safety managers and […] More

Ensuring Safety While Work Rules Are Suspended

In this series, we focused on how the commercial transportation industry continues to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Specifically, we’ve covered the importance of clear, consistent, and effective communication between fleet safety managers and drivers; […] More

Save Money, Expedite Operations with a Touchless Construction Supply Chain

By Tom Rice While many businesses put a halt to their operations during the pandemic, construction businesses remain resilient. Self-service innovations are a staple in keeping essential construction operations going. Software and automation technology can […] More

Putting the Power of ADAS to Work for Your Fleet

In the second part of the series regarding how the commercial transportation industry adapts to the COVID-19 pandemic, we focused on eliminating visual, physical, and cognitive distractions for drivers inside the cab. As we continue […] More

Hand-washing Station Makes Hygiene Compliance Mobile

We’re all in this together. How often have we heard this refrain over the last few months? The implication is that we all should look out for one another. But for essential workers and those […] More

Eliminating Visual, Physical, and Cognitive Distractions

In the first part of this series about how the commercial transportation sector operates through the pandemic and post-pandemic reality, we focused on the importance of clear, consistent, and effective communication between fleet safety managers and […] More

Open Communication and Consistent Coaching

What is “normal” now? Ideally, it’s the life we lived prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with so much up in the air, no one really knows what the normal will look like once the […] More

Is Distracted Driving Increasing?

With safety technology becoming more and more required as standard components of newer vehicles and distracted driving laws cracking down on cell phone use behind the wheel, one would think distracted driving would be on […] More

Digital Technology Paves a New Path for Fleets

As industries across sectors look ahead to the next decade, they are grappling with new technologies and the challenges and opportunities they bring. Advances in 5G, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are disrupting familiar business […] More

Safety, Security, and Organization

Organization, security, and safety are all vital components to a successful construction project. A worker distracted by their personal cell phone could result in poor workmanship, a costly mistake, or danger to other workers. When […] More

3 Easy Tips to Secure Cargo on the Road

Fifteen years ago, a young woman was seriously injured by road debris on Interstate 405 in Washington. Soon after her mother, Robin Abel, dedicated her life to raising awareness of the injuries and deaths caused […] More

The Razerlift Revolution

A lot has happened since Modern WorkTruck Solutions first reported on the revolutionary RazerLift in the September 2018 edition. Most notably, production, as RazerLift units are with or making their way to customers. Paul Buller, […] More

Driver Deaths Hit Record Numbers. Who’s to Blame?

Driving a heavy-duty truck remains one of the nation’s deadliest occupations. In 2017, 840 truckers lost their lives on the job, 6.6% more than the 786 reported by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics for […] More

5 Steps to Sleep Education

While refueling the tank is essential to keep your truck running, sleep is just as important to keep drivers operating at peak performance. Unfortunately, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), sleep […] More

The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Even if you are not a work truck driver, you’ve likely been warned about using your cell phone—especially texting—while operating a vehicle. However, the dangers of driving while distracted take on even greater significance when […] More

Industry-wide Safety Hazard Meets Solutions with CargoGlide

OSHA-approved jobsites require stairs for steps that are above 19 inches and handrails for stairs that are more than two steps. This is ultimately for the workers’ safety, preventing leaps and jumps from jobsite ledges […] More

Safety Tips for Driving During Tornado Season

Tornado season is upon us, and we’ve seen unfortunate news in several states regarding tornados touching down and wreaking havoc. Unfortunately, weather changes in an instant, and it’s important that drivers have sufficient knowledge on […] More

5 Tips to Prevent Slips, Trips, and Falls

Driving a truck can be a hazardous profession—and that’s before the driver has even set foot in the cab or put the vehicle in gear. For good reason, fleets focus much of their attention on […] More

Baker Roofing Relies on BlueArrow Telematics for a Safer Workforce

The first thing you notice when you walk into Toby Boyles’ office on the expansive Baker Roofing Company’s campus in Raleigh, North Carolina, is a white board. On it is written Baker’s 12 Driver’s Credos, […] More

Why Driver Training is Beneficial

If you have the intestinal fortitude to self-insure, you better be sure you have a safe fleet—one filled with checks and balances to ensure a safe operation. For Contract Transport Services (CTS), the answer is […] More

8 Tips for Staying Bright-eyed While Driving

Drunk driving. Distracted driving. We seem to constantly hear about the dangers related to intoxication or smartphone use while behind the wheel. And for good reason, as both are incredibly important safety concerns. Yet something […] More

Smart Suspension Systems Increase Asset Use, Reduce Training Time, and Improve Safety

Traditional auxiliary suspension systems are easy to operate but hard to operate correctly. While some systems allow users to choose variable deployment levels, the majority of auxiliary suspension systems are binary; they are either up […] More

Staying Safe in Hazardous Environments

Vocational truck fleets are showing interest in safety systems. While initially designed for highway driving, these advanced safety systems are adapting for use in the very different environments of vocational trucking: congested streets, road construction, […] More


Traditional commercial vans are losing market share, while a newer—and much taller—commercial van is gaining market share. Similarly, truck canopies have also gotten taller with time. The driving force behind this evolution is in improved […] More

Lighting Solutions from Optronics

LED technology essentially changed the equation when it came to commercial vehicle lighting. Compared to incandescent lamps, LEDs last 50 to 100 times longer, provide superior lighting characteristics, and enable far greater application flexibility. The […] More


Gary Lentsch, fleet manager for the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) in Oregon, knew that changes were coming to the rules governing vehicle backup cameras. NHTSA’s final rule on Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard […] More


Gary Lentsch, fleet manager for the Eugene Water and Electric Board (EWEB) in Oregon, knew that changes were coming to the rules governing vehicle backup cameras. NHTSA’s final rule on Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard […] More

Problems Meet Solutions with Summit Bodies

If your company employs cranes on a daily or even weekly basis, you’re well aware of the problems that can arise from their use. If a service crane isn’t operated or maintained properly, it could […] More

Training Your Drivers

The worst time to realize your fleet’s safety program doesn’t measure up is when you’re answering attorneys’ questions in court or at a deposition. Yet, even the best companies can find themselves in that uncomfortable […] More

6 Steps to a Safer Shop

Afleet manager’s responsibilities range from running the shop, dealing with HR or procurement issues, managing the budget, and—without question—running a shop where all technicians go home unharmed every night. Vehicle service lifts are some of […] More

Lifting Productivity

Food distribution companies serving restaurants often use refrigerated (reefer) vehicles to deliver frozen and refrigerated groceries as well as dry goods. The cargo compartments of such reefer vehicles are commonly segregated into three chambers. The […] More

Marion and Kinedyne Handle with Care

The Kin-Slider™ opens and closes in 30 seconds and is the perfect replacement for chassis-mounted truck bodies that now use roll-up doors or traditional curtain-walled solutions Glass truck design started out as a moderately uncomplicated […] More

Save a Life, Use a Side Guard

In crowded city streets, one of the most deadly accidents to occur is a side-impact collision between cyclists or pedestrians and municipal work trucks, including sanitation vehicles. “During a crash with a truck that has […] More

DuraMag Service Bodies Feature Dover Roller Shutters for Safer, Easier Access

In the fire and emergency industry, nearly 80 percent of the vehicles manufactured today have roll-up doors for compartment access. In the work truck industry, probably less than one percent of the work trucks manufactured […] More

Safe Fleet Provides Increased Functionality and Integrated Solutions

Safe Fleet is a portfolio of innovative and entrepreneurial brands that provide safety products for fleet vehicle manufacturers and operators worldwide. Many of the founding entrepreneurs shaped these brands by creating disruptive technologies that developed […] More

Cargo Straps Used by Government Agencies Now Available to Commercial Users

Cargo security is a must when transporting goods. Purdue University’s “Securing the Load: A Guide to Safe and Legal Transportation of Cargo and Equipment” says “losing cargo on the road is serious business.” Not only […] More

CVG Manufactures Ergonomically Sound and Comfortable Work Truck Seats

When it comes to equipping your work vehicles with seating that is ergonomically sound and comfortable, you might want to consider taking a seat at the table next to Commercial Vehicle Group (CVG), which manufactures […] More

Vanair ETL-500 Lifts up to Three Heavy-duty Tools from Your Truck and Places Them on the Ground

Designed to eliminate the back-breaking labor of loading and unloading a crew’s heavy tools from their truck, Vanair Mobile Power Solutions ETL-500 Electric Tool Lift raises as many as three pneumatic tools—weighing up to 500 […] More


We’ve all been there. It’s dark outside, you’re searching the bed of your pickup truck to find something, and there isn’t enough light. It might even be your work truck with valuable tools and equipment […] More


With a service area spanning eight Northern and Pacific Northwest states, Montana-Dakota Utilities Co. keeps a lot of drivers and trucks on the road. The company installs and repairs electric and gas utility lines in […] More


A truck that’s off the road due to a malfunctioning tarping system is both costly and aggravating. Every day, companies make the risky decision to install a tarping system on their own trucks, which quite […] More

An Active Approach to Pedestrian Safety, Custom Solutions to Reduce Fatalities

Pedestrians account for approximately 15% of all motor vehicle accidents, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA). In fact, pedestrian fatalities have increased over the past two years by 22% and 9%, respectively. “This […] More


Safety vests, safety glasses, safety straps, and safety belts. These are just a few things that we can associate with the idea of the need for safety and some of the tools we use to […] More


Following a detailed review of truck maintenance facilities across North America, vehicle lift leader Stertil-Koni has just released what it calls the “Seven Key Steps” to improving safety for busy technicians working on the shop […] More


In recent travels, I have had the chance to visit several heavy-duty truck operations. No two locations were alike. I’ve seen everything from a small operation with eight trucks serviced in a two-bay garage to […] More


Exposure to environmental noise is one of the leading causes of hearing loss throughout the world. Every day we are flooded with transport, industrial, and recreational noises. Some have the added hazard of excessive noise […] More


As you’ve no doubt already experienced, winter inevitably brings with it challenging driving conditions. Snow and ice litter roadways, creating obstacles and causing unpredictable vehicle response. Slippery conditions are difficult to avoid and preparation for […] More


The world of the mobile professional can often be dangerous, and concern for safety has increasingly become vital. Fortunately for the mobile tradesman or fleet manager, the products available to upfit a service vehicle have […] More

Top Brake Manufacturers Design for NVH Control

Brake technology is one of the greatest contributors to the presence of noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH) in vehicles; however, top-quality brake technology can successfully control NVH to give a safer, more comfortable ride. Friction […] More


Selecting the right tires is key to receiving the best value and performance from your replacement tires. Here are a few key factors to take into account when purchasing replacement tires: Select the best tire […] More


With National Tire Safety Week just behind us, it’s important to keep tire safety practices fresh in your mind—especially since it’s a year-round issue. Bridgestone Americas, Inc. is helping drivers prepare their tires for the […] More


Safety is always an industry concern. One major factor contributing to safe driving is, well, the ability to see. Point in case, companies are manufacturing trucks with larger windshields for increased visibility. With all the […] More


One of the biggest challenges for utility crews on any jobsite is being exposed to traffic. Line personnel need to take traffic control efforts seriously, including paying attention to signs before and after the work […] More


Whether your utility work involves power, telecom, or CATV, aerial devices—particularly bucket trucks—are some of the most important machines in your equipment fleet. To maintain safe productivity on any jobsite, follow these best practices for […] More


As a fleet manager, nothing is more important than everyone in your shop going home safely at the end of each shift. Increasing your technician’s shop safety can happen in many areas, but for this […] More


Part one of this article discussed forward crash avoidance systems and some issues that may arise by utilizing such a system independent of other safety features available. In part two, Kinniry discusses solutions to build […] More


What are the key elements of a solid Fatigue Management Program (FMP)? I believe it starts with commitment from the top. What’s important to your leadership will be important to your entire organization. It’s not […] More

Building a Fleet Safety Program

It’s probably just a matter of time before onboard driver assist systems become a regular feature of fleet vehicles. The data gathered so far proves that at least some of the dozen or so technologies […] More


Fatigue management is a complex subject with a number of key areas that have an impact on fatigue, alertness, and well-being. Perhaps the core area of fatigue management is sleep and all the ways it […] More


Looking back on 20 years in operations and safety leadership in the trucking industry, I’ve learned many things. Our business is always changing. To be successful, companies must learn to plan for changes and evolve […] More


Service-oriented fleets, as well as traditional transportation companies, rely on drivers to safely deliver equipment and materials. Often, these delivery sites are far less organized than brick-and-mortar freight docks. The risks are different and company […] More