Safety Shoes for Landscapers with a Stylish Makeover


Working in laborious industries like trucking, construction, landscaping, farming, and more tends to require workers to wear safety or steel toe shoes while on the job. Workers are often stuck with basic colors and styles when it comes to purchasing these types of shoes. These shoes can also be heavy for folks like landscapers that are on their feet all day. But one company, Ed Hennings Co., helps employees of these industries say so long to big, bulky, and heavy safety shoes and hello to more lightweight and comfortable shoes. 

Ed Hennings Co. is a line of high-quality steel toe and safety sneakers and boots as well as casual leather high-top sneakers. Ed Hennings, the owner of Ed Hennings Co., is a truck driver who also owns a trucking company.

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“I was always looking for the latest steel toe shoes that I could wear while working,” Hennings states. “Unfortunately, what I found year-after-year on store shelves and online were the same basic work shoes.”

Thus, the Ed Hennings Co. footwear line was born. 

“I wanted to create work shoes that not only provide the top level of safety and comfort, but that people would be proud to wear and would even want to wear outside of their jobs,” Hennings says.


The footwear line consists of: 

  • Steel Toe Footwear ($74.99) are indestructible, lightweight, and puncture resistant boots with a thick sole. The rugged boots are available in black or brown and are available for men and women. The Steel Toe Footwear is ideal for heavy-duty jobs.
  • Sports Steel Toe ($69.99) are high-top safety sneakers. The shoes are anti-slip, anti-static, as well as puncture resistant. The Sports Steel Toe sneaker’s high-top cut helps provide extra ankle support for workers. The shoes are available for both men and women.
  • Future ($70.00) are sporty steel toe sneakers that are made from breathable cotton and have a sturdy sole. The shoes are black and gray with a trendy yellow-orange stripe design. The Future safety sneaker is available for men and women.
  • Signature ($129.00) is a classic high-quality and comfortable leather high-top sneaker. The shoes are available in brown, grey, and black and are available for men and women. 

“Ed Hennings Co. is taking safety and work shoes up a notch,” Ed Hennings says. 


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