Product Showcase January 2023

Felling Trailers

Utility Reel “R” Series

The Felling Trailers’ Utility Cable Reel “R” series model lines have undergone design modifications to increase operator safety and ease of use. The most significant update to the model design is the auto-locking reel bar system that eliminates the use of pins and brackets; it now uses a locking plate system. The R series product line offers payload capacities ranging from 1,740 lbs to 13,520 lbs. All models have the capability to load up to a 120-inch diameter reel. The new R series design will reach full production by the first quarter of 2023.

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716U UWB Regional Drive Tire

The Yokohama 716U™ ultra-wide base tire is a weight-savings drive tire that carries more profitability for fleets. It’s available now in the US in size 455/55R225. Benefits of the 716U UWB include: increased load capacity with a load range M (22 PR), which reduces unsprung weight without compromising carrying capacity; aggressive traction with zig-zag grooves and wet-weather grip that evacuates water away from the tread; and built to last, made with a compound that resists scrubbing, cutting, and chipping for long, original tread life. Its funnel-shaped grooves also prevent stones and debris from reaching the bottom of the groove where damage occurs.


EDT+ Winter Defense Diesel Fuel Additive 

Hot Shot’s Secret introduced a new complimentary formulation of its best-selling Everyday Diesel Treatment (EDT) developed specifically for use during cold weather. EDT+ Winter Defense provides all the benefits of EDT fuel additive including improved power, performance, and mpg, but also prevents gelling and icing when temperatures start to drop. It also has industry leading lubricity protection with the addition of LX4 Lubricity Extreme. With a pour point of -65 degrees F, EDT+ Winter Defense is specially formulated to ensure diesel fuel tanks and lines stay fully operational, preventing fuel line freeze-ups in temps as low as -40 degrees F.


SweepAway Push Broom 

The new SweepAway™ push broom attachments from Hilltip are a versatile clean-up solution for use on forklifts, tractors, loaders, excavators, and other vehicles. This simple, yet effective tool provides professional results when sweeping a variety of materials, such as leaves, sand, rocks, debris, snow, and slush. Offered in sizes from 59 to 118-inches wide, the SweepAway push brooms are available in a light series with eight brush rows or a medium series with 12 brush rows. Featuring polypropylene bristles, the replaceable brush rows are easy to change and clean. The brooms contain no moving parts, resulting in practically no maintenance requirements.

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