SHANDONG, CHINA With China’s nascent pickup market in a slump because of weaker construction and real estate activity, exports have become a bright spot. Enter: Feel The Poer! Pronounced “power,” POER stands for powerful, off-road, […] More

From Summiting the World’s High Volcano to Working Down in the Mines

SWITZERLAND TO CHILE In Switzerland, a collaborative team plans the ultimate challenge of summitting a solar-powered truck on Ojos del Salado, the highest active volcano on the planet. Ojos del Salado straddles the border of […] More


ONTARIO, CANADA Alectra Utilities, the largest municipally-owned electric utility in Canada, adds an International eMV all-electric double bucket truck to its fleet—one of the first of its kind in Ontario. The EV will be used […] More


Welcome to News from Abroad, a new column that will feature research and experiments, technology and innovations, and ideas and strategies from across the globe that could one day affect the work truck industry in […] More


It was 2018. That February, South Korea hosted the Winter Olympics. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot. France defeated Croatia in the World Cup. The world said goodbye to Aretha Franklin, the “Queen […] More


Samsara, pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, which harnesses data to develop business insights, held its second annual Samsara Beyond conference in Austin, Texas, last month. The conference gathered together leaders and innovators across industries […] More

Protecting Night Vision With Lighting

For fleets that operate at night or in low-light scenarios, proper lighting is an absolute must—not only to see the task at hand, but also for the safety of the workers and those in the […] More


Just in time for the Maintenance + Safety issue, Netradyne, a Safety as a Service (SaaS) provider of artificial intelligence (AI) and edge computing solutions, released its latest safety survey results. The company’s recent survey […] More


Are you ready for trade show season? Has trade show season already started for you? The biggest trade show event for our magazine is upon us. NTEA’s Work Truck Week runs from March 7-10 in […] More

Diesel Vehicle and Diesel Fuel Price Outlook For 2023

Now, almost three years later, the economy and the supply chain are still recovering from Covid-19 and the stalls in production from 2020. What is on the horizon for the year ahead when it comes […] More

Growing Logging Company Chooses Kenworth for its Fleet

Each of its trucks puts in roughly 130,000 miles on the road per year. That’s a lot of time spent in the truck. And when a jobsite is a remote forest, such as the ones […] More

A Celebration of the First National Propane Day

Often when great strides are taken to improve anything—be it an industry, operation, culture, or mindset—the action is celebrated. And that’s just what the Propane Education & Research Council did earlier this month with its […] More

Experience Work Truck Live!

Contractors and business owners that employ work truck fleets know the importance of these assets. They carry equipment, haul loads, transport employees and technicians, and for those that are branded well, act as a mobile […] More

Going Electric? Learn Tips From Lightning eMotors: Part 2

Last month we introduced you to Lightning eMotors, the company that provides electric vehicle (EV) solutions for work truck fleets of all shapes and sizes. At its Lightning Day event, attendees experienced a ride and […] More

Going Electric? Learn Tips From Lightning eMotors.

Lightning eMotors makes electric vehicle (EV) solutions for the work truck industry in Classes 3-7. It also manufactures passenger solutions for Class 3-5 and 7-8 applications. Needless to say, Lightning eMotors has an EV solution […] More

A Trucker’s Fitness Tool

Last year, we introduced you to Hope Zvara and her Mother Trucker Yoga videos, designed to help truck drivers maintain a healthy body, healthy mind, and less-stressed lifestyle while on the road. Since then, Hope […] More

Wyotech President Discusses Mechanic & Technician Education

There is no denying the shortage of fleet mechanics in the work truck industry. In fact, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that over 28,000 diesel service technicians and mechanics jobs will become available […] More

The Rise in Diesel Fuel Prices

If your fleet runs on diesel or gasoline, you already know fuel prices have vastly increased. The rise in prices began even before Russia invaded Ukraine, yet the war made prices soar even higher. The […] More

Work Truck Week 2022 Show Review

What a great time in Indianapolis at NTEA’s Work Truck Week! Show exhibitors, attendees, coordinators, and all others carried an energy at the show that was electrifying—and it wasn’t all due to the many electric […] More


We went two full years without an in-person Work Truck Show, and honestly I don’t know how we managed. As the biggest trade show of our magazine, Modern WorkTruck Solutions was really itching to get […] More

Work Truck Week Preview

It’s our favorite time of the year! NTEA’s Work Truck Week is just around the corner, and we wanted to share some show information with you. Read below to learn the show schedule, special events, […] More

GM Develops CarBravo, an Online Platform For Vehicle Shopping

All aboard the virtual used-car sales train! Perhaps it’s the success of online used-vehicle-selling platforms such as Vroom and Carvana. Perhaps it’s the rising demand of used vehicles and the need to facilitate used-car sales […] More

Safety Driving Tips During the Holiday Season

According to the Vacationer, an expected 122 million people, or 63% of Americans, will travel during the 2021 holiday travel season. That’s an increase of 41% compared to holiday travel in 2020. The majority of […] More

Anti-theft Vehicle Safes From Console Vault

What you carry in your truck or work van depends on your line of work and your position of employment. Do you carry tools? Paperwork? Perhaps you even carry a firearm or confidential client information. […] More


Attendees from across the country gathered in Louisville, Kentucky, at The Utility Expo (formerly ICUEE) September 28-30. It was the first in-person trade show since the pandemic for many attendees and exhibitors. The pandemic brought […] More

Industry Benchmark Survey

The last year and a half has been odd for many of us. Business has soared for some yet stopped for others. And adding inventory and supply challenges to the trucking industry doesn’t make it […] More

A Fuel for the Winter

Last month’s issue covered alternative fuels, and this month we’ve discussed winterization. Here in Outside the Cab, we’re combining both topics. Warren Patterson is the vice president of commercial operations and sales at AmeriGas located […] More

Yoga for Truck Drivers

Fitness for truckers doesn’t have to look like Sylvester Stallone’s weight system in the cab of his long-haul truck in the film “Over the Top.” In fact, trucker fitness can be as simple as a […] More

Not Yet Out of the Woods

Although COVID-19 is on the downhill slope (for now), avoiding health risks in the workplace should continue to be a top priority for your employees and colleagues. Not only should it be a priority, fleets […] More

The Future of Vehicle Purchases

If the pandemic has shown us anything, it’s that many things we used to do in person can now be done online. That includes shopping for a new fleet vehicle. Chris Davenport of AutoParts4Less.com shares […] More

New Medium-Duty Trucks Unveiled

We’re barely in the second quarter of 2021. Winter and spring of each new year often bring new vehicle launches and reveals. Peterbilt and Kenworth are next up on the list with each brand unveiling […] More

Work Truck Week 2021: OEM Outlook

Although we didn’t get the opportunity to pack our comfiest Cole Haan trade show shoes, enjoy a shrimp cocktail at St. Elmo’s, or walk the floors of the Indianapolis Convention Center, NTEA still put on […] More

The All-new Nissan Frontier

Picture it: It’s 2004. The year saw the final episode of the sitcom Friends. We learn of the deaths of Ronald Reagan and Pat Tillman. The Montreal Expos announce they’re moving to DC to become […] More

A Biden Administration’s Effect on Transportation and Energy Policies

The Diesel Technology Forum released its predictions for the future of transportation and energy policies in a Biden presidency. Mr. Biden has already promised to recommit to the Paris Climate Accords, but what else can […] More

It’s Modern WorkTruck Solutions’ Anniversary

This issue marks the 5th year that Modern WorkTruck Solutions has supplied solutions to the work truck industry. Although the magazine has undergone changes throughout its lifetime, we’re proud to have stuck to our work […] More

The New International HX Series

International Truck designed its HX Series to be hardcore from the get-go. Designed for severe-duty applications, the HX Series is built rugged, durable, and with plenty of power to get the job done right. Earlier […] More

Mopar Offers Tips for Fall Car Care Month

Do you own a fleet of Ram trucks? You’re in luck. To honor Fall Car Care Month, Mopar—FCA’s service, parts, and customer-care brand—helps customers prepare for the changing weather and driving conditions with these seven […] More

How Reading Kept Trucking in a Safe, Efficient Way: Part 2

Last month we chatted with Jim Brodie, Reading Truck Group’s vice president of operations. He shared how Reading kept the virus at bay in all 13 of Reading’s facilities across the US while remaining open […] More

How Reading Kept Trucking in a Safe, Efficient Way

MWS: WHEN DID YOU START PLANNING FOR A COVID-19 INCIDENT? BRODIE: Our leadership was actually in the middle of discussing how we would react in the event of a COVID-19 case at one of our […] More

Contactless Fuel On the Go

Contactless and clean fueling on the go. That sounds great, doesn’t it? Especially in a world where “essential” has taken on a whole new meaning. In a time when essential parcel delivery, food distribution, and […] More

America Moves Because of Work Trucks

The layman might not know what we mean when we say “work truck.” But tell them it’s just about any commercial van, pickup, big rig, or heavy hauler that carries products, equipment, and technicians, and […] More

Protecting Our Essential Truckers

Even as more and more states are opening up their shops, businesses, and parks, the global pandemic continues to rage. At the time of this writing, there have been warnings of meat shortages and rising […] More

In the Wake of a Worldwide Pandemic

You’ve heard them all: the “novel coronavirus,” “COVID-19,” our president called it the “Chinese virus,” and you might have even heard it called “the ’Rona.” No matter what you call it, you’ve been affected by […] More

A Secure Way to Step into Your Truck Bed

Have you ever stored tools or equipment in the bed of your truck? I’m guessing you have—after all, that’s mostly for what truck beds are made. However, trucks pose an issue when it comes to […] More

What You Need to Know about ConExpo

This year in March, 2,800 exhibitors and 150 educational sessions are held in a 2.6 million-sq-ft facility for North America’s largest construction trade show. CONEXPO-CON/AGG is held every three years, and it seems to get […] More

Your Next Auto Phone Mount

I remember when aftermarket navigation systems like Tomtom and Garmin were popular. Everyone had one suctioned to their windshield or the dash of their vehicle. They have largely been replaced by Google Maps on our […] More

Work Fleet Forum 2020

Have you ever been speed dating? The concept revolves around moving from person to person in a matter of minutes, seeking exciting conversation or subtle connections to determine which guy or gal is worth seeing […] More

Move Over, Yeti. Cauldryn is Here.

I can’t function without my morning coffee, I occasionally indulge in a 10 am coffee, and on days I’m working in the office, I can’t get by without that 3 pm pick-me-up. I also like […] More

Pesky Bolts are no Match for this Tool

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as taking hours to do something that should take only a short while. Yet fleet maintenance professionals often find themselves in that position—working to solve an issue and finding at […] More


I’m normally pretty good about cleaning out my car, but there are times when it’s just too inconvenient. Perhaps I’m running late, I’m already carrying a load out of my car, or I just forget. […] More

Jeep Gladiator: 100% Jeep, 100% Pickup

Yeah, it looked cool: the signature Wrangler grille, the square shape of the roof, the big, all-terrain wheels. I quickly jumped in when I had the opportunity—not that I was reviewing the new Jeep Gladiator […] More

Charge on the Go

I don’t know about you, but it seems I’m always on the go. Very rarely do I allow myself time for a little R&R or even a full eight hours of sleep. And as much […] More

Versatility Calls for MultiPro

I grew up sitting on the tailgate of my dad’s old maroon Ford Ranger. I remember taking it on dusty back roads, my sisters’ and my eyes peeled in search of blackberries on warm Sunday […] More

Pull Double Duty with this Multi-tool

We all store items in the cabs of our work trucks—work documents, empty water bottles, mobile device charging cables, emergency kits, etc. While some of those items are in no way necessary for daily operations, […] More

NTEA’s The Work Truck Show Review

NTEA’s The Work Truck Show 2019 featured so many new and exciting vendors, products, and services this year. From Ford’s new F-600 to CargoGlide’s ultimate upfit solution, The Work Truck Show did not disappoint.  WHAT’S […] More


We dubbed 2018 as the year of innovation in the work truck industry. Several new work trucks were introduced this year, and we covered them. Chevrolet brought you its first-ever Class 4, 5, and 6 […] More

Cords of Steel

Cell phones and tablets are an absolute must in our daily lives for both work and personal use. Work truck fleet drivers often use their devices as navigation systems, to log information, to make/receive calls, […] More


We’ve all been there. We get dressed for work, pour our coffee into our Yeti Rambler, and get outside to find the engine on our vehicle unable to turnover. Yep. We did it again. We […] More

Don’t Buy Multiple Products. Hooptie is All You Need.

To keep your fleet vehicles looking pristine, you may employ up to 20 different products, chasing one after the other. What you use on windows shouldn’t be used on paint; therefore, if what was used […] More

Jack of All Trades

When I was a young girl, I traveled with my dad to his rental properties to pick up sticks before he cut the grass. We loaded his trailer with the lawnmower, Weed Eater, and shrub […] More

Tuck the Sun Away

It’s early in the morning. You’re driving to the worksite. You’re heading south, and the sun is shooting its rays directly on the left side of your face. You pull your visor over, but it’s […] More

Welcome to Outside the Cab

New seasons sometimes mean new beginnings, and after a seven-month winter, it’s time for a breath of fresh air. Modern WorkTruck Solutions is taking an old feature and breathing new life into its lungs. Welcome […] More