I’m normally pretty good about cleaning out my car, but there are times when it’s just too inconvenient. Perhaps I’m running late, I’m already carrying a load out of my car, or I just forget. Trash isn’t always top of mind, after all. And if the trash is in your work truck, I’m sure it’s the last thing on your mind too. No matter how the garbage got there, however, it’s important that it doesn’t stay long. And there’s a way to make sure of that.

I’ve seen some messy work trucks in my day. And I myself am guilty of piling trash in the floorboard of my passenger or back seat. Water bottles galore and paper trash that threatens to fly out once the windows are rolled down—I’ve been there many times. But for the last few trips in my car, I haven’t had a problem. I’ve had a garbage container with me for a few weeks now, and I think I just might keep it.


I recently had the opportunity to try TOSSITS. TOSSITS is a garbage bag system designed specifically for use inside your vehicle. TOSSITS come in a bundle of seven detachable bags that hang around the headrest of the front or back of the passenger’s seat or back of the driver’s seat. TOSSITS are leak proof, and the eco-friendly and recyclable bags are made from recycled post industrial waste.

Once a bag is full, tear it away from the bundle along the perforated line. To seal the bag, remove a plastic strip to reveal an adhesive tab, then roll the tab over the bag. Once the bag is sealed, simply toss it.


The TOSSITS bundle was in my car for a little over a month. I wrapped it around the back of my passenger’s seat, and for the most part, never thought of it again until I had garbage. Saying I didn’t think about it other than when I had garbage is actually a positive for me. It was out of sight, nonobtrusive, and yet proved handy when I needed it most. I didn’t have to pay attention to see if it leaked. I didn’t have to constantly readjust the bundle to ensure it stayed upright. Even when I ventured out on a weekend trip and needed access to items I placed in the back seat, the TOSSITS bundle was never an inconvenience. I have to say it fulfilled its purpose pretty easily.

When it was full, I simply tore the bag from the perforation, sealed it, and then tossed it in the garbage. Since the bundle comes with seven bags, I was ready to fill up the next bag as soon as I threw out the last one. Easy peasy.


Having a clean work vehicle is essential to productive operations. You can’t have water bottles and soda cans fall out of your cab each time you open the door, and you can’t have paper flying out of your van each time you open the window. Sometimes fleet drivers aren’t the tidiest folks, but even the best of us forget to clean out our vehicle from time to time. However, if there’s a garbage bag sitting in your vehicle within arm’s reach just waiting to be filled, it makes cleaning that much easier. If you’re the owner of a work fleet of pickups and vans, and your employees forget or are too busy to clean out their trash after they exit the vehicle, perhaps they’ll clean while driving down the road with TOSSITS. 

Honestly, I really like my bundle of vehicle-specific trash bags. Keeping my vehicle clear of clutter is important to me, and TOSSITS makes it easy. Buy one bundle of TOSSITS for $8 or a pack of three for $16 from It beats the one-time use of an old plastic bag from the grocery store.


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