The Allison Vehicle Environmental Test (VET) Center is an industry-leading facility that allows OEMs, body builders, suppliers, and end-users to satisfy their vehicle testing needs in a single environment-controlled location.
Vehicle owners and owner/operators face increasing pressure from rising costs and regulations that tighten already narrow margins. Vehicle technologies and configurations—critical to the continuous improvement of operating performance and overall value—can be overwhelming to sort through and prioritize. The VET’s innovative, one-stop testing lets you assess those configuration options using precise simulations of your routes and usage conditions. Allison Transmission’s repeatable and reliable tests allow you to make data-driven investment decisions in just days, saving you time and money. You can be confident that you’re getting the right vehicle for the job.

The company built a facility that’s on the forefront of the industry so you can stay on the forefront of yours. Its testing provides data that can enable you to evaluate configurations virtually and make decisions regarding new technologies like EVs.

The VET is serious about giving you peace of mind. The facility is designed to keep customer intellectual property, data, and information secure and confidential with independent firewalls, collaboration, and communication via a customer-specific partner community. And its physical controls limit visitor access inside the facility.

Check out our podcast where two Allison VET team members discuss the innovative features and benefits of the new facility: