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I grew up sitting on the tailgate of my dad’s old maroon Ford Ranger. I remember taking it on dusty back roads, my sisters’ and my eyes peeled in search of blackberries on warm Sunday afternoons. I remember similar instances later with a bigger truck, only this time our pup, Mickey, would jump on the tailgate and join us on our adventures. I remember my dad backing up next to the bank of a pond and using the tailgate as a station to bait our hooks. The tailgate was heavily used in my family, and it’s used much more on the jobsite. Clearly, tailgates are more than what meets the eye. So shouldn’t more thought go into their engineering? GMC thinks so…

Pickup trucks are known for their versatility, and a good bit of that versatility could be due to the tailgate. What was likely first thought as a way to get cargo in and out of a truck bed and keep that cargo secure has turned into something much more. Tailgates prove useful for elongating the truck bed, are a nice place to rest during a tough workday, and they can be a lunch station or a work space. GMC sought to maximize on the tailgate’s potential and brought us the MultiPro.


The MultiPro Tailgate is much more than your typical, one-panel, one-way tailgate. Users can adjust the MultiPro to fit exact needs—from securing longer cargo to grilling out before the game, it seems as though the folks at GMC thought of everything. The MultiPro functions as a regular tailgate, so if you’re reluctant to embrace change, never fear. But if you’re ready to spice things up and make use of the MultiPro’s innovative features, pull down the smaller inner gate to create an entry step or easier access to the contents of the cargo box. Pull up the tailgate’s load stop, a panel within the inner gate, to create a barrier between your load and a slip onto the open road. Use the load stop with the tailgate fully extended or with just the smaller inner gate extended.


When I showed off the GMC Sierra 1500 AT4 to my friends and family, the tailgate was the first to grab everyone’s attention. I showed them all the ways it can be folded out and down, how the load stop worked, and how they can use the tailgate as a step for access inside the bed. The load stop is used as the bottom step and is rated for 375 lbs, strong enough for burly workers carrying heavy loads.


As mentioned in “No More Risky Business” (pg. 50), workers are risking their safety when climbing in and out of truck beds to get their cargo. The MultiPro Tailgate lessens this risk with its step capabilities and its smaller inner gate that folds down for easier access to the cargo in the bed. Folding only the smaller inner gate of the MultiPro creates a workspace for your laptop, and with power connections in installed in the tailgate, you’ll be able to work remotely for as long as the job requires. 

Needless to say, I’m a fan of GMC’s MultiPro Tailgate. However, considering all of its moving parts, I’m a bit concerned with its longevity. But GMC ensures the MultiPro was “exhaustively” tested with duplications of real-world scenarios. Only time will tell just how much wear and tear the MultiPro can stand. Until then, you’re sure to enjoy an innovative tailgate system that makes your pickup more versatile than ever.


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MAY 2019