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I remember when aftermarket navigation systems like Tomtom and Garmin were popular. Everyone had one suctioned to their windshield or the dash of their vehicle. They have largely been replaced by Google Maps on our smart phones or by telematics systems on tablets. Nevertheless, navigation is still a large component of fleet operations today. For fleets that conduct navigation from a smart phone, an auto phone mount is almost a necessity for keeping the phone out of the hands of work truck operators and within clear view of the driver. I recently got my hands on my own phone mount, and I don’t intend to let it leave my car.

Whether it’s driving to airports or driving several hours to reach my destination, I’m always on the go. Even if I know the route enough to draw my own map, I like to have a navigation system to view traffic. I’ve always propped my phone up as best as I could, but I usually end up holding it in my hand to view Google Maps—which isn’t safe. But I’ve recently experienced the convenience of an auto phone mount, and I don’t plan to go back.

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MWS readers should already be familiar with the name ChargeHub. We’ve reviewed ChargeHub products in the past. The brand is back this month with its ChargeHub Auto Phone Mount and Wireless Charger.

This mount includes an air vent clip and dashboard/windshield mount to attach your phone according to your preference. It also rests on a platform enabled with 10W of power to charge any wireless charging-compatible device. The kit includes its own two-port USB car charger that connects to your cigarette lighter and a 32-inch USB-A to Type-C cable that attaches to the phone mount platform.


I employed the vent clip when I first used the phone mount. I figured it would be easier to manage, and I wasn’t keen on having the bulky suction arm sticking out from my windshield or on my dash. The vent clip worked really well, clinging to my vent without drooping from the weight of my phone and the phone’s platform, which was a concern of mine. However, it’s winter, and I like my car toasty. The vent I prefer using for my phone cannot be closed, and after an hour in the car, heat from the vent caused my phone to reach a temperature that disabled certain functions (my flashlight) for several minutes. Soon after I attached the mount to the dash to keep my phone safe.

The suction part of the phone mount is crazy strong. It’s difficult to remove, which is a good thing. But when I parked and wanted to move the mount out of sight, I couldn’t get it off my dash! Aside from that, the arm of the mount is very adjustable. I didn’t need to adjust it much, but it’s easy to extend further for those who have a long dash or whose windshield is extra wide or long.

To properly use the ChargeHub mount, it must be connected to power. The phone is held onto the platform by motorized arms that grip the phone when it is detected on the foot of the mount. The arms will not grip your phone without power. A simple tap of the sensors on the sides of the platform releases the phone, but that function also requires power.

Finally, the wireless charging feature works well enough. It charges my phone, but I must say it charges slower than I expected, although that could be due to my phone case.


I use the ChargeHub phone mount each time I get into my car. I love the fact that it charges without additional cables, and it makes viewing my navigation system so much easier. Its sturdiness allows you to keep it in place without adjusting it multiple times, and the fact that it comes with everything you’ll need for operation is a major plus. Its only cons are its speed of charge and that it must receive power to operate properly. Other than that, I’m sold on the ChargeHub Phone Mount. Find it online at



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