January 2020


6-in-1 Multifunction Power System—Cat Power

Including a rotary screw air compressor, generator, welder, booster/charger, PTO (with optional hydraulic pump), and cold climate kit, VMAC’s 6-in-1 Multifunction–Cat® Power is unlike any other all-in-one type system. First, it’s quieter, featuring noise reduction panels, low and high idle controls, and Standby Mode. Second, the Cat C1.1 Industrial Engine only requires servicing every 500 hours of operation, much less than the typical 100-200 hour requirement of other engine manufacturers. Third, VMAC’s 6-in-1 Multifunction Power System–Cat Power is lighter than the others. And at 710 lbs, it saves hundreds of pounds compared to having multiple systems on the vehicle.

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Skirted Four-Box Bed

Crownline’s skirted bed is made for hard work. It comes standard with four weather-resistant toolboxes and newly released bolt on hinges. Even on your toughest loads, Crownline has you covered with cross members that are spaced on 12-inch centers. Crownline only uses LED lights for better visibility. Its hitches are independently tested. Every product is powder coated to provide better protection for years to come. The sealed harnesses installed on the bed are designed to withstand all weather conditions and resist deterioration.


AluRack for Pickups

Prime Design’s AluRack® features the industry’s original rear rolling bar. This makes it safe and easy to load bulky sheets of plywood, drywall, pipe, and even weekend toys from the back of your pickup. Constructed with lightweight aluminum, this rack will carry all of your cargo and withstand challenging weather conditions of all types. Work hard, look stylish, and stay safe with AluRack. Visit Prime Design’s website to see how AluRack’s versatility and optional accessories can enhance your work truck experience.



LoopNet™ is a remote-activated security device that works with any 110V electric cord to provide an extra level of security when chain locking valuables located outside of your vehicle. With the brand-specific component called the Lasso, users loop their belongings through the electric cord. If any part of the cord is cut or disconnected while activated, an alarm will sound, deterring thieves. LoopNet can be integrated with any power lock system to activate and/or use the provided keyfob.



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