Not Yet Out of the Woods


Although COVID-19 is on the downhill slope (for now), avoiding health risks in the workplace should continue to be a top priority for your employees and colleagues. Not only should it be a priority, fleets could be penalized for failing to follow guidelines to combat the coronavirus set in place by OSHA and the CDC. Fred Fakkema, vice president of safety and compliance for Zonar, shares his comments on the subject.

More than a year into the pandemic, fleet managers face a fresh set of safety and compliance issues to implement programs, enable evaluations, and provide training and reporting to comply with new coronavirus health standards issued by the US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). To date, we’ve seen the agency issue 11 coronavirus-related citations to establishments across the country, totaling over $100,000, and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) has also issued guidelines for the cleaning and sanitization of vehicles.


Safety product features such as electronic verified inspection reporting (EVIR) solutions are must-haves for fleet managers to maintain safety and the uptime of fleets during the pandemic. Zonar, a provider of fleet management programs, patented an EVIR solution that can be configured to be compliant with all DOT, OSHA, and MSHA inspection requirements. Now, drivers can leverage the RFID or NFC tags of their EVIR configurations to address vehicle sanitization.

Fleet managers can leverage EVIR to easily adopt coronavirus health and sanitization standards into their pre- and post-trip inspections with EVIR. Our new configuration enables fleet managers to certify each inspection through digital records and even document the specific disinfectants used to sanitize vehicles.

We expect to see additional safety requirements emerge for fleet managers. As such, Zonar’s team of safety and compliance experts also hosts regular webinars and Q&A sessions to provide advice for fleet managers to stay up to date on the latest compliance regulations. You can access them at

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