Me on the job at a General Motors trucking event.

It was 2018. That February, South Korea hosted the Winter Olympics. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied the knot. France defeated Croatia in the World Cup. The world said goodbye to Aretha Franklin, the “Queen of Soul,” and former president George HW Bush. And, I stepped into the role of editing Modern WorkTruck Solutions magazine. It was my first job out of college, and although I began in an assistant role, it was the start of my career in trucking journalism. Read my final note below.

Dear readers,

For the past five and a half years, I have attended trade shows, taken part in truck manufacturer events, driven countless miles in pickups, and tested my abilities behind the wheel of big rigs. I have written many truck reviews, edited videos, and conducted hours of research to deliver accurate content. I have interviewed some of the most knowledgeable industry executives, chatted with fleet owners and operators, built invaluable relationships, and learned so much about this great industry that literally keeps our country moving.

“Grateful” would be an understatement, but it’s the one word that describes the way I feel about my time as the editor of MWS. Thank you, reader, for making my work meaningful. It was you I thought about when I interviewed industry experts who were sometimes the only ones who could answer your pressing questions. It was you I thought about when it was time to review trucks. “Would they think this is comfortable? Would they like this technology?” were questions I asked myself after sitting in the driver’s seat. It was the questions you sent me about different trucks or different technologies that challenged me to learn more. It’s because of you that I am the editor I am today. So, thank you.

As much as I’ve learned about the industry in this position, there is still so much more to learn. I am excited about my new journey, and I hope this won’t be the last you hear of me. This job kick-started my career as a trucking and fleet journalist, and I’m proud to say that I had my start here. I wish you all the very best.



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