It’s Modern WorkTruck Solutions’ Anniversary


This issue marks the 5th year that Modern WorkTruck Solutions has supplied solutions to the work truck industry. Although the magazine has undergone changes throughout its lifetime, we’re proud to have stuck to our work truck roots all these years.

For five years, Modern WorkTruck Solutions has brought you pieces from some of the most knowledgeable experts in the industry. For five years, you’ve seen maintenance solutions from mechanics who’ve been in the business for decades. For five years, no matter the size of your fleet or the size of your trucks, you’ve been able to turn to Modern WorkTruck Solutions for insight on operations, technology, maintenance, and safety. For five years, Modern WorkTruck Solutions has provided light-, medium-, and heavy-duty solutions to all your work truck needs.

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We’re proud to have been with you every step of the way—through the big economic boom in our earlier publishing years to the wild ride of 2020, we hope we have been a source of advice, insight, and a place to help grow your own ideas and innovations.


In the span of the five years we’ve published, Modern WorkTruck Solutions has grown from a small magazine to a media sponsor for big events such as the NAFA Fleet Management Association’s Institute and Expo and the NTEA Work Truck Show. We’ve brought you special editions such as each year’s Buyers Guide and Products and Services Guide. We’ve gone from writing overviews of work vehicles to getting inside the cab and offering unbiased reviews of some of the industry’s top work trucks and vans. We’ve tried and reviewed products to help with work truck maintenance and operations. But we don’t want to stop there.

Modern WorkTruck Solutions is still growing. We’ve got new and exciting things in store for 2021 that we hope will carry on throughout the years. I don’t want to share too many details, but I will say that it’s brand new for our magazine, and you won’t want to miss out!


Starting with this issue and ending in December 2021, each magazine cover will display our 5th year anniversary badge as a celebration. We hope that when you see this you’ll recall some past MWS issues that have stuck out in your memory. When those issues come to mind, let us know what you liked about them or which article helped, or even hindered, your work operations the most. After all, we do this for you—the work truck fleet owner and operator. Tell us how we’re doing by emailing me at or send us a tweet (@mwsmag).

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading Modern WorkTruck Solutions for the past five years, as we’ve thoroughly enjoyed creating it. Here’s to five years of work truck solutions and counting!

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