Move Over, Yeti. Cauldryn is Here.

I can’t function without my morning coffee, I occasionally indulge in a 10 am coffee, and on days I’m working in the office, I can’t get by without that 3 pm pick-me-up. I also like to wind down in the evenings with a steamy cup of herbal tea. What can I say? I like my warm drinks. But one thing I don’t like is a lukewarm drink. Thermoses are great, but sometimes they don’t perform as well as you need. So what’s the solution to this common, lukewarm coffee problem? Cauldryn.

Work truck drivers are often on the go. Whether that’s from jobsite to jobsite or office to jobsite to a client’s office to jobsite to office—and some days are busier than that! Just as a driver’s truck needs fuel, so does the driver. Thermoses such as Tervis and Yeti have rested in drivers’ cup holders for years, but even they don’t always keep liquids as cool or as warm as they advertise. But now there’s a new thermos on the market, Cauldryn.


Cauldryn is a temperature controlled thermos available with optional attachments for a variety of uses. Attachments include a blender for smoothies or other blended beverages and a percolator insert to brew coffee grounds or tea leaves on the go. However, the basic Coffee Edition Cauldryn is what I tried.

The Coffee Edition Cauldryn comes with: a 16-ounce, vacuum sealed, stainless steel thermos with sipping lid; battery pack; AC battery base; thermos heating base; and an AC adapter with charging cord. Charge it up, set the temperature (from ambient temperature to 212 degrees F), and enjoy your warm beverage all day with a 10-hour battery life. The Cauldryn is advertised to brew coffee and tea, boil water, and even cook soups and freeze dried foods.


I was excited to try Cauldyrn. I’d heard it about it long before I got ahold of one, and I’d always wondered how well it worked. I charged it (it takes about two hours to charge from a dead battery to fully charged), read the instructions, and then something came up and I wasn’t able to use it until three days later. Once I finally got to try it, I tried brewing tea.

The instructions warn never to use the temperature features in the Cauldryn without liquid in the thermos and to always open the sipping spout to allow steam and pressure to escape when using boiling temperatures. After I added the water, dropped a teabag in the thermos, tightened the lid, and opened the sipping spout, I set the temperature to boiling.

I don’t know if it was because I used the Cauldryn three days after charging or if it was because of its first use, but the temperature of the thermos never rose above 170 degrees before the battery life depleted, which wasn’t even an hour. I was able to enjoy a warm cup of tea, but it wasn’t in the way I expected. The next day, I charged the Cauldryn, set it to 140 degrees, and enjoyed a warm coffee for hours. The Cauldryn heated very quickly, too.


I don’t know how well the Cauldryn would work in work trucks—it doesn’t fit into standard cup holders very well, and even if it did, the warming base is about 2 inches tall, causing the thermos to protrude well above a typical cup holder. However, I believe the Cauldryn is great for those who work in an office, or even work truck drivers who come back to the office multiple times a day. It’s a great stationary thermos, but when it comes to warming liquids on the go, I would be hesitant to give the Cauldryn five stars.

Overall, I like the Cauldryn. I wasn’t so thrilled after my first use, but I appreciated it so much after I used it promptly after a charging and used it for warming, not boiling. It kept my 10 am office coffee much warmer than usual, and I’m even more excited for my 3 pm pick-me-up! The Cauldryn retails for $130.

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