We’ve all been there. We get dressed for work, pour our coffee into our Yeti Rambler, and get outside to find the engine on our vehicle unable to turnover. Yep. We did it again. We left the interior or exterior lights on all night, running our battery dead. Now to grab the cables and find a kind neighbor to jump us off. On top of the frustration of a dead battery, if you’re anything like me and you don’t know—or even care to know—your neighbors, the event of a dead battery can ruin a morning. Fortunately, there’s a new product on the market that can eliminate those pains.

Battery packs come in all shapes and sizes. They charge a multitude of things: phones, tablets, laptops, etc. They’re quite handy and are great for those of us who are on the go all day. And here recently, I found myself using a battery pack with enough power to jump-start a car.


A few weeks ago, I got my hands on a battery pack that charged my iPad from 7 percent to 100 percent then my iPhone from 11 percent to 89 percent in one charge. The battery pack doubles as a high-powered, four-mode LED flashlight. Double click the flashlight power button to turn it on, then double click to turn it off, or single click to cycle through its four modes: high-beam, weak-beam, SOS, and strobe. But what does this device have to do with jump-starting a vehicle?

The device is called JumpSmart. It’s a three-in-one jump starter, flashlight, and power bank. Use it every day to charge your devices, or use it in the event of a dead vehicle battery. The JumpSmart comes in a convenient, sturdy carry case that easily fits under car seats, large center consoles, or in my case, the trunk of a car.


My dad likes toys, travel, and toys that travel. His most recent toy purchase was a 1995 Dodge 3500 Roadtrek Class B with a 318 V8 engine. Soon after I got to my parents’ house earlier this month to celebrate Labor Day, I discovered the Roadtrek hadn’t been driven in weeks due to a dead battery. “Let’s test out this jump starter I have,” I said to my dad.

We were both a little skeptical at first. How could such a small device jump a vehicle battery? We carefully followed the instructions listed in the kit (positive first, then negative). The van started right up. Color us impressed! We left the van running for a short amount of time, perhaps two minutes. Then we turned it off and tried to crank it again. Dead. We weren’t sure the JumpSmart had enough power for yet another jump-start. We hooked the clamps back onto the battery, waited about 30 seconds, then turned the key.

Vroom vroom vroom! The van was running and ready to roll! My dad drove it around awhile, and now it’s just as good as before!


Get yourself a JumpSmart. No one looks forward to the moment when their vehicle battery dies, but it’s bound to happen eventually. When it does, you’ll definitely be in want of a JumpSmart. The JumpSmart kit comes with the device itself (a jump start, flashlight, and power bank in one), jumper cables, a wall charger, and a car charger to charge JumpSmart on the go. Everything listed above comes in a hard-sided case that conveniently stores anywhere in your vehicle. As a fleet owner, the JumpSmart is definitely something you’ll want in some if not all of your fleet vehicles. Get your JumpSmart for $119.99 at


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