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    Seeing is Safety

    According to the federal government, motor vehicle crashes claimed nearly 37,000 lives in 2018. Crashes are also responsible for millions of injuries and impose a comprehensive cost to society of $836 billion in property loss, […] More

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    Safety Training for Light-duty Drivers

    By John Kudor If your employees drive in order to complete vital job duties, they’re professional drivers. And without the proper training, they’re putting themselves, others, and your company at risk. According to the CDC, […] More

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    Shift into Better Liver Health

    By Jon Slaughter and Jon Gingrich Professional truck drivers, fleet owners, and fleet safety officers are seeking strategies to help keep drivers at peak health so they can remain productive and stay safe behind the […] More

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    10 Safety Tips to Lift Work Trucks for PM and Repair

    The stakes are high. Vehicle maintenance shops are typically extremely demanding locations that require careful planning, a highly trained workforce, and a total commitment to safety and performance. What’s more, whether the location services anything […] More

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    Steering Toward Better Sleep Health

    By Jon Slaughter and Terry Bayliss Disrupted sleep can impair a professional truck driver’s cognitive function and cause increased daytime sleepiness, leading to more truck driving accidents and unsafe roads. Estimates show that drowsy driving […] More

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