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    Open Communication and Consistent Coaching

    What is “normal” now? Ideally, it’s the life we lived prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, with so much up in the air, no one really knows what the normal will look like once the […] More

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    Is Distracted Driving Increasing?

    With safety technology becoming more and more required as standard components of newer vehicles and distracted driving laws cracking down on cell phone use behind the wheel, one would think distracted driving would be on […] More

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    Digital Technology Paves a New Path for Fleets


    As industries across sectors look ahead to the next decade, they are grappling with new technologies and the challenges and opportunities they bring. Advances in 5G, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence are disrupting familiar business […] More

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    Safety, Security, and Organization

    Organization, security, and safety are all vital components to a successful construction project. A worker distracted by their personal cell phone could result in poor workmanship, a costly mistake, or danger to other workers. When […] More

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    3 Easy Tips to Secure Cargo on the Road

    Secure Your Load

    Fifteen years ago, a young woman was seriously injured by road debris on Interstate 405 in Washington. Soon after her mother, Robin Abel, dedicated her life to raising awareness of the injuries and deaths caused […] More

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    The Razerlift Revolution


    A lot has happened since Modern WorkTruck Solutions first reported on the revolutionary RazerLift in the September 2018 edition. Most notably, production, as RazerLift units are with or making their way to customers. Paul Buller, […] More

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