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Are paper-based inspections, multiple disconnected applications, and poor provider communications making it difficult to get reliable, quality, and timely data that’s necessary for good decision-making?
According to Michael Riemer, VP products and channel marketing, Decisiv, Inc—a provider of Service Relationship Management (SRM) solutions for commercial assets— if you answered yes to the above question, mobile technology may be a key tool for helping improve service event management processes.
Featured Image:  Decisiv services allow for appropriate and timely fleet maintenance.
Above:  With Decisiv’s mobile technology, you can scan a vehicle’s QR code for improved speed, accuracy, and accountability.


“In the service arena, mobile access to information allows for more timely analysis of issues and reduces downtime,” Riemer states. “With a mobile device that provides access to what’s happening in real time during the repair process, you can approve repairs no matter where you’re located and have that approval be part of the service record. You’ll receive status updates and notifications from the time the asset arrives, gets checked in, and when the asset is ready to be picked up.
“You can also receive alerts based on pre-defined attributes to ensure that repairs don’t go too far astray before you take action,” Riemer continues. “For instance, you can get mobile alerts whenever an estimate is greater than a pre-determined dollar amount, when any repair becomes delayed because it’s on hold for parts, or when a truck has been down for more than a set number of days.”
Riemer notes that any time-based attribute (appointment time, promise time/repair completion time, follow-up time, etc.) can be used to trigger alerts. While mobile, these alerts can quickly provide the data needed, as well as the ability to quickly send an email, text message, or call a service provider.
“Mobile devices also help speed up internal shop processes,” Riemer continues. “Shop managers and technicians can use mobile devices and electronic forms to quickly perform your intake process and identify any issues which need immediate attention—all before the truck is in the bay. With electronic mobile inspection forms, uniformity of the inspection process is guaranteed and all the necessary data is automatically captured. In addition, inspection criteria can be quickly changed and updated to support specific campaigns and new technology deployments.”
Riemer also points out that mobile devices can be used to scan QR codes, which manufacturers, fleets, and service providers can quickly and easily include on their vehicles. The codes provide a simple, fast, and accurate way to open a service event case and have in-context access to build information, service history, and asset-specific electronic inspections. Available warranty, recalls and service campaigns, and pending operations are also accessible.


Managed care providers, which function as the fleet’s service department by operating out of their own service facilities, the fleet’s existing service bays, or by using fully equipped service vehicles, are also finding that using mobile technology can streamline the maintenance and repair process at remote locations and during roadside events.
Here’s a real-life example of how a managed care provider is taking advantage of mobile technology. VehiCare, a North American fleet maintenance provider backed by the WheelTime network of over 200 locations in the US and Canada, provides a complete range of fleet services from its fully equipped maintenance facilities, dedicated client shops, and state-of-the-art mobile service units.
“The Decisiv platform has helped VehiCare and Clarke Power Services, Inc. improve our operations, grow our business, and better satisfy our customers,” says Peter Savage, director of fleet solutions, Clarke Power Services, Inc. “One of the key items for improving operations starts with the QR code.
“During set up, unique QR codes are produced and attached to each asset,” Savage continues. “Scanning the asset QR codes using the Decisiv mobile app at the beginning of a service event improves speed, accuracy, and accountability across our facilities. Vehicle information, PM schedules, cost monitoring, and account information are all easily accessible to the technician or service advisor.
“Once the operations are added,” Savage adds, “the mobile app is also capable of assigning technicians to repairs and tracking labor and travel time in the event of a remote repair, all in the name of improving efficiency and reducing our customer’s total operating costs.”


The Decisiv SRM solution and its mobile capabilities are now accessible at 1,200 fleets, with 500,000 assets, more than 3,000 service providers, and thousands of roadside service and tow providers. Those companies are using the cloud-based software and mobile applications to perform more than 350,000 inspections and manage over two million service events per year.
“To meet today’s anytime and anywhere business challenges, you need computerized maintenance management software that helps you manage and access service and repair events no matter where they are occurring and no matter where you are when they are happening,” Riemer states. “Inspections, scheduled maintenance, repair events, or breakdown service can all be managed on a variety of mobile devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones.
“Not knowing what’s going on in the maintenance management process is frustrating,” Riemer continues. “Manually entering data during inspections or mobile maintenance events takes up valuable time and resources. With mobile tools, you can stay on top of repairs and up to speed on the process no matter where the asset is located. Look at mobile devices as an extension of your enterprise desktop application.”StoryStopper-Icon


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