Utility fleet managers know that vehicle downtime is costly. The quicker a truck can be processed at the maintenance facility, the quicker it can be returned to service, resulting in more efficient operations. Fleet operators at the 2015 International Construction and Utility Equipment Exposition (ICUEE) saw how Rotary Lift Mach™ Series mobile column lifts minimize downtime with fast setup features and versatility.


The Mach Series Mobile Column Hydraulic (MCH) lifts are sold in sets of two and can be used in groups of four, six, or eight columns at a time with fore and aft adapters. These lifts are a fast and easy choice for your maintenance facility—fast set up time and lifting speed with fewer cords to wind up and fewer steps required by the technician to put the lift in service. The Mach Series consists of the MCH13, MCH18, MCHFRKLFT, and Mach4 Plus, a unique runway system that can convert a set of four MCH18 columns into a heavy-duty drive-on four-post lift. All Rotary Lift Mach Series lifts have been third-party tested and ALI certified to meet industry safety and performance standards.
Rotary’s MCH13 gives technicians the option of not being tied to a bay, allowing them to get the job done wherever they have the space. The MCH13’s easy to use design gives technicians control from any column and forklift pockets, providing a convenient way to relocate columns within your shop. Easy to move, adjustable forks improve set up time without the need for reducer sleeves; the adjustment range is 6.3-23.6 inches to accommodate 9- to 24-inch tire sizes. Additional features of the MCH13 include an automatic steering system; 24V, DC battery with on-board charger; quick connect cables; horseshoe wiring; and ALI Gold Certification. Capacity is 13,000 lbs per column.
Configured in a 2-, 4-, 6-, or 8-column set, Rotary’s MCH18 also gives your technicians the power and mobility to make repairs anywhere in your shop. The lift is available in wireless or wired configurations; its battery-operated columns with internal charger add safety to the workspace by eliminating power cord clutter around service bays. The MCH18’s automatic steering system saves valuable time by removing the need to manually pump the jacks up to move the columns. Technicians can control the lift from any column using Rotary Lift’s patented control panel. All these options give you an easy to use, mobile column that frees up your shop for additional productivity. Rotary Lift builds the MCH18 lift in Madison, Indiana.
Using two MCH18 columns, Rotary Lift makes it easy to service forklifts with the MCHFRKLFT kit. The portable, open platform design attaches to the base of the two columns, giving the clearance needed to safely raise forklifts with a capacity of 10,000 lbs.  Rotary also offers frame-engaging lift kits that make it possible to use two MCH18 or MCH13 columns to pick up cars and light trucks fore and aft by the frame.
Featured Image:To provide utility fleet service facilities with maximum versatility, you can remove Rotary Lift Mach Series lifts from under a raised truck once you’ve lowered the vehicle onto jack stands.
Above: The Mach4 is available in wireless configuration for safety and convenience.


“Mach Series mobile column lifts feature fast rise and descent times, so technicians spend less time waiting for the lift before they can start working,” says Doug Spiller, heavy-duty product manager for Rotary Lift. “They also come with intuitive controls that make it easy to synchronize each column during the setup process. Automatic steering systems further save time by eliminating the need to manually pump each column before transport and brakes engage automatically when the handle is released.”
To provide utility fleet service facilities with maximum versatility, you can remove Rotary Lift Mach Series lifts from under a raised truck once you’ve lowered the vehicle onto jack stands. You can use the lift to raise other trucks for service, preventing bottlenecks of vehicles.


Rotary Lift is the leading brand of vehicle lifts designed to increase technician productivity. Founded by the inventor of the first automotive hydraulic lift and celebrating 90 years in 2015, Rotary Lift now offers the broadest line of lifts for use in professional automotive service, commercial truck, and transit applications. There are more Rotary Lift products used in vehicle repair facilities around the world than any other brand.


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