Low VOC Paint System Hits High Mark for Color Capability, Durability


When you take into consideration all the different types of commercial trucks on the road today, you’ll be hard pressed to find a harder working group of vehicles than those belonging to the work truck segment. These hard-nosed dynamos power through dirt, mud, rain, ice, snow, and pretty much anything else that gets in their way when there’s a job to be done.

It’s no surprise that OEMs, body builders, and collision repair operations demand a paint finish that is equally tough. In recent years, however, they have added another item of importance to their wish list. Fueled by growing concern with climate change and stricter environmental regulations imposed by US and Canada, the work truck industry is paying more attention to paint products that can further limit the emission of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere and create a healthier work environment.  


One manufacturer who has addressed these demands head on is PPG. The company’s PPG DELFLEET ONE® paint system offers the commercial transportation industry’s lowest VOC product ratings—1.5 lbs per gal VOC for basecoat, direct gloss, and matte finishes, and 2 lbs per gal VOC or less for undercoats and clearcoats. Overall, this equates to a reduction in VOC emissions by 57% compared to typical 3.5 lbs per gal VOC commercial paint systems—a number significantly below current VOC restrictions throughout North America.

“Our work truck customers want a durable coating that efficiently enhances job quality and productivity while reducing its environmental impact,” says Scott Colvin, PPG brand manager, fleet segments, USCA Commercial Coatings, Refinish. “And we did just that with the PPG DELFLEET ONE system.”

When PPG asked work truck operations what their expectations were for an ultra-low VOC system, color capability was high on their list. In order to perform fast, efficient work, color matching excellence is an absolute must. 


With thousands of OEM, fleet, and transit color formulas—and some of the industry’s most advanced color matching tools—it appears the PPG DELFLEET ONE paint system has an advantage in this regard. PPG’s offering features a compact mixing system that includes the latest aluminum and pearl pigments to provide full color capability for direct gloss, basecoat, and matte colors. 

To identify and consistently achieve accurate color matches, the PPG DELFLEET ONE paint system is equipped with a number of advanced color tools, including but not limited to the PPG DELFLEET ONE Color Selector, which houses thousands of OEM color chips, a state-of-the-art spectrophotometer, and the PPG Color Matching Laboratory, dedicated exclusively to matching commercial vehicle colors.


Paint system durability is another factor that rates high for OEMs, body builders, and refinish operations servicing the work truck segment. In addition to the previously mentioned operating environments, work trucks are also exposed to gravel, road salt, extreme temperatures, and blazing sunlight. 

To battle such exposures, the PPG DELFLEET ONE system uses the latest epoxy and urethane coatings technology in its direct gloss and basecoat/clearcoat systems. Additionally, UV inhibitors are built directly into both the direct gloss products and the clearcoat for the basecoat/clearcoat offering. The result is an extremely tough coating designed to provide exceptional corrosion and UV protection over the long haul—one that’s backed by the PPG Commercial Vehicle Paint Performance Warranty.


Of course, a low VOC commercial vehicle paint system that provides exceptional color capability and tough-as-nails durability is basically useless if it’s difficult to work with. Today’s OEMs, body builders, and refinish operations simply do not have the time and patience for substandard performance. 

For this reason, PPG developed the PPG DELFLEET ONE paint system from the painter’s perspective. New users will find the system is easy to mix, with a simple 2:1:1 mix ratio for basecoat and direct gloss. Even the most novice painter can learn and master mixing colors in short order.

The PPG DELFLEET ONE system is also easy to apply with impressive features that include excellent metallic control, good rivet hang, and the ability to precisely control dry times via hardener selection (especially helpful for painting large work trucks). 


The commercial truck industry’s migration to low VOC paint systems is well under way. But there is still work to be done. “As other coatings manufacturers move in similar direction with PPG and introduce new low VOC offerings, the industry as a whole will benefit,” Colvin says. “And that’s good news for those who prep and paint work trucks, as well as anyone else that wants to see increased use of environmentally progressive products.”


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