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We’ve all been there. On a busy morning with several stops on the day’s schedule, you go to crank your truck and immediately realize something is wrong. Whether the fix is as simple as a jumpstart or something more complicated, every minute away from the job costs you—not only in downtime, but in the cost of the repair. A Harris Poll found that the average person spends around $397 per year on vehicle repairs and maintenance.

For a large fleet with several vehicles and mechanics on-site, technicians or drivers can be back on the road in no time. But for smaller fleets with fewer vehicles and no on-site mechanic, the uncertainty that surrounds vehicle maintenance can become a major stressor—especially when considering the inconvenience of having a vehicle worked on, wasting time at a repair shop, coordinating rides or rentals, and missing work due to scheduling repairs. One company, FixMyCar, is out to change all of that by revolutionizing the auto repair industry with mobile mechanics coming to the customer’s lot or office.

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FixMyCar is the easiest way to get your car fixed. Simply visit and request a service. Its network of mechanics can come to your business with all the tools and parts needed to perform car maintenance and repair. FixMyCar performs almost 80% of all car repairs in your driveway or lot. FixMyCar is the future of auto repair and maintenance, bringing certified mechanics to your vehicle at your office. Currently, FixMyCar makes car repair more convenient and affordable in Detroit, Dallas, Houston, and soon Austin and other major metropolitans. By 2023, the company aims to be nationwide.

FixMyCar is quickly ramping up a division specifically for fleets. Fleets can lower their downtime by getting car maintenance and light fixes performed—even outside of business hours and on the weekends when most shops are closed. By having technicians perform maintenance and repairs on-site for fleet customers along with a 24,000-mile/24-month service warranty, fleet customers can save time by getting repairs completed sooner than scheduling and performing repairs at a shop.

Not only does this mobile mechanic service make it easier to get repairs and maintenance work done, it’s also more affordable than going to a dealership or a repair shop. Because the mobile service model has little overhead, FixMyCar is able to offer services for 20 to 30% lower than dealerships and repair shops while still providing mechanics with significantly higher salaries.

Some services offered include:

  • Diagnostics
  • Battery and starter replacement
  • Brake and light engine repairs
  • Routine maintenance (such as oil changes)
  • Car inspections when buying a used car


FixMyCar was founded by Prashant Salla in Detroit, Michigan, when he was helping a mechanic find leads on Craigslist in 2018. Seeing how much of an impact it made to the mechanic by providing a consistent supply of customers, he decided to build a platform mechanics can rely on to get customers. With FixMyCar, mechanics can do what they do best—perform repairs—and FixMyCar takes care of customer acquisition, pricing, scheduling, payments, and customer service along with setting up an infrastructure for parts. Seeing how customers value the convenience of having someone come to them led Salla to pursue this venture.

But Salla knew that to create a profitable business, FixMyCar’s mechanics had to be knowledgeable and reliable. That’s why FixMyCar performs background checks and vets its mechanics for their certification. It also performs a technical capabilities test via phone interview followed by an internal test. Newer mechanics also are guided by senior mechanics on the platform when they start out.

“FixMyCar is a managed tech marketplace that aims to bring complete transparency and convenience to car repair by sending a certified mechanic to the car owner’s doorsteps,” Salla says. “We do background checks, certification verifications, soft skills screening, and ensure cultural fit when we hire mechanics. It’s a unique experience when you can talk to the mechanic outside your house (or office), ask questions about your car, and get maintenance or driving tips. This changes the way people think about car repair and empowers them to take control of their vehicle’s health. The auto repair space is ripe for disruption.”


As previously mentioned, FixMyCar offers routine maintenance without the need to ever drive your car into a shop or duck under the hood yourself. For oil changes specifically, FixMyCar started an oil change membership program to keep your oil changed on schedule. This program takes all the time-consuming oil change appointments out of your hands and allows you to focus on your business.

FixMyCar’s oil change membership program delivers oil changes to members’ doorstep for $16 per month. Depending on how frequently your fleet vehicles receive an oil change and the kind of oil it receives, the program could pay for itself within two oil changes. Not only will FixMyCar members enjoy the benefit of scheduled oil changes in their driveway but they’ll also get discounts on other repairs along with free vehicle health inspections and on-demand technician phone support.


Although FixMyCar is already up and running in several metro areas across the nation, the company isn’t done innovating. FixMyCar’s long-term vision is to build a MyCar marketplace where consumers can download an app and get car services delivered to their doorstep. This includes car maintenance and repair, washing, and towing. Fleet customers will also be able to use this service with a fleet-specific login and functionalities catered to fleets’ needs.

In addition to the oil change program, FixMyCar will also launch an annual membership program designed to save customers more money and give them peace of mind when it comes to car repair and maintenance. Additional services in the pipeline are towing, washing, buying, selling, and renting cars from your lot or driveway, which will all be handled through the company’s MyCar Marketplace. With the MyCar Marketplace, customers will be able to get any service in their driveway or at their office just by pressing a few buttons on their phone.


FixMyCar is available in Detroit, Dallas, Houston, and soon Austin. The company aims to be nationwide by 2023. Find out more, visit

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