Reduce the Risk of Equipment Theft


Webfleet Solutions, a global telematics solution provider, helps fleets reduce the risk of equipment theft and improper usage with a new capability for asset tracking within WEBFLEET. Webfleet recently released the solution to United States fleet customers and business owners. WEBFLEET Asset Tracking gives companies a new ability to visualize the position and usage of their powered assets, such as trailers, generators, and other equipment from a single interface with the position of vehicles and assets displayed on a clear map view. Companies can reduce loss and theft by keeping their high-value assets visible with accurate GPS positioning, usage, reporting, and more. Managing assets and vehicles on one platform can be simple and cost-effective.

According to recent data compiled by the TT Club, the United States has the second highest cargo theft rate in North America, and annual estimates of the cost of equipment theft vary from about $300 million to $1 billion, with most estimates in the range of $400 million.

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With WEBFLEET Asset Tracking, fleet operators can choose to be alerted when an asset is in use, when it leaves a designated area, or when any motion is detected. This helps reduce both the risk of theft and the likelihood of improper usage. Notifications can also be setup to alert the user when maintenance is required, which helps to preserve the value of the asset.

Further, fleets of all sizes and all industries can use WEBFLEET Asset Tracking—beyond vehicles. Transport, construction, and agriculture companies can check the status of trailers, machinery, plant equipment, and more alongside their vehicles.

“Our focus is always on providing insight and making the working process simpler, safer, and more efficient,” says Matt Gunzenhauser, director of sales of USA and Canada of Webfleet Solutions. “And that’s precisely what Asset Tracking does.”


The user can find out the location of each asset in seconds, whether it’s on-site or off. Asset Tracking provides access to a detailed map, which provides visibility of where their assets have been with position updates every five minutes on the map. If they want more detail, they can get instant reports 24/7, listing current position, trip, maintenance, input, and all the other details regarding how the asset is used. Customers can set up a maintenance notification based on the odometer, engine hours, or time since the last maintenance—whatever is most suitable for judging that an asset needs to be serviced.

Trailers equipped with a LINK 340 device—a ruggedized tracker that is dust, shock, and waterproof—also provide coupled asset information displayed automatically on the map for both truck and trailer. Users can easily identify which of their assets is connected to which vehicle or which truck is transporting which machine. This advanced new feature provides better control of the total transportation value chain for enhanced business efficiency while increasing the accountability of drivers.

Get instant notifications of asset use and change of location.


Using WEBFLEET Asset Tracking allows users to:

  • Accurately locate assets by viewing the current positions of assets, ensuring they’re on-site or can be located quickly when needed.
  • Understand asset’s general usage for project handling using asset reports that provide an overview of asset usage, including total trip and engine hour information for increased efficiency of rental billing, regular book-keeping, and maintenance management.
  • Detect theft in time to take effective action (a costly and common concern for businesses) with geofencing or motion activation, which provides instant alerts if an asset is moved without permission.
  • Monitor entire business from one interface by tracking trailers and powered assets from one interface alongside a fleet of vehicles, e.g. fleet managers can monitor their trailer as well as see which truck driver is handling it based on the coupling information.
  • Track trailers that are not in use with active, minimum traceability that reports the location, one position per day, of disconnected trailers.

“Webfleet Solutions’ Asset Tracking is designed to provide a host of functionalities that enable fleet managers and business owners to get the most value and productivity out of each of their assets. This can make a tangible impact in the reduction of unnecessary costs and optimize processes for better business results,” Gunzenhaeuser concludes.


Finally, users also have the option of adding WEBFLEET Video to their tracking solution. WEBFLEET Video is a fully integrated video telematics solution. It combines dashcam footage with driving data to give companies full context of road incidents in real time to increase road safety and overall fleet efficiency. AI technology automatically identifies risky driving behavior and notifies the driver, helping them avoid dangerous situations. With footage from the road, your drivers get clear examples showing how they can drive safer and evidence to protect them against fraudulent claims.

In summary, telematics data helps customers to make better business decisions based on data insights—which can increase fleet efficiency, safety, and sustainability. Adding Asset Tracking helps reduce the risk of theft and improper usage on powered assets and rental equipment. And reducing risk in the fleet industry is something we can all agree is a great thing.


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