Protect Your Fleet From Showers this Spring


No matter the type of fleet, be it electric, alternative fuel, gas powered, or diesel powered, taking care of a work truck is crucial, especially in the rainy spring months. With spring quickly approaching, it’s time to take a look at fleet vehicles and consider some maintenance that may need to be done.

Not sure what to check? Don’t worry. See the list of parts and accessories to check before hitting the road.

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Tires are the most important part of the vehicle to check before the rainy months come. Making sure tires have enough tread on them is especially important for the safety of the operator and others on the road. Give tires a quick inspection, and make sure they are in good condition. Be sure to check the tread, air pressure, alignment, and balance of tires. Also remember to always have a spare on hand for unexpected blowouts or flats.


Brakes are one of the most important parts of the vehicle, and having them regularly maintained is extremely important. With the roads getting sleek in the spring months, brakes must work perfectly. Whether using air brakes, drum brakes, or disc brakes, it is important to inspect them before the spring rainfall begins. Nothing is more important than driver safety and the safety of those around the driver, so be sure to inspect brakes sooner rather than later.


While this seems like an obvious part to check, it often goes unnoticed. After driving around in the winter, windshield wipers take a beating from the snow and ice. It is best to check wipers by splashing some water on the windshield and making sure they are in good shape by not leaving streaks. Having new wipers assures a driver has clear visibility when traveling. Also, be sure the windshield wiper fluid reservoir is filled so that drivers are not left with a dirty windshield when driving.


Checking the vehicle battery to ensure it has the right charge can save a driver from being stuck on the side of the road this spring. The cold months can take a toll on the battery, so checking or replacing the battery can save a headache down the line. A simple battery testing can show if it’s necessary to replace the battery and help avoid lost productivity from a dead battery.


Wipers aren’t the only components that take a beating during the winter. Winter weather also takes a toll on the suspension due to the the snow, ice, and salt. Inspect the suspension before the spring to ensure there are no damages or leaks. A failing suspension leads to a bumpier, less safe ride. With a suspension inspection, fleet managers can avoid misalignments and have a safer and smoother ride.


After all vehicle components have been inspected, replaced, and replenished, it’s also a good idea to employ accessories to help keep fleet vehicles in top shape.

Floor mats and Seat Covers

Buying durable, well-fitted floor mats will help keep the interior of fleet vehicles nice and clean. These mats can be easily removed and washed to clean any dirt that may get tracked into the vehicle. Additionally, having seat covers will also help keep the vehicle interior clean and dry. Seat covers now come in memory foam so when a driver travels long distances, they can experience as much comfort as possible.

Mud Flaps

Purchasing some new mud flaps before the rainy months will not only make a fleet vehicle look more attractive, but it will also protect it from dirt and rocks kicked up onto other drivers and the fleet vehicle itself. Mud flaps can be customized to match the branding of the company or the preferred style of the driver, so have some fun when picking out new mud flaps.

First Aid Kits

Unexpected injuries or basic cuts and burns happen all the time. Therefore, buying a first aid kit to keep in the vehicle should be a priority for all fleet owners and operators. Some items to make sure you have in your first aid kit include gauze pads, a box of Band-Aids, scissors, splints, tweezers, and at least one blanket. Having these items in the vehicle will help when unexpected injuries occur.


If the vehicle isn’t equipped with a hands-free communication Bluetooth device, it might be time to have one installed. Having a Bluetooth device in the vehicle helps reduce distracted driving and keeps the driver’s eyes on the road. A Bluetooth device allows the driver to make phone calls, enable GPS, and perform other voice-activated actions—preventing drivers from ever having to look down at their phone. This will help keep fleet drivers and others safe on the road.

Roll Covers

Having an easily removable cover for the fleet vehicle helps protect the inside of a pickup bed from the rain. These covers can be customized to fit a specific type of pickup truck and have a weather-resistant textured powder coated finish. These covers will ensure that anything in the bed will be protected from the rain this spring. From tools to work supplies, a roll cover ensures protection from the elements.

Before the weather gets rainy, be sure to go through the list above and prepare fleet vehicles for the weather ahead. This will not only be beneficial to the fleet, but also other drivers on the road. Let safety be the most important aspect of fleet operations this year, and completely inspect fleet vehicles before hitting the road this spring. 


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