Expediting the Truck Repair and Claims Process


By Eli Greenbaum

When a working truck goes down because of an accident, a claim-and-repair process swings into action. That means filing insurance claims, getting estimates, watching the dollars, and managing the repair cycle. The process can often be time consuming, filled with tedious paperwork, repetitive steps, and too many opportunities for mistakes. And if you have several trucks or a sizable fleet to manage in a world where time is money, it’s a perfect scenario for slow-downs, a ton of frustration, and money lost in downtime.

But here’s some good news: There is a solution that business-savvy collision repair facilities are adopting. A web-based electronic commercial estimating system with mobile capabilities can ease, streamline, and improve the overall claims process and quickly produce a detailed, accurate estimate to speed decisions, expedite parts acquisition, and obtain approvals.


There are a few such systems available. One example is PPG’s ADJUSTRITE® commercial estimating system. The AdjustRite platform’s proprietary automated features can dramatically reduce the time it takes to write an accurate estimate. In a few minutes, the system can access a comprehensive listing of parts and repair information as well as request, price, and order the parts required for a given repair. Since it is web based, users can log in to the system and write up an estimate from any internet-connected device—even when away from the office.

“If you’ve ever been involved in repairing collision damage, then you know that nothing happens without an estimate,” says Ryan Woolfenden, PPG marketing manager, commercial programs. “Until there’s an approved estimate, the truck is sitting and productivity is out the window. An advanced automated estimating system speeds the entire process and offers the critical features that make the estimating process more manageable. For a company or professional involved with the repair of commercial trucks or equipment, an electronic estimating platform makes a lot of sense. It saves time and money, and everyone can benefit from the savings.”

According to Woolfenden, a key feature of an electronic system is the use of actual commercial equipment information. In the case of the AdjustRite system, there is a comprehensive database of more than 150 heavy- and medium-duty truck makes and models and various commercial equipment—continuously updated with pertinent data in real time. Woolfenden points out that companies with automated estimating systems can realize a number of practical benefits:

  • Enriched estimate detail and accuracy
  • Reduced downtime and overall cycle time
  • Improved loss recovery
  • Enhanced productivity and efficiency


The AdjustRite program presents a compelling illustration of what electronic systems can do. More multi-truck companies and fleets along with repair facilities, truck dealers, and even insurance companies and independent claims adjusters are interested in the benefits of this mobile technology. The more they know, the better they can determine whether such a system is appropriate for them.


Find out more about PPG’s AdjustRite platform, visit Eli Greenbaum is a freelance writer covering the automotive industry. Reach him at

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