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The Hino 268 offers drivers and fleet owners the best real-world advantages in the industry. It has earned a reputation for providing the lowest cost of ownership in its class. “Outstanding fuel economy, proven reliability, and strong residual value make the 268 the ideal truck for pickup and delivery, lease/rental, and moving operations,” according to Hino.
Hino’s legendary quality trucks have made owner loyalty and driver satisfaction the highest in the industry. Assembled in West Virginia and driven nationwide in a host of applications—ranging from food and beverage delivery to construction, towing, waste, sanitation, refined fuels, utility, and aerial applications—Hino’s 268 brings the quality and satisfaction for which the company is known. According to Hino, “No matter what your medium-duty application may be, Hino has a truck that will get the job done reliably, economically, and with a cost of ownership that adds black to the bottom line… it’s in our DNA.”
Described as strong, straightforward, and dependable, the 268 offers superior comfort and ride quality.


Hino’s 268 comes with several standard features for your (and your wallet’s) convenience, including upfront fuse and power panels conveniently located inside the cab for quick access to fuse and power connections.
Other standard features include: rust-resistant, durable, and stylish aluminum fuel tank available in 50-, 70-, 95-, or dual 50-gallon capacity; enhanced Driver Information Display panel that lets you monitor diesel particulate matter level, fuel efficiency, trip data, voltage status, and more; and an ergonomically designed interior with a variety of seating configurations, including a standard air-suspension driver’s seat.


2016 marks the first year Hino has offered its 260 hp JO8 engine in the 268. Globally recognized as one of the leading innovators in engine design, Hino’s engines have brought higher satisfaction rankings for Hino customers than any other medium-duty engine manufacturer. Its unsurpassed B50 life and standard warranty coverage, high-pressure common rail fuel injection, variable geometry turbocharger design, and cooled EGR with selective catalytic reduction (SCR) for emission control, allow Hino to optimize the air/fuel mixture across the entire speed range of its engines. The result is fuel-efficient compliance with EPA regulations. Hino engines are also approved to use up to B20 biodiesel.
Offering a powerful and smooth ride, the 268’s engine is paired with a fully automatic 6-speed Allison transmission. The truck utilizes Meritor axles and Dana Spicer driveshafts. Choose between the 268’s hydraulic brakes or the 268A’s air brake system.
The 268 offers unprecedented visibility with its high driving position offering a wide perspective of the road.


Hino’s objective is to build the most durable, drivable, and reliable truck on the market. With leading frame strength and all-steel cab construction, as well as unprecedented visibility, turning radius, and door openings, Hino delivers above expectation across the board—and the 268 is no exception. Described as strong, straightforward, and dependable, the 268 offers high visibility, superior comfort, and is as easy on the ears as it is on the eyes. Its interior design was inspired by Toyota to offer everything you need to keep a simple and serviceable truck.
Hino works with leading suppliers in the North American market to deliver quality to its trucks and its customers. The 268 is not only durable on the outside, it’s comfortable on the inside. Standard two-person passenger seat and comfortable driver’s seat set the interior right, but adding standard AC, CD player, tilt and telescoping steering column, and cruise control is icing on the cake.


Hino now offers INSIGHT standard on its trucks, leading to more uptime and lower operating costs. Hino INSIGHT works by integrating telematics, remote diagnostics, and case management in an industry-first platform that puts critical vehicle and driver management tools at your fingertips:
INSIGHT Telematics: Powered by Telogis, INSIGHT telematics uses real-time data to provide tools that help manage drivers and fleets. From top-level “Hard-Braking” and “Idle Time” reports to optimization trends and benchmarking, INSIGHT puts vehicle management at your fingertips.
INSIGHT Remote Diagnostics: INSIGHT remote diagnostics uses both software and live technicians to analyze and diagnose DTC’s in real time. The INSIGHT platform then assigns a severity level that lets you know exactly what steps to take to resolve the issue.
INSIGHT Case Management: This feature combines software and call center services to check parts availabilities, schedule service time with dealers and customers, and even provides specific service information to the dealer for known issues.
Not only does Hino keep you connected, it keeps you protected. The Hino 268 comes standard with best-in-class 5-year/250,000-mile extended engine warranty coverage or optional 7-year/150,000-mile engine coverage. Additional aftertreatment systems coverage can be added to match engine coverage.
Hino also offers HINOWATCH standard, offering 24/7 roadside assistance for three years and unlimited miles. HINOWATCH includes lockout, out of fuel, battery jumpstart, and warranty towing.
Hino’s preventive maintenance, HINOCARE, saves money and increases uptime across your entire fleet. HINOCARE multi-year programs mean you can match your needs with your long-term goals for cost management.


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