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You may have noticed that the motto for the realty world is “Location, location, location.” Well, when it comes to fleets, “Customization, customization, customization” is the Holy Grail of mantras. No one truck fits applications across the board, whether in body, power, or performance. With that in mind, I’d like to introduce you to Western Star’s 4800. With more than 3,600 options, you can build the exact truck you want down to the look.
The trucks—hand-built in Portland, Oregon, to customer specification—are made with body-builder specific options designed to reduce installation time and ensure years of trouble-free operation. Western Star’s comprehensive body-builder book speeds up and simplifies body additions.


The 4800 is available in Set-Back (SB) and Set-Forward (SF) axle options. Both options have a 109-inch BBC length and a wheelbase up to 448 inches. The SB has a BA of 50 inches, while the SF has a BA of 33 inches. You can choose between a single-channel at 2.5-mm RBM, double-channel at 3.2-mm RBM or 4.5-mm RBM, or a triple-channel at 5.6-mm RBM frame.
Cab types include standard galvannealed steel with bonded windshield or severe duty galvannealed steel with roped-in or bonded windshield. Hoods for the SB and SF differ, with a supervisibility fiberglass hood on the SB and fiberglass traditional non-sloping hood on the SF. Fuel tank options on the 4800 include aluminum 25-inch cylindrical 60- to 150-gallon RH or LH, aluminum 23-inch cylindrical 60- to 150-gallon RH or LH, and combination fuel/hydraulic tanks that are available in various sizes. DEF tanks come in 6-, 13-, and 23-gallon options.
With more than 3,600 options, you can build the exact truck you want down to the look.

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Powering the 4800 is a 12.8-liter Detroit™ DD13 providing 350-470 hp with 1,250-1,650 lb-ft of torque. This engine pairs well with one of several offered transmissions, including Eaton Fuller 10-, 13-, 15-, and 18-speed; Eaton Fuller UltraShift PLUS; and Allison Automatic 3000, 4000, 4500, and 4700.
You can choose a Detroit single 12,000- to 20,000-lb or Meritor single 12,000- to 22,000-lb front axle, 22,000-lb Marmon-Herrington Front Drive axle, 23,000-lb Meritor Front Drive axle, 40,000-lb Meritor Twin Steer Front axles—Western Star is the only OEM that offers a factory- built twin steer—while Detroit tandem 40,000- to 46,000-lb, Meritor single 23,000- to 30,000-lb, Meritor tandem 40,000- to 70,000-lb, Meritor tridem 69,000- to 77,000-lb, Sisu tandem 70,000-lb, or Sisu tridem 105,600-lb rear axles round out the options.
As with the axles, you have a couple options for the front suspension—Taperleaf 12,000 to 20,000 lbs or Flatleaf 14,600 to 23,000 lbs—and a wider selection for the rear suspension, including AirLiner 23,000 to 69,000 lbs, Hendrickson 40,000 to 70,000 lbs, Chalmers 46,000 to 52,000 lbs, Neway 46,000 to 78,000 lbs, Reyco 23,000 to 31,000 lbs, and Tuf Trac 40,000 to 52,000 lbs.
Insulation under floor mats that are nearly an inch thick reduces road noise and increases driver comfort.


The Western Star 4800’s cab is designed for overall driver comfort. Like the 4700, the 4800 has 90.55 cubic feet inside the cab; more space between the clutch pedal and sidewall for increased foot room; suspended brake and clutch pedals that increase safety by preventing objects from becoming lodged behind them; large door openings for easy entry and exit; increased space between the seat and steering wheel for comfort; and more than two feet of space between seats.
With threaded front spring pin bushings providing greater steering response and overall handling, the 4800 is easy on the driver. Rubber bump stops provide improved ride over rugged terrain, while double door seals help maximize the efficiency of the HVAC system and provide a quieter ride. Insulated cab walls greatly increase both thermal and acoustic performance. Insulation under floor mats that are nearly an inch thick reduces road noise and increases driver comfort.


Western Star makes working on your truck easy, so you can be back on the road in less time. The 90-degree hood tilt provides easier serviceability. In-dash electrical panels with plug-in fuses and manual reset circuit breakers offer quick access. By putting the blower motor in the cab, Western Star made it easier to repair. Point-to-point wiring offers greater dependability, while color-coded and laser-etched wiring provides fast circuit tracing. Grille bars are individually replaceable for reduced maintenance cost.
The Western Star 4800’s cab is designed for overall driver comfort and safety.


Western Star knows that a truck is a big investment, so it offers a network capable of supporting it for you. With more than 250 dealers in North America—many open 24/7—seven Parts Distribution Centers with more than a 98-percent fill rate, and more than 800 Detroit Diesel centers, Western Star has you and your truck covered.


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