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Tough enough to handle rugged construction jobs and nimble enough to navigate urban streets and alleys with ease, the DuraStar is made to deliver results, so you can deliver your goods. DuraStar also has a well-earned reputation for adaptability, an ability to handle just about any task. Whether it’s towing cars off the highway in a snowstorm, repairing downed power lines, or racing to a fire, DuraStar is a rugged performer that always answers the call.
The success of your business depends on a truck that performs efficiently, which is why DuraStar was designed from the ground up to run effectively, for maximum productivity. DuraStar has a wide variety of chassis and powertrain options to accommodate all kinds of work applications. Available bolt-on front frame extensions allow for plows and other applications. Available C-Channel reinforcements allow for heavy loads and severe-duty applications.


Standard service-related features, such as extended life engine coolant, fuel-water separator with restriction indicator and water-in-fuel sensor, and high-temperature radiator hoses help prevent costly breakdowns and keep your truck on the road longer. Many DuraStar components, such as its aerodynamic three-piece hood, breakaway mirrors, and one-piece standard grille, were designed to be easily replaceable. This translates to lower repair costs and less downtime.
The DuraStar simplifies important routine maintenance for maximum uptime and more bottom-line efficiency. In an accident, a three-piece hood means you only need to replace certain sections, not the entire hood, which keeps repair costs down. Most routine service points are on the same side of the vehicle. Crucial fluids are easy to access, and translucent fluid reservoirs make checking fluid levels easy.


DuraStar’s quality construction and materials mean it can take on the jobs you throw at it. With a nearly indestructible huck-bolted chassis and a sturdy cab (made of high-strength, low-alloy (HSLA) double-sided galvanized steel and standard cold-rolled steel) that exceeds SAE and ECE roll-over safety regulations, the DuraStar is durable enough to perform in all kinds of demanding situations and harsh environments.

DuraStar utilizes a base coat/clear coat paint process that provides resistance to corrosion and fading and is backed by a 12-month unlimited warranty. E-Coated internal door construction components are designed to be operated in wet conditions. One piece of steel surrounds the entire door opening, for superior structural integrity.
Bumper to bumper, DuraStar is built from commercial-grade components. From its best-in-class HVAC system and four-point rubber-mount cab suspension to its three-piece, high-strength composite hood and optimized drive train, this truck’s components have all been real-world tested—and proven.


DuraStar provides best-in-class cab depth and leg room for driver and passenger comfort and a standard netted overhead storage console. Wraparound wing panel for convenient access to additional gauges, controls, or power supplies is optional. Plus, best-in-class HVAC optimizes comfort no matter the season.
International engineered DuraStar with a panoramic, swept-back windshield that maximizes the driver’s range of vision for increased safety and ease of operation. A heated windshield for melting snow and ice is also available.
The DuraStar is loaded with features to make the driver’s life a little easier. Ergonomically designed interior provides a more comfortable workspace. A well-balanced hood requires less than 16 lbs of effort to raise, while 62-degree door swing and 38.5-inch-wide door opening offer easier cab entry and egress. Slip-resistant cab steps and grab handles designed for proper three-point cab entry help to avoid job-related injuries and excessive downtime. A flat floor allows for routine installation and accessibility of body mounted equipment.


DuraStar is powered by your choice of Cummins® ISB6.7, Cummins ISL9, or International’s propriety N9 engine, and is available with the broadest portfolio of medium range diesel engine options in the industry:

  • The Cummins ISB6.7 is the best-selling engine in the medium-duty truck market and is built on a proven and refined platform. The ISB6.7 provides a maximum hp of 325 and maximum torque of 750 lb-ft.
  • The Cummins ISL9 offers the highest power density of any engine in its class. Peak hp reaches 350 and peak torque reaches 1,000 lb-ft.
  • The Navistar® N9 engine is configured for International medium-duty trucks, providing the hp and peak torque to handle the toughest job.


With Diamond Logic®, the engine, transmission, instrument panel, and other vehicle components continuously communicate with each other electronically. By monitoring critical vehicle functions and relaying information to the driver, it ensures safe, efficient vehicle operation.
This self-diagnosing and self-monitoring system, which also features automated pre-trip vehicle inspections, allows drivers and technicians to accurately pinpoint electrical problems.
Multiplexing is the foundation for communication between functional areas of the vehicle, and gives you constant updates on all vehicle components to head off potential problems faster. It reduces wiring by 40 percent for fewer electrical shorts and fewer breakdowns. Electronic circuit modules and software perform vehicle functions instead of a complex wiring harness.
The Diamond Logic programmable system allows for automation of tasks and interlocks to protect the equipment from inadvertent damage due to operator error: headlights can be programmed to turn on with windshield wipers, PTO can be programmed to shut down when parking brake is released, and differential locks are released above 25 mph.


DuraStar is perfect for a number of applications, including:

  • Dump: A backup alarm, as well as dump bed indicator lights and tarp controls can be factory installed for safety and TEM convenience.
    Fire/emergency: International can install air horns for passenger control at the factory. A remote engine speed control can be factory-installed to set the pump speed, as well.
  • Propane/compressed: A theft-deterrent system can be added, requiring a security code for the vehicle to be driven. Air solenoids can be factory installed to control valves to the propane delivery system. Remote shutdown allows driver to shut off the engine outside of the cab in emergencies.
  • Utility: Alarms can be installed to alert drivers and operators when equipment is not stored properly. Remote power modules (plug and play integration between body equipment and chassis) can be installed. Body-mounted warning flashers and lights can be customized to operator specifications.
  • Refuse: The available pre-trip light inspection feature makes inspection easy. Remote engine speed controls can be factory installed to run hydraulic equipment. Packing operation interlocks can be set up to protect equipment.


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