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International’s CV is More than You’d Think



“We’ve designed, built, and tested the CV Series to deliver the commercial-grade power, reliability, and practicality that growing businesses require, along with the comfort, safety features, and easy drivability that drivers appreciate. And, we are backing it up with the expertise of the International dealer network, the only network in this category 100% dedicated to commercial vehicles.”

Perhaps you’ve already heard of the new Commercial Vehicle (CV) Series from International—we gave you a sneak peak in our October issue. But in case you haven’t, Michael Cancelliere’s quote above is a good place to start. Cancelliere is Navistar’s president of Truck and Parts, and he believes that the CV is the truck to help take start-up businesses “to the next level.” And, for good reason.


When it comes to a commercial vehicle, versatility is definitely a must. Owners must be sure their next fleet vehicle can accommodate the tools and equipment needed to perform specific jobs. International’s CV was designed with that in mind.

The CV Series features straight frame rails with no rivets on the top flange that provide a clean area from cab to axle. This makes it easy to mount bodies for any commercial application. The CV Series is outfitted with Huck Bolt chassis fasteners, providing consistently superior clamping force without re-torqueing and won’t come loose in extreme environments.

Mounted under the cab is a dual battery box that accommodates configuration options required by different bodies. The CV includes multiple fuel tank options—an available 40-gallon After Frame fuel tank behind the rear axle, a 25-gallon saddle tank, and available dual tanks of 25 and 40 gallons. The CV has multiple wheelbase options and optional exhaust outlets, all to suit your specific application. If your application needs advanced customization, CV owners have access to International’s Truck Specialty Centers where experts provide efficient and cost-effective custom engineering solutions.


The Commercial Vehicle Series really lives up to its name. It has many commercial-grade features such as a gear-driven transfer case, and those straight frame rails are made of high-strength, low-alloy steel. The CV Series chassis is also the industry’s only painted chassis, which adds for corrosion resistance and enhanced longevity.

A commercial-style forward-tilting hood provides easy access to the CV’s maintenance points and engine. The International 6.6-L powers the CV Series. It gives 350 hp and 700 lb-ft of torque, and a 6-speed Allison Transmission shifts the gears in this truck. All in all, the CV Series is capable of a GCWR of 37,500 lbs.


A truck cab is a driver’s office, and a comfortable driver is a happy one. The CV Series keeps your drivers cozy with safety features and easy drivability. CV Series cabs offer an automotive feel with premium interior finishes and driver ergonomics. The cab offers multiple infotainment options, including an 8-inch color touch screen with navigation and Apple CarPlay and Android Audio—a first for an International truck.

The CV Series offers the segment’s only air ride suspension with an engine-mounted compressor that can be used to adjust height and provide a smooth ride for crew comfort and cargo protection.


It’s likely your growing business needs a little help when it comes to picking the perfect vehicle for your next fleet addition, and it doesn’t make sense for you to worry about vehicle specs and configurations when you have your own business to run. That’s why International’s salespeople specialize in commercial transportation sales and spec’ing. They’ll help you choose the perfect fit for your vocational application.

Once you choose your truck, an International service bay through the brand’s expansive network (the largest in the industry) is never too far away. International’s dealer network includes more than 700 service locations with more than 7,600 ASE-certified commercial diesel-trained technicians in the US. But since the CV Series was tested in rugged, extreme environments in the frigid temperatures of Alaska, the sweltering heat of Arizona, and the high elevations of Colorado, you’re sure not to need service on your CV for a while.

For those looking to add another commercial vehicle to their fleet, choose the truck with commercial vehicle in its name.

For those looking to add a commercial vehicle to their fleet that is upfit ready, easy to service, and designed with driver comfort in mind, choose a vehicle from International, because International is the only manufacturer of a commercial vehicle with Commercial Vehicle in its name. 


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