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The Hino 258ALP



If your application calls for a conventional truck, Hino has a few to choose from. More specifically, if your application calls for hauling, the Hino 258ALP could be the right choice for you. The 258ALP features a low platform (LP) that is well-suited for applications in urban environments. The ALP also features Air Brakes (A), giving that low platform added performance and stability of the air brake system.

And with a GVWR of 25,500, haul to your heart’s content.


Under the hood of the Hino 258ALP is the Hino J08E WU engine that offers 230 hp standard with 260 hp available. It features 520 lb-ft of torque. This engine’s emission control optimizes the air/fuel mixture, and the Common Rail Fuel Injection provides higher pressure across the range of speed of the engine. The results are more fuel efficiency, a more responsive engine, and better fuel quantity in the combustion.

The Hino J08E WU features turbochargers that optimize airflow, allowing more accurately controlled cylinder pressure and air/fuel ratio. With better control comes a more complete burn, which also increases fuel efficiency and full EPA compliance.

Adding to that fuel efficiency is Hino’s Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR), a technology that produces gains in economy without the need for carbon credits. In addition, the Hino 258ALP is also approved to use B20 biodiesel.

Pair the fuel efficient engine with an Allison Transmission—standard in all Hino trucks—that offers a fully automatic 6-speed transmission with faster acceleration and higher average speed for greater productivity throughout the day.


Perhaps one of the easiest ways to design a driver-focused interior is to take a few notes from some of your big brother’s best-selling consumer vehicles. In Hino’s case, the brand designed the interior of its trucks after Toyota’s vehicles to create a driver center full of features that keep driving simple and enjoyable.

Gone are the days of tilting your head out the window to catch a breeze on your sweaty forehead. A/C is standard in the Hino 258ALP. Other standard features include CD player, telescopic steering column, and cruise control. The driver also sits high in the cab for superb visibility. No more dreading the work day in an uncomfortable work truck.


Hino designs work trucks and work trucks only, and Hino trucks feature built-in intelligence. One less thing to worry about after your truck is delivered.

Every new Hino truck is equipped with the Hino Insight platform, giving owners instant access to telematics, business intelligence, and Remote Diagnostics with Case Management. Case Management increases profitability and fleet and driver efficiency as well as reduces downtime and operating costs. 

Owners can monitor idle times, speed, heavy braking, distance traveled, location, and more with Hino Insights. Its Remote Diagnostics system alerts managers, dealers, and Hino in the event of an emergency, and then directs the driver as to the next steps in an urgent, safe manner. Additionally, Case Management streamlines service processes through appointment coordination and progress updates.


Hino’s Conventional trucks come standard with a five-year, 250,000-mile extended warranty. Additional coverages are offered for the engine and aftertreatment system. The coverage expands to cover fuel injectors, the turbo charger, and the fuel injection pump.

For even more owner confidence, Hino’s 24/7 assistance program, HinoWatch, keeps drivers protected day, night, and year round for the first three years of ownership. HinoWatch offers roadside assistance for your Hino truck anywhere in the United States. All HinoWatch calls are free to Hino owners, and representatives offer assistance in 65 languages.

Finally, Hino offers a preventive service plan for all diesel-only models under the name HinoCare. The program is available in a variety of plans ranging from two to six years. It provides peace of mind, covering and managing scheduled standard maintenance items:

• Differential oil replacements and transmission fluid

• Fuel filter, engine oil, air filter replacements

• Mirror, gauges, wiper checks, warning lights

• Wheel checks, battery terminal, steering, brake pad Air intake system checks, engine belt

• HinoCare also covers Diagnostic Trouble Codes checks.

If you’re looking for a low platform for work in those urban environments with the stability and performance of air brakes, why would you look anywhere else than the Hino 258ALP, where low platform and air brakes are designated in the truck’s name?


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