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Western Star 4900



Home grown and all your own. That’s been Western Star’s way of building trucks since the beginning. Western Star trucks are designed and assembled in the US. They’re built for specific customers just the way the customer chooses, and with a Western Star 4900, you can do a lot.


The 4900’s all-steel cab creates a long-lasting foundation that is highly desirable in a work truck. Pieces of the cab are bonded together, not riveted, then undergo a 12-stage coating process that creates a safe environment for your drivers and a great look for your paint finish. The 4900 also features an option for a 12,000-psi front frame extension that features a straight-through rail design, eliminating bolt-on extensions and ultimately, increasing strength.

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The 4900’s chassis frame is also custom-pieced, which eliminates unnecessary holes that contribute to a weak frame. 

This truck is offered with a variety of engines from Detroit to Cummins. Depending on the powertrain, your truck could pump out 350 to 600 hp and 1,350 to 2,050 lb-ft of torque. To keep engines as profitable as possible, Western Star employs field-reparable radiators that keep engines at their best operating temperature. Western Star’s standard aluminum crossflow radiator is 1,500 sq inches, but owners have the option of the 1,875-sq-inch copper brass radiator.

Drive easier with an AIRTEK front suspension that improves steering.


Heavy-duty trucking requires a lot of focus, and sub-par quality in even the smallest details can cause a driver to dread the job. The 4900 features a cab that is 6 1/2-ft wide—plenty of space for a driver and storage. But a driver-focused truck goes much further than that…

Truly built for the tough stuff, the marine-grade switches and gauges inside the 4900 protect against shorts caused by water, salt, dirt, and more. If a fuse ever needs to be reset, drivers can conveniently access the electrical panel from the cab in front of the passenger seat.

Drivers also enjoy a standard thick insulation from the floor and throughout the cab and even double-sealed doors. This keeps noise out and helps maintain a comfortable temperature on the inside. Another aid to a comfortable temperature is an optional Automatic Temperature Control that maintains the cab’s climate settings.

Drivers are able to get in and out of their cabs easier with the 4900’s optimized door openings on a door with concealed forged steel hinges that provide strength and longevity. And once the driver is in the cab, the 1,800-sq-inch windshield offers great visibility on the road.


Western Star creates trucks that are built specifically for their customers. With an array of options, configurations, and trims, owners have a choice between the lap of luxury, the best value for the money, the strict work truck, or a mixture of it all.

The 4900 features clean back-of-cab options for specific body applications and also features point-to-point wiring to ease the body builders’ burden and simplify body connection. Opt to employ up to triple frame rails for your heaviest loads. Choose an engine-mounted or frame-mounted radiator—whichever fits your truck best. And we can’t forget the many engines (up to five) offered with the 4900.


In addition to all these features and options, Western Star also employs Detroit Connect on its trucks that includes Detroit Virtual Technician. Virtual Technician transmits engine data and diagnostics and identifies problems, saving time and money on repairs. The system is standard on all Western Star trucks with Detroit engines.

Those who employ Detroit’s visibility software receive data sent to their whole fleet. It allows managers to track location, routes, speed, and idle time. This data could improve driver coaching, encourage better behaviors, or increase productivity.

A work truck is an investment. Invest in something that’s customized to fit your needs with a little extra in between.


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