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The Peterbilt Model 337 Answers Your Work Truck Questions



There are many factors to consider when buying a new work truck. First of all, is it capable of handling any work you can throw at it? Is it reliable? What’s its cost of maintenance, and how is its fuel economy? Is it safe for your drivers? These are all important questions to ask. And the Peterbilt Model 337 has positive answers.


If you’re looking for a perfect fit, the Model 337 could be your answer. The truck can be configured to fit your exact application. Future Model 337 owners can opt for an all-wheel drive with a full range of suspensions for a truck that gets the job done in any kind of weather and any kind of road condition. The 337 is customizable to fit any need, be it a Class 7 truck or tractor, wrecker, tanker, utility vehicle, and more. Owners a single axle to fit the needs of their application, all while enjoying the 337’s tight turning radius for optimum maneuverability through city streets or rural roads. And the truck’s SmartNav® system can get you to those streets in the most efficient way.


The Peterbilt 337 can be spec’d with SmartNav, an advanced driver control system that keeps your drivers connected and on the right route. It features a 7-inch, full-color touchscreen, GPS navigation, voice-activated phone and messaging, built-in Bluetooth technology, and a fully integrated audio system that your drivers will appreciate.

SmartNav uses CoPilot Live to give drivers routes that are customized to their vehicle’s size and weight—no more struggling to find alternate routes when a bridge isn’t rated for a truck carrying a heavy load. It’s time of arrival and fuel cost estimates and real-time speed warnings make driving the 337 efficient, economical, and safe. Adding to that efficiency is the Model 337’s engine…


The Model 337 features a PACCAR PX-9 engine. The PX-9 has one of the highest power-to-weight ratios in its size. It has a Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) that provides the exact boost needed for a fast response, an Electronic Control Module (ECM) that controls all engine functions for optimum performance and fuel economy, and its heavy-duty design with targeted piston cooling extends the life of the engine and protects the engine’s components.

The engine pumps out 380 hp and 1,250 lb-ft of torque, all while giving you superior fuel economy and performance. But drivers also have an effect on performance, and with a Peterbilt cab, your drivers will be in luck.


Peterbilt designs its all-aluminum cabs using durable, lightweight materials to resist corrosion and offer weight savings, a savings reflected in that great fuel economy. A stainless steel grille adds toughness and a polished look to your workhorse. Mirrors are also stainless steel and placed at higher, safer viewing angles that stay in position under the toughest work conditions. Above the grille is an impact-resistant Metton® hood with a 90-degree open tilt that provides engine protection and easy access for maintenance and servicing.

In the cab, drivers take advantage of ergonomically placed controls, best-in-class visibility, and premium materials throughout.

Once inside the cab, drivers take advantage of ergonomically placed controls, best-in-class visibility, and premium materials throughout.

Peterbilt’s engineers designed the interior for convenience and comfort from driver controls to seating. The information display features operation-critical information at a glance that tracks performance and fuel economy. And drivers should never worry about seeing their gauges, as the controls and buttons are backlit with LED lights for easy visibility at any time of the day, keeping the driver from distractions and creating a safer driving experience.


Safety should be every driver and fleet manager’s first priority. And with the Peterbilt Model 337, you’ll have the choice between Bendix® Wingman® Advanced™ and Wabco OnGuardACTIVE™—two collision mitigation technologies designed to make truck operations safer. Real-time alerts notify drivers of unsafe driving behaviors such as following too closely behind another vehicle. The systems also feature active braking technology to help drivers avoid a collision.

Another feature that helps avoid collisions is adaptive cruise control, available with both Bendix Wingman Advanced and Wabco OnGuardACTIVE systems. Adaptive cruise control helps enhance fuel economy and allows drivers to use cruise control for longer at safe speeds. The systems use on-board sensors to automatically adjust the truck’s speed based on forward vehicle distance.

The Peterbilt Model 337 also features Electronic Stability Control. Using selective braking, both Bendix ESP and Wabco SmartTrac ESC use automatic intervention technology to provide better directional control, safer drop in speed, and more stability.


Is the Model 337 capable? Its PACCAR engine and multiple configurations make it so. Is it reliable? PACCAR engines are built to increase longevity and strength. What is it like maintaining a 337? Peterbilt’s Parts and Service programs deliver maximum uptime and deliver an experience that is designed around the customer. How is the 337’s fuel economy? Its lightweight parts and efficient design increase the truck’s fuel economy. Finally, is the truck safe? Owners have the option of choosing their perfect safety system from Bendix or Wabco.

The Model 337 answers all these important questions and more. The Model 337’s capability, reliability, low maintenance, fuel economy, and safety features together make a truck that will likely be a perfect addition to your fleet.


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