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Mack’s Pinnacle is the Definition of its Name


Mack Pinnacle

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes “pinnacle” as the highest point of development or achievement. Apparently Mack sought out to add a truck to its lineup that embodied that word, and the heavy-duty Mack Pinnacle was born.


The Mack Pinnacle comes with a standard Mack mDRIVE 12-speed automatic manual transmission with options for the Mack mDRIVE HD 12-, 13-, or 14-speed automatic transmission. The mDRIVE monitors changes in grade, acceleration, vehicle weight, and more to optimize fuel economy. Drivers can easily manage the transmission with a press of a button, and the transmission’s proven technology and design requires minimal service for a transmission that works as harder for longer.

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The Pinnacle is available with the 13-liter Mack MP8 with up to 505 hp at 1,860 ft-lb torque. The MP8HE, Mack’s direct injection diesel engine, is an option with 415 to 445 hp. The MP8HE features Energy Recovery Technology that captures heat and converts it to torque, which burns up to 6.5% less fuel in highway operations. The technology works by capturing heat, converting exhaust gas to mechanical energy, and delivering that torque to the crankshaft.

The Pinnacle’s axles and axle carriers are built rugged as well. They produce improved reliability, a smoother and quieter ride, and impressive fuel economy.


An indication of a good truck is its stability when carrying loads. And at the core of the Pinnacle is a frame made of Advantage frame rails to support your heaviest loads and equipment. Maximize your payload with an axle-forward cab, and a low center of gravity makes for impeccable stability.

The Pinnacle’s chassis offers clean wheel cuts for quicker and easier maneuverability, while high ground clearance allows you to take the Pinnacle off the pavement. Once you’re on the road less traveled, the Pinnacle offers great visibility; all its exterior lights are LED, offering 66% brighter light that lasts longer and uses less energy. And made from reinforced and redesigned new materials, the exterior of the Pinnacle is tougher than previous models—all leading up to maximized performance and productivity.


Built around work performance, the Pinnacle features a redesigned cab and driver environment that helps keep drivers comfortable, focused, safe, and productive.

Speaking of productivity, the Pinnacle features the Mack Co-Pilot as standard equipment. Co-Pilot is a 5-inch full-color digital display that provides enhanced visibility and simple navigation. The Co-Pilot offers constant truck monitoring and Pre-trip Assistant as well as one-person Exterior Light Inspection, all which helps drivers keep a close watch on potential issues before those minor problems escalate and leave a truck out of service.

The information and entertainment panel features a 7-inch touchscreen with smart steering wheel buttons that manage tools such as Weather Band, TomTom navigation, Sirius XM, Apple CarPlay, and an optional back-up camera. The steering wheel also features controls that are built to work and are designed with a purpose. Steering wheel stalks feature controls for engine brakes, Co-Pilot, headlights, turn signals, and wipers.

The Pinnacle’s mDRIVE controls are placed on the dash (with an option to install them lower if the infotainment system is spec’d for it), which gives drivers comfortable access without taking their eyes of the road. And four optional auxiliary D-panel gauges offer even more driver productivity and are placed with reachability in mind, improving work and comfort.


Upon entry, drivers can enjoy the safety of ergonomically designed, full-length exterior grab handles. Drivers enjoy a generous ceiling height at the driver’s seat with all configurations, and the cab is equipped with Mack-exclusive seats that the brand touts offers unmatched comfort. A flat-bottom steering wheel offers more clearance for entry and exit, allows more belly room, and is a first in the industry. The instrument panel features easy-to-reach controls that reduce driver fatigue and increase productivity.

Mack Pinnacle

The Mack-exclusive seats are the product of a partnership with Sears Seating to build seats that improve support and comfort, while durable enough to endure daily wear and tear for years to come. Driver’s seat air suspension is standard, and with oversized cup holders that fit large drinks, your drivers will experience miles and miles of comfort.

The cup holder space also includes room for keys, personal devices, and more in an easy-to-clean unit. And when it comes to storage, the Pinnacle features an overhead console for tough materials, interior LED light controls, and a dedicated CB radio box. A non-slip electronics tray is equipped with a USB port to securely charge electronics. With the Mack Pinnacle, storage will never be a problem.


Sometimes trucks that feature all the bells and whistles are simply that—bells and whistles. But with a Pinnacle, you’ll receive optimum uptime. Mack Connect uses predictive analytics and connective technologies to turn truck, driver, and service data into insights and actions that help the Pinnacle perform at its best. Mack’s open platform sends truck data to your current fleet management software, giving you more freedom.

Mack also offers connected support, with Over the Air (OTA) software, Mack GuardDog Connect, and preventive maintenance services. OTA software allows your truck to undergo wireless software updates without disrupting your schedule. GuardDog Connect automatically monitors truck performance and alerts Mack’s OneCall service center of any repair or maintenance needs.

With traits exemplifying Mack’s highest achievements, the Mack Pinnacle’s power, comfort, ease of productivity, uptime, and tough build will help you get your jobs done. Reach your highest successes and achievements with a truck bearing the Pinnacle name.


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