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Timbren’s Aeon Rubber Springs are for the Tough Stuff



They were stunned when they saw what was left on the side of the road. There it was, lying on the pavement looking like roadkill, just outside the Timbren Industries manufacturing facility in Whitby, Ontario, Canada. Even though the truck frame was completely rusted, the rubber spring was still in good shape. Wowza! 

Aeon® rubber suspension from old truck found near Timbren’s manufacturing facility.

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Nothing could have better demonstrated the company’s claim: Aeon® hollow rubber springs are stronger than steel, more reliable than air.


“I wanted to build a better, more efficient type of suspension—one that wasn’t dependent upon old technology,” Arnold Heron, founder of Timbren, says. “But to do it, I had to develop a new technology.”

Timbren Industries began on the premise that suspensions could and should work better. So it did something different. In 1968, Timbren introduced a hollow spring made of natural rubber from England to the North American market. The spring consists of no metal and no air, just a rubber piece. 

Once word got out that there was an alternative product to replace conventional springs, it didn’t take long for Aeon® rubber springs to catch on.  

There were problems with older technology. Under heavy loads and extreme road conditions, the leaf springs on the rear axle of work trucks couldn’t handle the road shock and would often break down. Similarly, air suspension systems had problems. If the truck was pulling a top-heavy load, the driver had to contend with dangerous roll and sway issues.

Timbren offered a perfect solution by designing SES kits for the rear suspensions on all makes and models—everything from PT Cruisers to Peterbilts. Replacing the original bump stops, Timbren SES kits helped to keep the truck level and stable at all times. As a result, leaf springs stopped breaking. Air suspensions gained stability. All in all, truck suspensions became safer and more reliable. 


You may wonder how Aeon® springs made from 100% natural rubber can be stronger than steel.

One reason is its progressive spring rate. In other words, Aeon® rubber springs progressively adjust to any additional weight added to the suspension. In fact, a Timbren SES kit adds an additional 8,600 lbs to the rear spring rate of a 1-ton work truck. This means that you can load the truck right up to its limit—the GVW set by the manufacturer—without breaking a sweat!

Another reason has to do with something called “hysteresis.” In other words, Aeon® springs have the self-damping ability to absorb road shock. It’s like having an extra set of shock absorbers attached to your frame. The end result is less roll and sway.  Consequently, bigger loads can be hauled safely and confidently.


If you’ve ever tried to haul a top-heavy load on a pickup truck using an air ride system, you’ll know how dangerous it can get when the truck body starts to roll and sway. Needless to say: The bigger the truck, the bigger the sway.  

But the real reason Aeon® rubber springs are more reliable than air is simple: There are no pipes, hoses, or compressors that could fail or leak. Aeon® rubber springs require no maintenance or upkeep and keep the vehicle level and stable even with a heavy load.

Timbren has said it for 50 years, and still thinks it’s true: Aeon® hollow rubber springs are stronger than steel, more reliable than air.


After many years of alternative design and continuous experimentation, the dedicated people at Timbren have gained—through practical experience—a thorough understanding of the dynamic characteristics and properties of rubber. Aeon® rubber spring technology has also been used to develop alternative suspensions for the trailer industry.

Since Timbren’s humble beginnings, the company has grown into a team of experts with a focus to offer the world the best suspension products at a reasonable price. Based on its successful 50-year history, it should come as no surprise that every Timbren SES kit comes with a lifetime warranty and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.


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