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Mitsubishi’s FE Gas Takes Performance Up a Notch



Mitsubishi rolled out the red carpet for its medium-duty FUSO FE GAS models at The Work Truck Show this past March. With four models to choose from, each business owner can have their exact needs met with a FUSO.


At the core of all FE GAS models is a light, ladder-style frame that is 28% stronger than competitor frames. A 40-gallon fuel tank rests within the frame rails, and the FE GAS 6-L V8 engine pumps out 297 hp with 361 lb-ft of torque.

Each model of the FE GAS is equipped with an Allison 1000 Series 6-speed automatic transmission with a patented Allison torque converter that multiplies engine torque and transfers it smoothly to the wheels. In urban delivery? The Allison 1000 Series is designed for the stop-and-go demands of the business. It’s also designed for great low-speed maneuverability and with the ability to easily start on steep grades.

The FE GAS Allison transmission also features FuelSense 2.0 DynActive Shifting, which refines each shift using a proprietary algorithm that offers a greater balance between fuel efficiency and performance for specific duty cycles. FuelSense 2.0 includes a Neutral-at-Stop feature that further reduces fuel consumption. Depending on application, operators could see a 2 to 6% improvement in fuel economy with the DynActive Allison transmission. FUSO owners enjoy the standard extended Allison Transmission Warranty: five-year/unlimited mileage coverage provided by FUSO.

What makes the FE GAS models so attractive is that they keep the same qualities of the FUSO diesel options such as wheelbases, body attachment capability, box sizes, and the standard 33.5-inch frame and cab-chassis configurations. FE GAS models also outperform typical diesel-powered trucks within the same class size, lower maintenance costs, and create less complex emissions.

And, we can’t forget Mitsubishi’s crowning achievement. The FUSO FE180 is the industry’s first Class 5 gas-powered LCF. It has a GVWR of 17,995 lbs, a payload capacity up to 11,945 lbs, and can seat three to seven members of your crew. But adding all this power to the FUSO didn’t keep FUSO engineers from giving the interior some attention.


The interiors of FE GAS models are loaded with features sure to impress fleet operators. Enter the well-sprung cab using a low-entry step. Superior cab insulation reduces road noise and holds air/heat for a more comfortable ride. Step in and sit down on a black driver’s seat with adjustable lumbar support. The black seats are complemented with gray flooring for a functional, stylish look, and noticeable red seat belts—a FUSO trademark—keep driver safety at the forefront of the operators’ minds.

Driver comfort is improved in the FE GAS starting at the steering column with an infinitely adjustable steering wheel and a dash-mounted shifter. The instrument cluster colors were revised for better visibility, as well as improved access and views of instruments and displays. A silver trim around the shifter panel, steering wheel emblem, and stereo frame also adds to the functional and stylish look of FE GAS models.

The FUSO FE GAS offers more legroom with the shifter moved to the steering column, and driver-to-ground line of sight is improved to only 6 ft with a panoramic windshield. Drivers won’t have to worry about seeing through the glare on the windshield of papers piled on the dashboard. The FE GAS comes equipped with an overhead console, floor tray, and sun visor pockets for easy storage.


When you buy an FE GAS truck you’ll receive a one-year subscription of Verizon Connect Fleet for FUSO, allowing fleet tracking from a tablet, smartphone, or another connected device. Automate and simplify a number of fleet management duties including driving behaviors, fleet monitoring, and vehicle diagnostics with Verizon Fleet Essential. Receive driver status reports such as job start times, driving behaviors, and speeding status.

Operators using Verizon Connect gain visibility of unnecessary idling, fuel waste, and unapproved driving. Know which vehicle to service and when, access diagnostic details and alerts in real time, and get access to fleet data 24 hours a day, no matter your or your trucks’ location with Verizon Connect.

The industry gained a lot this year when it comes to innovation. Mitsubishi wouldn’t be left behind and added an industry-first with its Class 5 gas-powered workhorse. With this addition to the lineup, any fleet owner can have their needs met with a FUSO. Pair a dynamic telematics system like Verizon Connect with the FE GAS, and you’ll surly kick your productivity up a notch.


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