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No greenhouse gas emissions, no particulate matter, and no nitrogen oxide emissions. This guy runs off long-range 100 percent battery electric. Oh, and did we mention it’s a Class 8?

BYD (Build Your Dreams) is a tech company devoted to providing zero-emission energy solutions to the transportation industry. This global company has led electric vehicle manufacturing for the past three years in both consumer and commercial electric vehicles. BYD’s crowning successes are largely overseas, but its innovation is steadily making its way across the pond with its 8TT.


BYD’s 8TT is tougher than you might think an electric truck would be. Its electric engine puts out 483 hp, and its proprietary motor technologies provide 1,770 lb-ft of instant torque, maximizing performance. It features a range perfect for delivery at 125 miles, and its top speed is a reasonable 65 mph with a maximum gradeability of 25 percent. The 8TT has a curb weight of 26,235 lbs, and its GCWR is 105,000 lbs, so there will be no worry about the weight of upfits.

BYD has more than 20 years of experience developing battery technologies with more than 40,000 commercial electric vehicles already deployed. This experience and proven ability shines in the battery of the 8TT. The 8TT’s battery has a capacity of 435 kWh, and it takes about 13.5 hours to charge AC or four to two hours to charge DC.

The 8TT chassis sits on 8.25 x 22.5-inch wheel rims and 11R22.5 tires. It features a leaf spring suspension and air disc brakes in the front and air suspension and air drum brakes in the rear. And, the 8TT’s regenerative braking reduces brake pad wear while also charging the battery.

The 8TT has a standard length of 278.3 inches, width of 100.4 inches, height of 121.3 inches, and wheelbase of 166.3 inches. BYD is flexible when it comes to customization and can meet customer-specific preferences such as wheelbase and other specifications.


The BYD 8TT is in use and on the road in Oakland, California, as part of a three-year study funded by the California Air Resources Board (CARB). The purpose of the study is to determine if zero-emission trucks could eventually replace diesel trucks.

GSC Logistics, the company testing the BYD 8TT, is a major short-haul trucking operator using the 8TT to shuttle cargo containers between its depot and Oakland marine terminals. GSC is the largest motor carrier on the port, hauling 120,000 cargo containers across Northern California and Nevada per year.

It is estimated that companies like GSC Logistics can lower operating costs while improving air quality when they switch from diesel to battery-electric trucks. BYD estimates a savings of $15,000 to $20,000 due to savings on maintenance and fuel. In addition to monetary savings, each BYD 8TT truck saves an estimated 49.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide, annually.

The BYD 8TT has the ability to haul, lower costs, and reduce harmful emissions released into the environment from trucks each day. BYD’s battery technologies are safety tested under extreme conditions of heat, puncture, pressure, and shorting, so you know you’re getting the highest quality battery-electric truck on the market.

Will replacing diesel engines with battery electric engines be the norm in the future? BYD is confident.


BYD is the world’s largest manufacturer of electric vehicles. It is also one of the world’s largest manufacturers of rechargeable batteries. Find out more about the BYD 8TT, visit


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