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The International DuraStar



If you’re looking for a medium-duty truck that brings everything it needs—and then some—to a wide range of work applications, you might not have to look further. The International DuraStar comes in three medium-duty configurations aimed at satisfying a host of fleet necessities. Those configurations include a Low Cab 4×2, a Low Cab 4×2 Low Profile, and a Mid Cab 4×2 Low Profile. This powerful truck also provides a choice of diesel engines including the Cummins® B6.7 and Cummins L9. On top of that there is a range of available horsepower and torque options to satisfy a plethora of power needs.

“The availability of the Cummins powertrain takes the reliability of the truck to a new level,” says David Terry, external communications manager for DuraStar. “Our cab and chassis has enjoyed a reputation of being a reliable and hardworking piece of equipment, the Cummins B6.7 and the L9 galvanized that reputation and delivered unprecedented uptime to our customers.”


From hauling utility workers and gear to downed powerlines in a snowstorm, to transporting a load of plants and yard art from a landscape shop to a new elementary school yard, DuraStar rises to every challenge that comes its way.

Its electrical components are no exception. DuraStar’s available Diamond Logic® system packs a wallop with its array of advanced electronics. The programmable system includes almost 200 factory available body-integration and driver-efficiency features, along with the ability for further customization. The system keeps the vehicle’s engine, transmission, instrument panel, and other components in continual communication.  A sampling of pre-programmed features in the electrical system includes pre-trip inspections, exterior light checks, headlights turning on automatically with wipers, parking brake alerts, safety interlocks, and load management awareness.

Diamond Logic features onboard diagnostics that keep fleet owners atop of the statuses and health of vehicle components—reducing surprises and downtime. Trouble codes are stored and displayed on an LED screen in the instrument panel, and when self-calibrating gauges detect a value that is outside of normal operating range, they also emit an audible alarm.

“DuraStar redefined the medium-duty industry,” Terry says. “From its multiplexed electrical architecture to its distinctive chrome grille, the DuraStar is probably one of the most recognized trucks in the medium-duty industry.”

Featured Image: The International Durastar has a reputation of being a hard working truck.
Above: With its distinctive chrome grill, the Durastar is one of the most recognized medium-duty trucks.


When drivers climb into DuraStar’s 82-inch wide cab, they not only settle into comfort, but also safety. The spacious cab is crafted of high-strength, low-allow (HSLA) double-sided galvanized steel and standard cold-rolled steel, making it strong enough to exceed SAE and ECE rollover safety regulations. Drivers also find the ergonomic design of the cab seating, steering wheel, and easy-to-read instrument panel makes for a pleasant ride and helps reduce driver fatigue.

Whether setting out for an honest day’s work in summer’s sweltering heat or in winter’s frigid cold, drivers quickly learn they can count on DuraStar’s best-in-class HVAC system to provide comfort on the road. And, if a driver finds himself or herself in a tight situation, they’ll appreciate the truck’s swept-back windshield and up to 50-degree wheel cut providing the view and control to maneuver out easily. For trucks working in snow, DuraStar has available bolt-on front frame extensions to accommodate snowplows and other applications.

It also has available C-Channel reinforcements making it ripe for heavy loads and severe-duty applications. When it comes to shifting gears, an optional Eaton ProcisionTM transmission blends the efficiency of a manual with the smoothness of an automatic, providing instant acceleration and torque. Another available option—air disc brakes for both front and rear—increases safety and surety by providing better feel and more braking power. The brakes are equipped with a lengthy rotor and lining life, translating to less maintenance.


Standard service-related features further ensure trucks spend less time in the shop and more time on the road. Some such features are extended-life engine coolants, and fuel-water separators with restriction indicators and water-in-fuel sensors. They come equipped with high-temperature radiator hoses geared to last longer. When designing the truck, one goal was keeping repair costs low by engineering easily replaceable components, such as a three-piece hood which often can be replaced one piece at a time, a one-piece standard grille, and breakaway mirrors.

Atop all this is the fact that DuraStar can be customized to fulfill your application needs. International Truck Specialty Centers Sales Engineers can modify trucks without voiding the original warranty. It’s all aimed at ensuring your fleet is equipped to get the job done.


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