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Mack MD Series Review


Mack MD Series

The Mack MD6 and MD7 were first introduced in March 2020 at NTEA Work Truck Show. The next week, the world shut down. It was launched into a different market, one nobody could have predicted, and exceeds expectations even its creators couldn’t have imagined. Medium-duties are versatile across the board, but the MD6 and MD7 may have surpassed that and ended up in a league of its own.


The Mack MD6 does not require a CDL for nonhazardous loads and has a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 19,501-26,000 lbs compared to the MD7, which requires a CDL and has a GVWR of 26,001-33,000 lbs. For those wondering about initial costs, both are exempt from the Federal Excise Tax. The MD Series is equipped with a Cummins B6.7 engine and a standard Allison 2500HS transmission, with the option for an Allison 2500RDS or 3000RDS for PTO. The 8 wheelbases can also accommodate various lengths, from long to short.

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On the outside, there are multiple grab handles and a reduced step-up height, which comfortably allows you to launch yourself into the cab. On the inside, the driver-focused cab design isn’t overwhelmed with tech or digital screens demanding your attention. 

The MD6/7 brings heavy-duty levels of driver comfort and functionality with an air suspension driver’s seat, a wrap-around dash with ergonomic controls within easy reach, a tilt telescopic steering column with a flat-bottomed steering wheel, and a wide scope of visibility. Both come standard with Geotab providing basic telematics and are upgradeable for enhanced fleet management. Customers also have access to Mack’s uptime services to minimize downtime and typical maintenance and repair frustrations.

“It’s a very simple truck,” explains David Kriete, president and chief executive officer of Kriete Truck Centers. “Our customers and operators want a simple truck. I think this is what has allowed us to grow and differentiate. We said, let’s start simple and serve the box truck community. Now we’re selling to tank manufacturers, pump manufacturers, etc.”

Mack MD Series


There are some small differences between the Class 6 and 7 trucks, but their key features are completely identical. Built to run on narrow city streets, the MD Series provides drivers a surprising amount of visibility with the truck body and windows, including a passenger door lower peep window, and a tight turn radius. 

When given the opportunity to drive—not one, but three trucks—on a Road America track full of S-curves and sharp turns, I was apprehensive. Each truck carried a different load: one was a fully loaded dust control truck with a water cannon, one with a rollback loaded with a race car, and one with an empty porta potty tank. On top of that, it had been raining all day, making the track slick and my nerves heighten. Other than the time my uncle tried to teach me to drive a stick shift on a giant dump truck when I was 14, I have no experience sitting in big trucks, let alone driving them. 

The moment I sat in the driver’s seat, all apprehensions dissipated. The sloped hood is designed—not for aerodynamics—but for enhancing safety and visibility, allowing the driver to see anyone around 5’5 standing directly in front of them. Back up a foot or two and everyone is visible. The maneuverability was so easygoing that I forgot I was in a big truck and not my car. Winding around the S-curves and sharp turns with a loaded tank was surprisingly smooth, despite the pullback from the water sloshing around. Even as the track narrowed near the end and required a tight turn that was less than 90 degrees, the Mack MD made it without a fuss. 

When asked about their favorite feature, or the feature they’re most proud of, every Mack employee said safety and comfortability. I’d have to agree—those are my favorite features too. What I wasn’t expecting was how quiet the cab was. While gliding through the S-curves, conversation wasn’t a problem. The Mack MD didn’t roar and rumble the way I expected it to. Thanks to some engine-related tweaks, the noise remained low and tranquil enough to, once again, make me forget that I was driving a Class 6 and 7 truck.

Mack MD Series


In a world where everything boasts about being the latest and greatest, Mack chose to pull back and focus on implementing small changes, which made the biggest differences. By moving a bracket here or there, or coming up with a different exhaust, other niche markets opened up. Customers who have never worked with Mack came out of the woodwork because of the flexibility the MD Series offers. Once their drivers got a taste of it, they came back to add more to their fleets.

“We launched it with the purpose of addressing 65-75% of the medium-duty market,” says Jonathan Randall, president of Mack Trucks North America. “This has turned out to be a versatile little truck because Mack dealers, being who they are, will try to Mack-ify anything. It’s done very well in a lot of different segments that we didn’t really intend to do.”

But what exactly sets the Mack MD apart from the rest when its most important parts can be put on any other truck? A decent percentage of the MDs aren’t being sold to trucking businesses, but instead to companies that need them to operate, such as delivering beer or furniture. For those companies, going where they need to go and doing what they need to do is what they care about.

“In medium-duty, 35-40% of that market is lease and rental,” says Kriete. “It’s well-dominated by two or three big players. They’re great, but any complicated repair leaves their facility and goes to a branded dealer. We already built in this full-service model and, in the lease world, the truck doesn’t have to leave its original service provider. That creates uptime and reduces downtime. So, service is what differentiates us.”

A truck is a truck, but the accessibility to the services behind it isn’t always guaranteed. With the Mack MD Series, you get a whole team to support you through the good and bad times. The adaptability of the Mack MD6 and MD7 is attractive for most, if not all, medium-duty applications, but the service is what makes it truly stand out.


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