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Robert Bolts, owner and operator of Bernville, Pennsylvania-based Around the Ground Landscaping, utilizes his late model Ram 3500 and 5500 to do his heavy lifting. After founding the company in 2004, Bolts started out with competitors’ trucks, but decided that maybe he should look at a new workhorse.
“I’ve had some issues with some of the competitors I’ve used in the past—turbos blowing, engines blowing. If I don’t have the trucks up and running, if they are broken down, I lose money. The studies I’ve done report the figures to be between $3,000 and $4,000 per day if a truck is down,” explains Bolts.


Bolts started his business with the goal of providing quality service and products to his community. “We currently have five employees. I don’t want the business to get huge. My goal is to have a few crews out there installing quality products. That’s the key for me.”
Keeping the business and crew small allows Bolts to participate in his favorite aspects of the job in order to be hands on. “What I really like about the work is the design aspect, meeting with the people, going over the plans. Taking something that’s barebones and turning it into something that is basically a summer retreat for people.”
But, Bolts’ and his crew’s year-round work covers all the seasonal bases, not just pretty stuff. “We primarily do hardscapes, pondscapes, and landscapes. We do a little bit of light excavating. In the wintertime, we get the plows on the trucks, get out there, and do some snow removal

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In 2008, Bolts switch over to the Ram brand, and he hasn’t been disappointed. “Since I changed over, we’ve had almost no downtime. The reliability of the Ram truck is top-notch, it’s unbelievable,” says Bolts. “They’re the best out there, in my opinion. In December of last year, I decided to trade all the trucks in and upgrade.”
The upgrade ended up saving Bolts a lot of money, while putting extra power under his business. “The payload has got to be up there; it’s got to be between four and five tons,” says Bolts. “The Ram 5500 hits that. The 5500 with the Cummins engine in it has a 30,000-lb towing capacity, which makes it a lot easier for me to haul materials to the jobsite. I use my trucks hard. I hit that 30,000 lbs and the 5500 tows it like it isn’t there.”
“I love the fuel economy of the 3500 with the 6.4-liter engine,” Bolts continues. “The quality is second to none. It has outperformed my expectations. The fuel saving on an annual basis? It would probably be in the range of $10,000 to $15,000 that I’ve saved by switching to the upgraded trucks.”
Believe it or not, money and power aren’t everything. During the winter, Bolts and his crew rely heavily on the Ram trucks to keep them safe from the elements. “When we’re out plowing in a major blizzard, we have to sleep in our trucks. We’re sitting there for 60 to 70 hours during a blizzard. The interior is really comfortable. The Ram trucks keep us comfortable.”


After gaining first-hand knowledge of the durability, comfort, and all around top-notch quality of the Ram trucks, Bolts isn’t likely to recommend a competitor anytime soon. “If I was trying to convince a friend or family member, I would say, ‘The proof is in the pudding. Get in a Ram truck and you’re going to be impressed.’”
“They’re sleek, yet tough,” continues Bolts. “The front end says, ‘Look out. Get out of my way.’”


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