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Nacim Mesbah
Nacim Mesbah

Nacim Mesbah is the director of commercial programs at Ranger Design. Mesbah leads execution strategy, project management, and support for Ranger Design’s fleet and OEM programs. With over 15 years in aerospace and automotive industries, he combines technical expertise with a customer-focused approach. His achievements include bespoke design solutions, FMVSS-compliant products, and advancements in manufacturing. 

MWS: Could you speak about who RANGER DESIGN is, and its specialization in storage products and upfit solutions for specific trades?

MESBAH: Ranger Design is a leading provider of storage products and upfit solutions for tradespeople. Founded nearly 40 years ago by brothers Randal and Derek Cowie, who started as general contractors, the company understands the practical needs of mobile tradespeople. We have grown from a small family business into one of North America’s top designers and manufacturers of tailored storage systems and vehicle upfits. Our solutions are efficient, durable, and cater to the unique requirements of professionals in various trades.

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MWS: Trade packages simplify the van upfit process, can you explain how they work?

MESBAH: Ranger Design’s trade packages make van upfitting quick and easy with pre-configured solutions. This saves time on custom designs, so customers can get their vehicles on the road faster. These packages are cost-effective due to increased production efficiency and ensure consistent quality across a fleet. This boosts productivity and demonstrates our commitment to innovative and efficient turnkey solutions, inspired by our hands-on experience as tradesmen.

MWS: Which customers would be the most interested in trade packages as opposed to a more customized solution? Why they are a good choice?

MESBAH: Our trade packages are especially popular with small to medium-sized businesses, independent contractors like plumbers and electricians, and large fleet operators. With our customer-focused approach these customers enjoy quick deployment, lower costs, and reliable performance. The simplicity and consistency of our trade packages make them perfect for businesses with common needs, ensuring every vehicle is equipped with a proven solution.

MWS: Can you give any examples of a trade package upfit you have done recently?

MESBAH: We recently completed a trade package upfit for a medium-sized HVAC company, upfitting their fleet with our HVAC package that includes our durable steel shelving units, straight steel partition, and secure storage for propane cylinders, refrigerant racks, and other essential tools. With our industry-leading lead times, the client quickly deployed their updated fleet, boosting productivity and reducing the time spent searching for tools and materials, helping them get the job done faster and more efficiently.

MWS: What industries use the trade packages, which do not?

MESBAH: Industries like plumbing, electrical, HVAC, pest control, and delivery services use trade packages for their efficiency and reliability. These sectors benefit from Ranger Design’s turnkey standardized solutions. Specialized fields, needing unique custom solutions, may choose more customized options. However, emerging trades like solar installation and EV maintenance are also adopting trade packages, showcasing Ranger Design’s adaptability and innovation.

MWS: What would you say is the most important aspect of an upfit for the customer?

MESBAH: The most important aspect of any upfit is making sure it meets the customers needs with efficiency, durability, and safety. Our carefully engineered designs help boost productivity, hold up to tough use, and keep tools safe. Each upfit is built to make daily work easier with practical solutions, and hands-on approach means our customers get exactly what they need.

MWS: What does RANGER DESIGN offer that is unique in the industry?

MESBAH: Ranger Design offers nearly 40 years of expertise in creating durable solutions that simplify your job. Our fast lead times, Quickship program, and 10-year warranty ensure timely delivery and peace of mind. We provide customizable options tailored to specific trades, allowing easy modifications. From initial consultation to dedicated customer service, we support you every step of the way. Our unique combination of innovation, customization, and exceptional support sets us apart in the industry.

MWS: Anything you want to add?

MESBAH: Ranger Design is committed to sustainability, using environmentally friendly materials and practices in our upfits. We embrace future trends by integrating new technologies to stay ahead in the industry and develop solutions that are EV-friendly regarding range and payload. We partner with major OEMs like Ford, Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, and Stellantis to ensure our solutions are up to date. 

Additionally, we support local distributors with training and educational sessions, such as Ranger Academy online and on-site training. This commitment to continuous improvement and engagement reflects Ranger Design’s dedication to practical, user-friendly solutions, continuing the mission inspired by our founders.


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