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It’s often said that growth in business is a good problem to have. But without a plan, growth can be fatal for the unprepared. The trick is to manage growth in a way that nurtures expansion while gearing up for sustained, long-term success.

Shumate Mechanical, a LEED-certified HVAC, plumbing, and electrical provider based in metropolitan Atlanta, was ready with a four-year plan to manage growth. It was a strategy that made them a mainstay in one of the nation’s largest and fastest-growing areas.

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To keep its operations on pace with its growth, Shumate Mechanical automated its business processes to become electronic, paperless, and wireless.

As part of its automation plan, the company looked for a fleet tracking solution to optimize its fleet management. That’s when Frank Steinocher, chief information officer for Shumate Mechanical, began a long-term relationship with NexTraq, a Michelin group company.

The results? Shumate increased service revenue by 9%, decreased payroll expenses by 12%, and exceeded customer service level expectations.


Since 2000, NexTraq has played a major role in the rapidly expanding telematics industry. A leading GPS fleet and mobile workforce management provider, the company was acquired by Michelin North America on July 17, 2017. Now, with more than a year as part of the world’s second-largest tire manufacturer, NexTraq is a key player in Michelin’s global Services and Solutions business line. Combined, the group boasts over 2,000 employees, serving more than 70,000 customers, with over 850,000 vehicles using telematics solutions, worldwide.

Before choosing NexTraq, Steinocher reviewed several GPS fleet management solutions before selecting NexTraq. The key criteria came down to an easy-to-use and intuitive cloud-based platform that his staff could learn quickly. The goal was to streamline and optimize fleet operations as soon as possible.

“My priorities are efficiency, capacity, customer experience, and utilizing technologies to measure performance to improve processes,” Steinocher says. “NexTraq worked with me as a consultant and partner to achieve these goals.”


Shumate Mechanical prides itself on exceeding customer expectations. With automated GPS fleet tracking, the company can easily handle high-volume service call days using the NexTraq solution to establish vehicles closest to residential or commercial calls.

Steinocher says, “Our technicians are all NATE-certified (North American Technical Excellence) and aware of their performance on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. This drives them to provide the best customer service in our industry.”

Plus, with the ability to track driver performance, the company decreased the amount of unapplied time, ultimately improving customer service.

“Each dispatcher within our company is responsible for a group of vehicles,” Steinocher adds. “They work with NexTraq all day to ensure our standard operating procedures are in place and driver productivity is high. Right from the start, the NexTraq management team was very helpful and met our tight deadlines.”

Shumate Mechanical plans to continue automating its processes as its operational needs grow or change by selecting the best technology to ensure they have the advantage over competitors.

“NexTraq is a progressive company on the forefront of fleet tracking technology,” Steinocher says. “I consider them my GPS expert. By aligning myself with experts, our entire company works smarter and more efficiently.”


Shumate Mechanical is just one of thousands of success stories for NexTraq. The company’s award-winning platform adapted and evolved in response to more than 17 years of customer requirements. That means NexTraq’s products and services are highly efficient, user-friendly, and empower clients to seamlessly improve their operations.

“Our solutions focus on four primary pillars: driver safety, productivity and visibility, mobile workforce management, and maintenance and compliance,” says Pankaj Sharma, vice president of product and marketing at NexTraq.

NexTraq provides some of the most advanced mobile asset tracking solutions available in the GPS fleet tracking industry. Satellite- and cellular-based tracking solutions are designed to help customers maximize productivity, protect assets from theft, and reduce risk. Common applications include trailers, pumps, generators, earth movers, and other mobile equipment.

Small business owners and fleet managers at major corporations alike benefit from the ability to monitor inefficient activities. For example, excessive idling, if left unchecked, can add up to hundreds or thousands of gallons of wasted fuel across a fleet. Using data from NexTraq, supervisors can encourage drivers to work more efficiently and help cut fuel consumption while also helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Maintenance, another major cost of running a fleet, can be complicated—especially with more than five vehicles. Trying to keep up with scheduled maintenance alone can be a full-time job. Plus, keeping accurate records is key to cost savings.


As a Michelin group company, providing quality service is the driving factor behind what NexTraq knows best: providing the benefits its customers need to stay ahead of the competition. That in turn helps customers quickly realize their return on investment (ROI).

“A month after we had NexTraq in place, we started saving immediately on applied time, payroll, and we were able to make more calls,” Steinocher says. “We could make sure our team was where they were supposed to be.”

All of this is the result of a comprehensive, hands-on relationship between NexTraq and Shumate Mechanical. When asked why he chose NexTraq, Mr. Steinocher was quick with his response:

“Why NexTraq? Customer service, capability of their systems, and the agility of their team. And, those are the major components I’m looking for in a partner.”


NexTraq is a GPS fleet and mobile workforce management partner that has tracking, reporting, routing, and scheduling capabilities. Find out more about NexTraq, visit


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